How to make a boy happy: 8 steps (with pictures)

How to make a boy happy: 8 steps (with pictures)
How to make a boy happy: 8 steps (with pictures)

Boys can be difficult to understand, they often have a hard time expressing what they are feeling and when they do it can be difficult to know if they are saying everything they are feeling. Society generally encourages men to keep their feelings to themselves. Unfortunately, when you like a boy, it can become a problem. It is very difficult to know how to make a boy happy if he doesn't want to tell you exactly what he needs. But luckily there are things that appeal to all boys!


Make a Guy Feel Good Step 1

Step 1. Make her feel wanted

Human beings are social animals. The satisfaction we get from our lonely successes doesn't weigh heavily against the satisfaction we get from communicating with people who make us feel unique. People want to be wanted. They need to create a need in the other. If you want your boyfriend to feel good, start there. Show him that you depend on him. Let him help you when you are going through bad times. When that happens, let him know that you appreciate what he does for you. You have to have a balance in your relationship, the same way you mean to him, he has to mean to you.

Make a Guy Feel Good Step 2

Step 2. Do everything you can to have an open, honest, and equal relationship

Most boys will appreciate a relationship that allows them to sincerely express their feelings, because they are tired of having to hold back. It may take a while for a boy to 'open up', so if your boyfriend hasn't gotten to it yet, make sure he knows that if he wants to talk about whatever is on his mind, he can do it. He might not take your offer at the start, but once he wants to, he'll feel happy to be able to come see you and talk about what's on his mind.

  • It's easier to open up and be honest with someone you see as your equal. Try to share experiences together, responsibilities and conversations, once you trust each other your conversations will get deeper.
  • Even in the most intimate relationships, boys and girls don't constantly talk about their inner demons and emotional issues, do you realize our relationships would be horrible if that were to happen? One mistake many girls make is pressuring their boyfriends to tell them what's wrong. While each couple should be able to share their feelings freely, that doesn't mean both partners are going to want to share everything all the time.
Make a Guy Feel Good Step 3

Step 3. Listen to it

Boys want to know that they are taken seriously. They want to feel that when they open up to you, you'll take it into account, as they often have a hard time talking about their emotions with their friends or even with their family. During mundane conversations, you don't have to shell out every word, but when your boyfriend is talking to you about serious things, give him your undivided attention. Stay close to him and look him in the eye as he talks to you. He will no doubt appreciate the respect you show him and he will do the same for you when you need to talk to someone.

Listening to someone doesn't mean you have to sit still. Give your boyfriend time to express his thoughts, but when there is a gap in the conversation, add your own thoughts, questions, and suggestions to it. This will show him that you really listened to him and he will feel that his opinion matters

Make a Guy Feel Good Step 4

Step 4. Be positive

Inner happiness is seen on the outside. Since you and your boyfriend should be comfortable talking about the things that bother you, most of the time you just want to be as happy as possible when you're together. Try to fill your life with fulfilling moments, indulge yourself by practicing your passions, get plenty of exercise and sleep well and be optimistic all the time. When you go out with your boyfriend, you are likely to find that you have a lot more fun if you forget what is stressing you and if you are in a good mood.

There is a sexist stereotype that women should smile and be friendly at all times when they are with men. Don't do it, a positive attitude will make you and the people around you happier, but if you pretend to be happy you will disrespect yourself and completely miss out on what a person is. boy looking in a relationship

Make a Guy Feel Good Step 5

Step 5. Show him affection

Showing affection (to a reasonable extent) is a sure way to make your boyfriend happy. Think of affection as a way to show someone that you mean a lot to you. A healthy dose of affection proves that you value each other, while a ton of affection will make you sound like an obsessive girl, so stay within reason. Your affection shouldn't seem disproportionate or attention-seeking, for example, you might touch it gently "inadvertently" while you are out for a walk together.

Make a Guy Feel Good Step 6

Step 6. Flirt With Him

Most guys like to receive affection, but affection is even more fun (on both sides) if it comes with a little flirtation. Try one of the oldest things in the world, don't give in easily. Keep a bit of a mystery when it comes to giving affection. This will drive him crazy and he will really fall in love with you.

Be evasive about your intentions, but if you don't want to give in easily, don't be “too” evasive. You don't always have to hide your true intentions, sometimes you should openly show your affection

Make a Guy Feel Good Step 7

Step 7. Be romantic

Everyone knows this stereotype, men are gruff, logical and sentimental lovers, while women are emotional, temperamental and romantic. In real life, it's not that simple. Many guys are very romantic and many more are romantic by nature, but are afraid to express it in front of everyone. Boys are often expected to make romantic gestures, buying flowers or chocolates, etc. Switch roles by doing a romantic gesture of your own, you will surely be surprised how much it touched your boyfriend.

Make a Guy Feel Good Step 8

Step 8. Get to know him well

This is the key. Ultimately, if you want to make your boyfriend happy, you have to know what makes him really happy and gives him a sense of satisfaction, but that's an impossible thing if you don't open up to one. other. Know your boyfriend's eccentric sides, the weird things that make him laugh, the animals that piss him off, his funniest fears. Find some jokes between the two of you that no one else will understand. Recognize his mood at a glance. You will naturally learn these things as you spend time together, and your boyfriend will learn these kinds of things about you as well.

Remember, the more you know about someone, the easier it is to hurt them. As you learn more about him, be sure to use that knowledge wisely, not to hurt him. It's very easy in a moment of anger to throw something very personal in his face and try to hurt him in the moment


  • He might not be open to discussion at first, but you need to slowly show him and prove to him that you will always be there for him.
  • If you're trying to attract the guy, don't overdo the flirting part by touching him or smiling at him. Small attentions will send him the message you want to convey to him.

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