How to make your boyfriend fall in love with you

How to make your boyfriend fall in love with you
How to make your boyfriend fall in love with you

While you can't make your boyfriend necessarily fall in love with you, you can really put in the effort to be a great girlfriend and build a strong, healthy relationship with him. The most important thing is to stay true to yourself and let things happen at their own pace. Your romantic relationship will kick into high gear before you know it if you are understanding, caring, and funny.


Part 1 of 3: Being a Great Girlfriend

Get Your Boyfriend to Absolutely Fall in Love With You Step 1

Step 1. Value it

One of the best things that you can do as a girlfriend is to make the boy you like the impression that he is a wonderful, good looking, intelligent and interesting boy. Everyone can get upset about a boyfriend from time to time, but you shouldn't be spending your time bothering him or talking about everything you hate about him. Focus on what is positive and compliment his strengths while encouraging him to always be himself at his best.

Your boyfriend will want to see you more often if he likes the person he's dating. It's normal that he doesn't want to see you too often if you make him feel like you're demoralizing him

Get Your Boyfriend to Absolutely Fall in Love With You Step 2

Step 2. Never stop being in love

You should never forget the romantic feelings you experienced in the first days of your meeting, if you want this relationship to keep its freshness and enthusiasm. While you can't be sweet and romantic all the time, you should still make the effort to be loving and show your boyfriend that he means a lot to you in order to keep your passion alive. Here is what you can do.

  • Write him sweet words that he must find when you're not around that tells him that you really care.
  • Text him a cute text when he's had a rough day.
  • Plan a romantic evening at least twice a month, make the effort to dress up, and do it with all your heart.
  • Offer her passionate and enthusiastic kisses. Don't make kissing routine.
  • Give him the affection he needs. You can rekindle the flame of passion just by hugging him or curling up against him, even if the two of you have had a rough day.
Get Your Boyfriend to Absolutely Fall in Love With You Step 3

Step 3. Discover new things to do together

You and your boyfriend can try out all kinds of activities together so that you never run out of exciting things to do, if you want to keep the relationship interesting. It could include hiking again once a month, visiting a new part of town the two of you live in, taking dance lessons together, or even starting a book club just for the two of you. You can bond with him and love him more by finding new things to do together.

  • You don't have to worry about finding something new. A completely original activity every two weeks will do. Equally important is having habits that appeal to you.
  • Be spontaneous. Do not hesitate to do it if you want to repaint your room in yellow or want to take a walk to the beach with him on a Saturday morning.
Get Your Boyfriend to Absolutely Fall in Love With You Step 4

Step 4. Be nice to his friends

You should show him that you get along with his friends if you want him to really love you. You shouldn't be the girl who spoils his fun when you're around him, nor should you be cold or rude to his friends because you think they're wasting your time. Rather, you should ask them questions about themselves, be nice when you see them, even if your boyfriend is not around, and make the effort to put them at ease.

They will tell your boyfriend that you are really good if they like you. They won't have much nice things to say about you if you have a closed attitude towards them

Get Your Boyfriend to Absolutely Fall in Love With You Step 5

Step 5. Make time for yourself

You should make sure you have enough time to take care of yourself, to keep a relationship strong and healthy, and to make your boyfriend love you more. You can write poetry, go out with your own friends, or take yoga classes. It doesn't really matter what you do, what matters is finding enough time for your personal growth. Your boyfriend will love you all the more if you are a laid back girl who has a life outside of him. He will be more suspicious of you if he feels like he is the center of your universe.

  • Your boyfriend will feel like it's an honor to date you if you have an interesting life outside of your romantic relationship. On the other hand, he risks taking you for granted if he thinks that you have all your time to devote to him.
  • Finding the time to see your friends will also help you stay in touch with other people who allow you to grow personally and lead a more balanced life.
Get Your Boyfriend to Absolutely Fall in Love With You Step 6

Step 6. Give him a hand when he needs it, as long as he does it for you too

You can make it easier for him by doing small favors, like making him coffee or refueling his moped if your boyfriend is very busy and has had a busy week. By taking the time to make his life easier, you will show him that his happiness is very important to you. Just make sure that he will do the same for you and that he doesn't exploit you.

He won't necessarily admit that he needs your help, but you should stay tuned to make sure he's not too timid around you. See what you can do to ease his burden a little if he's noticeably struggling and is horribly overworked

Get Your Boyfriend to Absolutely Fall in Love With You Step 7

Step 7. Keep it sensual

You should maintain a fiery and renewed attitude in bed, if you want to keep a romantic relationship exciting. You should make sure you keep a certain amount of energy, even if you've been seeing him for a while, having sex with him, or provoking him a lot. Don't make your boyfriend feel like you're dating him because he wants to, but because you want him too. That said, you should never feel pressured to do anything that makes you feel uncomfortable just to make her happy.

Every romantic relationship evolves at its own pace and you shouldn't have sex with your boyfriend if you're not ready. Make sure, however, that you have time to do foreplay, exchange affection and taste buds after lovemaking so that you don't both take sex for granted, if you are in a relationship. sexual with him

Part 2 of 3: be understanding

Get Your Boyfriend to Absolutely Fall in Love With You Step 8

Step 1. Give him free rein for his own activities

You should respect the limits of his own universe and let him continue to lead his own life, if you want your boyfriend to really love you. You will come across as clingy and addicted, which most boys don't like, if you are looking to spend every second with him and constantly want to know what he's doing when he's not with him. you. Rather, you should enjoy the time you spend with and without him, knowing that it is healthy for both of you to have separate interests.

  • In addition, the two of you will be able to appreciate each other more when you are together, if you and your boyfriend are more occupied with your own affairs.
  • Your boyfriend will be able to grow on a personal level if he has enough time for his studies, to play the guitar, or for other interests. You should be okay with seeing him evolve and become a healthy, balanced adult if you really care about him.
  • You shouldn't make him feel like he needs to be available to you seven days a week, twenty-four hours a day. Show him that you trust him enough to let him train for a marathon a few hours a week without feeling like you have to call him all the time.
Get Your Boyfriend to Absolutely Fall in Love With You Step 9

Step 2. Let him hang out with other boys

You should understand the fact that he needs to spend some time with his friends to take a healthy measure of his life. Although he may see his friends less often because you are a part of his life, you shouldn't make him feel guilty every time he goes out with his friends or make him stay with you instead. Show him that you are okay with seeing him hang out with his friends and have a good time without you.

  • You shouldn't ask her every time to make a choice, either. Invite a few of your friends and his to join you, so that these group outings feel completely natural when you are dating. Although going out just with friends is still important, group trips can sometimes be a nice compromise.
  • You shouldn't call him or text him loads of texts asking when he's coming home if he's going out with his friends, otherwise he'll feel like you don't trust him or want him to be. he's having a good time elsewhere.
Get Your Boyfriend to Absolutely Fall in Love With You Step 10

Step 3. Learn to compromise

It's important for you to know that things don't always go the way you want them to if you want to be an understanding girlfriend in a true romantic relationship. You should try to compromise with your boyfriend when you find yourself in a sticky situation and find solutions to problems, which can satisfy both of you. Sometimes you can give in to him, as long as he does it for you too. Your boyfriend will be less inclined to have a good time with you if he thinks you always want to get what you want or feels like he's getting on your nerves.

  • Make sure you listened to what he said and understood you correctly if you disagree about something, so that you know if what is at issue is really important or not to your boyfriend.
  • Don't insult her or be so angry that your boyfriend can't say a word anymore. Take the time to calm down if you need to before trying to fix the problem.
  • You should make the best of the situation rather than blaming him all the time, if your boyfriend forces something on you every now and then, like deciding to go see a soccer game instead of going to a party given by one of your friends.
Get Your Boyfriend to Absolutely Fall in Love With You Step 11

Step 4. Apologize when you made a mistake

You should be able to admit when you were wrong if you want your boyfriend to really love and respect you. Look him in the eye, put your phone away and show him you're so sorry. Don't make him feel like you're apologizing just to get something from him or because you think you have to. Show her that what you did really bother you and that you are determined not to do it again.

  • It really is more important to admit that to err is human than to try to be perfect in everything so that your boyfriend can like you. He liked you a lot more if you didn't refuse to admit your mistake.
  • Don't say you're sorry because he got so carried away for some reason, because it's accusatory to your boyfriend. Instead, take responsibility and say you're sorry for what you did.
Get Your Boyfriend to Absolutely Fall in Love With You Step 12

Step 5. Try to see things from their point of view

You should try to put yourself in your boyfriend's shoes every now and then to see the situation from his point of view, if you want to be understanding and if you want to show him that you really care. Imagining what went through his mind can help you understand that everything is not necessarily black or white and that he may have more reasons to do or say something than you think..

  • If, for example, he has been very distant with you over the past two weeks, you should ask yourself what has happened in his life that may have caused him to behave the way he does. He may simply not be himself if his grandmother has just died, has to take an important exam, or has a cold. Try to understand that his behavior doesn't have to do with you.
  • Make the effort to help him a little more, if you know he's had a rough week, whether it's cooking him a meal or doing some shopping for him. It's a great way to let him know you understand what he's going through, as long as he's also doing the same for you when your week hasn't been that great.
Get Your Boyfriend to Absolutely Fall in Love With You Step 13

Step 6. Make an effort to get along with his family

You should show him that you sympathize with your boyfriend's family, even if they are very different from yours, if you want him to really love you. Strive to be kind, to chat with them, and to be a caring guest at his parents' house. You should be patient and do your best if the power isn't on, instead of saying bad things to your boyfriend and snubbing them. Remember that he is ultimately looking for a girl who can easily adjust to his life and it's a very bad sign if you can't spend more than thirty seconds with her mother without arguing with her.

  • You obviously don't need to have sex with her family if they are really cold and unwelcoming. Try to stay a respectful distance from his parents and discuss this situation with your boyfriend as intelligently as possible if you need to discuss it with him.
  • You should ultimately remember that your boyfriend has known his family a lot longer than you have. Don't try to make him choose between you and them.
Get Your Boyfriend to Absolutely Fall in Love With You Step 14

Step 7. Have natural exchanges

Another way to be understanding and make your boyfriend really fall in love with you is to have good communication skills in your romantic relationship. This can mean telling your boyfriend when you were having a bad day rather than pretending everything is fine, asking him why he is upset when he is obviously not doing well but is holding back and bringing up with tact and respect what bothers you in this romantic relationship. You and your boyfriend can have a healthy, loving affair by making a habit of having good relationship skills.

  • The right time to do this is everything when it comes to talking seriously. Don't bring up something that has been bothering you for weeks a quarter of an hour before your boyfriend's birthday party starts or before a job interview. You obviously won't wait forever for the perfect time to express yourself, but you should try to find the right time to speak if you want to be taken seriously.
  • Listening is just as important as speaking. Make sure you really listen to what he wants to tell you when he tries to talk to you about something and not wait for your turn to speak or interrupt.

Part 3 of 3: Knowing what not to do

Get Your Boyfriend to Absolutely Fall in Love With You Step 15

Step 1. Don't be jealous

You should show your boyfriend that you are comfortable in this romantic relationship, if you want him to be truly in love with you. You will only give him reason to doubt you if you constantly distrust him, ask him where he has been, or even compare yourself to other girls. On the other hand, he will be more inclined to like you because you are sure of yourself, if you are good about yourself and speak well of other girls.

  • You obviously have the right to be jealous and to ask questions if your boyfriend does something obviously suspicious. But he's going to get bored of you if you question him every time he's talked to a girl or if you cut him off every time he's one-on-one with another.
  • Talk to her about everything you love about your girlfriends or about a girl you just met, rather than saying bad things about or insulting other girls. You should be comfortable enough with yourself and your romantic relationship not to worry about the girls around you.
Get Your Boyfriend to Absolutely Fall in Love With You Step 16

Step 2. Don't insist

Unfortunately, there is no magic formula to make your boyfriend fall in love with you. Love takes time and this boy may or may not feel it sometimes. You can be the most perfect girlfriend in the world and you can give him everything he needs, but he may not feel the same for you. It can be heartbreaking, but it's better to be realistic and know that it won't work than to hope for something that won't happen.

  • You are probably looking to be a better girlfriend and have a more fulfilling romantic relationship if you are reading this article. However, you shouldn't be looking for ways to change yourself so that your boyfriend loves you more.
  • You should ask yourself if your relationship is worth continuing if you feel like you've tried everything, if you've been dating him for a while, and his feelings for you aren't as strong as yours.
Get Your Boyfriend to Absolutely Fall in Love With You Step 17

Step 3. Don't make him rush

It can also destroy your romantic relationship.If you force her to go faster too soon, you can prevent her from developing her affection for you naturally and at her own pace. Give him time to meet your friends and family, spend weekends with you, prepare to live with you, and even tell you that he loves you. Although every romantic relationship has its own unique deadlines, you shouldn't expect him to declare his love to you in the first two weeks of meeting you, or even in the first few months of your relationship, otherwise you risks of scaring him away.

  • You're actually going to scare him away if you push him around and keep asking him why he hasn't introduced you to his friends or invited you over to his parents for dinner yet. Respect the fact that he needs time to allow his feelings to develop.
  • You should think twice before telling her that you love her in the first few weeks of meeting. You might scare him off with that kind of statement if you think you're not on the same page.
Get Your Boyfriend to Absolutely Fall in Love With You Step 18

Step 4. Don't make him do lots of things he doesn't want to do

Every romantic relationship is about giving and receiving, but you shouldn't make your boyfriend do a thousand different things a lover should do, even if it's not his cup of tea. You can always offer him a hike without forcing him to camp with you for a week, if he is not an outdoor enthusiast. If two-person fitness isn't his thing, don't drag him to your yoga class. Be respectful that there are things he just won't want to do. You should stick to what you love to do together that works for both of you.

  • Don't feel like you have to convince him to do something he's not interested in, like repainting the whole interior of a friend as a way to prove his love for you.
  • We obviously have to do things we don't want to make a romantic relationship last. Your boyfriend may want to go out with his pals rather than go shopping with your mom, but he'll just need to treat you once in a while. But you might have a problem if you think you have to "drag" him behind you to get him to do everything with you.
Get Your Boyfriend to Absolutely Fall in Love With You Step 19

Step 5. Don't compare your romantic relationship to another

Every love story is different, and you won't get anywhere if you spend your time comparing your relationship to that of your parents, best friends, or neighbors. Just because your best friend is already planning to live with her boyfriend after only six months of dating doesn't mean you should do the same. Just because your parents got married at age 25 doesn't mean you should be doing it at the same time. You won't be able to fully appreciate your romantic relationship if you persist in wanting to do everything you think is essential.

  • Plus, nothing will be more annoying for your boyfriend than seeing his romantic relationship compared to another. He will end up feeling that your expectations are unrealistic and that he will never be good enough for you.
  • You will never be able to fully understand the dynamic between two other people. So you shouldn't believe that another love story will give you the answers to the questions you have about yours. You can obviously ask others for advice, but you should remember that your relationship with your boyfriend is what matters most.
Get Your Boyfriend to Absolutely Fall in Love With You Step 20

Step 6. Don't change for him

You should back off as soon as possible, if you feel like you need to change something about yourself to convince your boyfriend. You should ultimately accept that your boyfriend appreciates and loves the person you really are and not a perfect, artificial version of who you think a girlfriend should be, although there are steps you can take to improve. your relationship and to be more understanding.

You should reconsider your motivations if you find yourself acting or dressing in a way that is completely unlike you. Do you want to change because it's what your boyfriend really wants or because it's what you think he wants? It is ultimately more important to stay true to yourself


  • These are still just tips on how to keep it. You can't make anyone love you.
  • There's not much you can do if things just don't work out between you.
  • He can exploit you, which will eventually hurt you.

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