3 ways to tell if a girl has feelings for me

3 ways to tell if a girl has feelings for me
3 ways to tell if a girl has feelings for me

Romance is usually full of ambiguity and uncertainty at the start. It can be hard to find the courage to ask a girl on a date if you're not sure she likes you and it's quite difficult to do so. However, there are ways to tell if a girl likes you before you take action.


Method 1 of 3: Learn to read body language

Find Out if a Girl Likes You Step 1

Step 1. Read his body language

People will often express themselves through their body language. These signals can vary from obvious to subtle, requiring special attention. Try looking for some of the following body language examples to find out if a girl might be interested in you or not.

  • If she is standing or sitting next to you, that could be a sign that she likes you.
  • If she often looks you in the eye and smiles or laughs a lot, that means she's interested in you.
  • If it touches your arm or shoulder lightly, it may be a sign of affection.
  • If she crosses her arms, looks distracted, or avoids contact with you, she may not be interested in you.
  • Some people may use body language differently. So, know that these signs will not always apply.
Find Out if a Girl Likes You Step 2

Step 2. Find out if she wants to spend time with you

Does she always come to see you at lunch? Does it often stop in front of your locker after school? Does she visit you regularly at work? Was she interested in your activities once? If she makes an effort to be around you, that obviously means that she enjoys spending time with you. Maybe she doesn't like you romantically, but if she treats you differently from all the other boys, you have a good chance she does.

A lot of people say this is the best way to tell if someone is interested in you. Find out if she wants to hang out with you. If so, she's very likely to like you

Find Out if a Girl Likes You Step 3

Step 3. Observe his facial expressions

If she's ready to look you in the eye, that's a good start. In fact, facial expressions reveal the expression of our feelings. If this girl looks at you warmly and smiles back at you, she sure has positive feelings for you. However, sometimes people pretend. Learn to tell the difference between a sincere smile and an unnatural smile to know exactly if she likes you.

  • A genuine smile extends to the eyes. A person who is smiling will close their eyes and should have wrinkle shapes on the outer edge of the eyes (crow's feet).
  • A fake smile usually doesn't involve the eyes. Crow's feet will therefore not appear when a person pretends to smile.
  • When a person really smiles, their lower teeth shouldn't be seen. If a person pretends to smile, their upper and lower teeth will likely be seen.
Find Out if a Girl Likes You Step 4

Step 4. Follow your instincts

If you think she likes you, chances are she does. Try not to overthink it. It's okay to be nervous, but constantly thinking about it doesn't help. Take stock of the information you have and develop an action plan. It's better to decide whether to invite her out or do nothing at all than to continue torturing you.

Neither sign is a guarantee that she loves you, but if you notice two or three, it's probably good news

Method 2 of 3: Recognize the signs of attraction in the middle of a game of seduction

Find Out if a Girl Likes You Step 5

Step 1. Pay attention to how he speaks and what he says

A girl who is interested in you will laugh more often and raise her voice. She might even adopt a flirtatious tone, like complimenting your appearance. If she's more willing to talk about personal matters with you, like your plans, she's very likely to like you romantically.

  • Hopefully, she'll even give you some helpful advice, such as mentioning that she likes a particular band or that she would like to go dancing.
  • A compliment like oh, I love your shirt! or it's one of my favorite bands can be a sign of interest.
  • If she's asking you about what you're doing later in the week, it might be because she's subtly asking you to spend more time with her.
Find Out if a Girl Likes You Step 6

Step 2. Check out any sign of disinterestedness

If she constantly interrupts you or doesn't seem to be focusing on the discussion, she might not be attracted to you. Try to watch him carefully during the discussion for signs.

  • Shy girls rarely interrupt their interlocutor, which makes them a good indicator.
  • Evaluate the answers she gives you during the conversation. For example, if you were just explaining how well your garden grows and she says uh yes… that definitely means she doesn't like you.
  • Silence can indicate that there is no connection between the two of you.
Find Out if a Girl Likes You Step 7

Step 3. Test his sense of humor

Some studies suggest that humor is one of the best indicators of romantic attraction between two potential partners. If you have a time full of humor and silly jokes, there may be a romantic spark between you. Humor is a way of knowing a person's opinion before taking action and determining if you are compatible with them.

  • For example, you could both imagine a ridiculous situation and discuss what you think would happen.
  • Jokingly, you'll know if your sense of humor is similar to his. You might like puns and she might hate them. While that doesn't stop you from loving yourself, it's good to know how to make your partner laugh.
Find Out if a Girl Likes You Step 8

Step 4. Notice if she's behaving playfully

Playfulness can be a sign of self-interest and also a character trait that is generally appreciated in romantic partners. You could also show your interest and be more attractive by being carefree and upbeat when you're together. Watch out for any playful behaviors she might have and also try to tease her to find out if this young girl likes you.

  • People who are cheerful by nature are more likely to be seen as attractive by those who are not.
  • Both men and women find this behavior equally important and attractive.
Find Out if a Girl Likes You Step 9

Step 5. Look for signs of jealousy

When a girl likes you, she may show signs of jealousy when you talk or interact with another girl. It might be a good sign of interest for her to send you. Try to spot any signs of jealousy to gauge how much you interest her.

  • She might react coldly or with disdain if you compliment another girl. It can be a sign of jealousy.
  • However, avoid making her too jealous. As soon as you notice that she is jealous, stop immediately.

Method 3 of 3: invite her out

Find Out if a Girl Likes You Step 10

Step 1. Invite her out

The easiest way to find out if this girl likes you is to ask her on a romantic date. Make sure she understands that this isn't just a date with friends. For example, going to a restaurant or to the movies will seem more serious and romantic than having a lunch for two.

  • If she refuses, don't be discouraged, especially if she apologizes and seems sincere.
  • Don't insist on getting a date. If she firmly refuses or seems uncomfortable, accept her decision.
Find Out if a Girl Likes You Step 11

Step 2. Describe your feelings to her

You need to be able to tell her how you feel if you want to know how she feels about you. If you feel like she might not understand where you're going by offering her a date, try telling her how you feel first. Explain to her that you have romantic feelings for her and tell her why. Then ask her how she feels.

If she refuses, that's okay. Don't take it personally, as it might hurt you, but at least you will have tried. It takes a lot of courage to invite a girl out and many people often fail to do so

Find Out if a Girl Likes You Step 12

Step 3. Write him a letter

Sending a letter to a girl is pretty flattering. Everyone loves to receive a letter. If you don't want to talk to her in person, write her a letter expressing your feelings.

  • Think about her personality and what she likes. If she enjoys puns and pop culture, include that in your letter.
  • Be yourself ! Don't try to impress her by pretending to be someone you're not. This could have unfortunate consequences …
Find Out if a Girl Likes You Step 13

Step 4. Get closer to his friends

Granted, it's a childish way to tell if a girl likes you, but this technique can be effective. If her friends know about her feelings and she's waiting for you to ask her out on a date, they might tell you.

On the other hand, if she wants to keep it a secret, she can tell her friends not to say anything. Take what they tell you with a grain of salt


  • All girls are different and signs of attraction can vary from girl to girl. When in doubt, be honest and tell her you love her.
  • Be charming, but be yourself. It will help you know if she likes you for who you really are.
  • She might just think of you as a friend. Be careful in such situations, otherwise you could ruin your friendship.
  • If she's shy, try to take it slow or you might make her uncomfortable.
  • Just go ahead and do your best: girls don't like boys who don't take risks!

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