3 ways to tell if a girl is the one for you

3 ways to tell if a girl is the one for you
3 ways to tell if a girl is the one for you

There's this girl you know and date and it just seems to be working out well. She looks really good, but is she good enough? Is she the person you want to give all your love to, possibly for the rest of your life? This is a difficult question, but if you focus on what is most important to you, you can begin to see more clearly and find a satisfying answer.


Method 1 of 3: Find a good person

Know if a Girl is the One for You Step 1

Step 1. Find a nice girl

One of the most crucial aspects of finding the perfect girl is making sure she's the right one. The fact that she has a strong character is one thing, but a girl who doesn't care about other people's feelings will not be able to keep a long-term relationship.

  • She should also be kind to others. It is important that she is not just kind to you. She should also be open to others, especially those to whom she has no obligation to be (eg domestic workers). It's not hard for a girl to pretend kindness when she feels it matters, but being rude or rude to people who are nothing to her should tell you that at the slightest argument., it will be to you too.
  • It must also be fair. It is crucial that there is fairness in a relationship. Does it share responsibilities and work fairly? Does she offer to insure the purchase of certain things from time to time? If so, it shows that she only thinks about your good, which is very important in a relationship.
Know if a Girl is the One for You Step 2

Step 2. Find a hardworking girl

You have to find a girl who is willing to work to achieve her goals in life. She should, at least once in a while, be able to step out of her comfort zone. When a girl is hardworking, there is a good chance that she will be stable and there is a low chance that things will go wrong.

For example, if she wants to buy a piece of jewelry, she should think about selling some of her old possessions. She shouldn't expect her parents or you to do this for her. However, birthday and birthday gifts are exceptions

Know if a Girl is the One for You Step 3

Step 3. Find a girl who has priorities and good values

It is very important in relationship to have a girl who has good priorities and values. Its priorities and values ​​do not necessarily have to be good for everyone, but must be aligned with yours. There are, however, a few exceptions on occasion. Your potential sweetheart must absolutely have the following characters.

  • She must be honest. In a relationship, honesty is very important, regardless of your personality and type of relationship. In any relationship, you need trust and if it turns out that she's not being honest with you, you can only expect problems in the future.
  • She needs to be able to accept people for who they are, even if they are you. If your sweetheart has a tendency to judge other people, it won't be long before she starts to judge you as well. If she's judging you or trying to change your look or your personality all the time, then she probably isn't right for you and you deserve better.
Know if a Girl is the One for You Step 4

Step 4. Find a girl who creates a trusting and non-judgmental environment

When you're around her, you should feel like you can be completely honest. You should feel like you can be yourself when you are around her. You should be able to feel free to cry, to play the fool, or to do anything with her that you can't do in front of others.

For example, if you confess something personal to her, like that you are dreamy or depressed or want to become an astronaut, she should not laugh at you, but on the contrary, she should try to assist you or at least not. not try to dissuade you, even if you don't like the idea

Method 2 of 3: Find a good partner

Know if a Girl is the One for You Step 5

Step 1. Examine how you feel about it

How you feel about her is a crucial factor in deciding if she is the one for you. With it, you should feel good about yourself, be more positive, be happier, and have more self-confidence. As soon as she leaves, you should miss her. However, when she is there, you shouldn't be nervous or worried about doing something wrong. You shouldn't feel like a fool or a sucker. On the contrary, with it you should feel good about yourself and be natural.

Some people like to be around people who cause them to be angry, hurt, or turned on in a negative way. That's okay for short-term relationships, but it should also tell you that she's not the one for you. Such relationships rarely last, and if you think such a girl can be right for you, you are in big trouble

Know if a Girl is the One for You Step 6

Step 2. Find a girl who makes you a better person

When you're in a relationship, you should be with someone who makes you a better person. If you are in a relationship with someone who is making you bad, admit it is no use. See if your sweetheart makes you better. If so, then this might be a prime sign that she's the one for you.

Does it lead you to become better and improve your living conditions? Does it help you achieve your goals? Does it make you want to live better in the future? Does it make you want to work hard? If so, then all is well

Know if a Girl is the One for You Step 7

Step 3. Find a girl who is as involved as you are in the relationship

When two people hook up, they should be willing to join in equitably so that the relationship can work at its best. If she wants you to do all the work, but isn't up for anything, that's not very engaging. If otherwise, she's ready to get as involved as you are, the relationship can actually work.

  • For example, she should plan two-person outings every once in a while, instead of you taking the first step all the time.
  • This does not imply that she has to be very active in the relationship. If you don't make a big deal out of your idea of ​​a relationship, that's fine. It just matters that your degrees of involvement are the same.
Know if a Girl is the One for You Step 8

Step 4. Pay attention to how she shows appreciation

You don't have to be with someone who takes you for granted. See if she thanks you or shows gratitude in some way when you do her a favor or a gift. Also, see if she gives you a few small gifts on occasion, to show you how much she cares about you.

Even if the gesture is not great, it is nothing. Not everyone can afford great things. Little touches like sending you a nice message or cooking your favorite food shows that she is thinking of you and that she wants to show you how much you mean to her

Know if a Girl is the One for You Step 9

Step 5. Expect her to be ready to share responsibility

If you're both adults and have a situation to deal with, like a house or apartment, you should notice this if she's trying to share the chores and financial responsibilities in some way. This will prove that she is honest, hardworking and responsible. If she does not want to contribute in any way, then in the long run she will be more of a burden than anything else.

It may happen that just sharing tasks does not mean sharing them fairly. For example, if you are in the same apartment, you shouldn't be sharing the rent. Each person should contribute about 30% of their income, which is reasonable. This implies that if you earn € 4000 per month and she earns € 1600, you should give approximately € 1200, while she should give € 500

Know if a Girl is the One for You Step 10

Step 6. Think about finding someone who complements you

It is crucial to have things in common with your partner. You have to find someone who is like you in a certain way. Having said that, being with someone different in certain aspects also has these advantages. It allows you to help grow the relationship just by being yourself.

For example, suppose she is someone very open, but rather on the go, and you are organized, but shy. You can help her to be orderly, while she would teach you to be more social

Know if a Girl is the One for You Step 11

Step 7. Find someone who fights loyally

Arguments can happen during the course of the relationship, this is quite normal and is a sign of a good relationship. Having said that, you have to find someone who is fighting loyally. She should avoid low blows and avoid insults, because this is a clear sign of non-compliance. Blackmail should also be banned. Rather, you need to find a girl who is looking for discussion in order to find a solution.

For example, every time you come home late, she shouldn't be harping on your ears about your father's drinking problem. It would be totally unfair and make your relationship problems worse

Method 3 of 3: Find a soul mate

Know if a Girl is the One for You Step 12

Step 1. Find yourself a girl who likes the same things as you

You need someone to do certain things with, so that you can spend time together more easily. You need to find someone you can chat with. It is important to choose a girl who shares the same interests as you. This will ensure that you avoid certain problems in the future.

Either you start the relationship based on your common interests, or you find common ground over time. Try new things together to discover new interests. For example, you can try to learn a language together. You can take free online courses or take courses at a center in your area

Know if a Girl is the One for You Step 13

Step 2. Find yourself a person who shares the same priorities and values ​​as you

Your partner should have the same priorities and values ​​as you. This is one of the main characteristics of the woman you need. Your priorities or values ​​shouldn't be normal, but at least the same. This will prevent any conflict and any problem in the relationship.

  • For example, if you are the liberal type when she is rather conservative, you will face many philosophical differences that can over time cause you to respect yourself less.
  • If, however, you could find common ground on your priorities and values, the relationship can still work. This often happens for couples of various religions. One may be a Christian while the other is a Jew, but both have faith in their God and that is enough for them. The details are sometimes less important than the conviction.
Know if a Girl is the One for You Step 14

Step 3. Find yourself a girl who has the same goals as you

You should be pursuing the same goals if you fancy a long term relationship. It's okay that you don't have to follow the same path together, but you have to have the same end goal in mind. The reason for this is that your goals will determine which path you take and so will her. If your paths diverge, the relationship may be complicated, even unlivable.

For example, if she doesn't want to go to college, that's okay, even if it's important to you. However, if you value ambition and education, you will have a lot of challenges in your relationship

Know if a Girl is the One for You Step 15

Step 4. Find a girl who appreciates and understands your friends and who also has good friends

You won't just be the two players in the relationship. Your relationships with other people often play a major role in making a loving relationship work. You have to find a girl who can have a good relationship with your friends and respect them. On the other hand, she should also have good friends.

  • For example, if her friends are the naughty type and always try to get her to spend less time with you, you should expect to face great difficulties.
  • You will need to decide what you want to do to fix this problem. If this worry is weighing too much on your relationship and your sweetheart doesn't seem to want to act in the way of fixing it, you should think of another girl. Of course, you should talk to her about it and see what solution she comes up with for both of you.
Know if a Girl is the One for You Step 16

Step 5. Consider choosing a girl who has the same experience or training as you

That's right, it's not necessary for a relationship to work, but it could be a bonus. Those who have grown up in the same environment and have experienced similar things understand each other better, make more connections and think alike. If you and your sweetheart have had roughly the same life, it will make things easier for you in your relationship.

For example, there may be times when you have a difficult childhood or grew up in a foster family. If your sweetheart hasn't been through this sort of thing, she might have a hard time figuring out why you're not excited about going home for the holidays. However, someone who understands you would be happy to just have a couple party


  • Learn to be yourself with people you know.

    Above all, and in any social setting, you need to be comfortable with yourself. Accepting yourself is the best way to be confident, and it's a trait that all women find attractive. Despite the fact that this suggestion is just part of the tips, consider it very important to you, not only in terms of whether a girl is right for you, but in terms of being successful in your life in general.

  • Remember birthdays, holidays and all that is important to her.

    Don't force yourself to want to commemorate dates that are important to them, but every now and then surprise her to show her that you are thinking of her. These surprises don't have to be usual or you will come across as obsessed or intrusive.


  • Be yourself. Don't change the way you are.
  • Women are used to seeing men change based on the woman they are attracted to, so don't act differently around her. Stay as you are with everyone. Flirt with her, tease her, but don't do anything too much. The most important thing is to be yourself and enjoy your company. Women will see that you are a great person if you are confident in yourself, and there is nothing sexier than a man who knows who he is and what he wants.
  • When you get to know a woman, especially a woman who you think is the right one, you must engage in a real discussion and for that, you must listen to it. Avoid always talking about yourself.

    Ask her questions that you could only ask if she had said something specific to you during the discussion. If you're not sure what to ask, just ask her how she felt at some point in her story and why she had that feeling. She will appreciate the fact that you understand her.

  • It's okay to give compliments, but be careful that those compliments aren't always directed at your physique. Despite the fact that most girls like to be told they are instantly attractive, always complimenting her about her looks will make her feel like a sex object and not your future. wife or your sweetheart.
  • Try to avoid women who like to be covered with attention. They are often superficial, manipulative and are most of the time unstable.
  • If you are still young, do not rush into sex.
  • Don't argue with her and don't be mean. Otherwise, she will think that you are not a stable man.
  • Depending on your age, it is possible that she will be your future wife and therefore make your choice wisely.
  • You have to smile at him and show him that you listen to him by nodding your head unless you are having a serious conversation in which it would be rude to interrupt.

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