How to be a good girlfriend (for teens)

How to be a good girlfriend (for teens)
How to be a good girlfriend (for teens)

If you love the person you're dating, that's a great thing! In this case, you will surely want to be the best girlfriend there is in order to make your relationship last and make sure that she can fulfill both of you. Being a good girlfriend doesn't just mean giving compliments or giving gifts. It is above all a question of knowing how to behave as a good partner and communicate effectively.


Part 1 of 3: Choosing the right person

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Step 1. Make sure you have the same level of maturity

It can be difficult, especially when you are a teenager. Indeed, at this age, you and your friends are still in the process of growing and each of you is certainly doing it at your own pace. Despite this, do all you can to pick someone who looks like you are on the same level as you. In the end, it will make things a lot easier for both of you.

  • One of the best tips to know if you are at the same level of maturity as a person is to determine how comfortable you feel around them and how easy it is to talk to them.
  • Do you feel bored when you are around him because he is acting immature or does the other person seem pretentious, making it seem like he is above you and your friends? In either of these scenarios, there's a good chance you have different maturity levels.
  • Some people like to say “Age is just a number”. This is sometimes true, but age can also be a useful indicator that will let you know if a relationship is likely to be working.
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Step 2. Share interests

Having common interests is a great way for two people in a romantic relationship to bond. Of course, you don't have to share all your passions and have everything in common with the person you love. However, if you enjoy doing the same activities, you will always be able to find something fun to do together.

  • Meeting a person while you are doing a certain activity can lead to a great relationship. You can meet your future partner during your club or student group activities, during a government activity or during extracurricular activities.
  • If you don't share the same interests, but have several common values ​​in addition to having similar backgrounds, you may also have something to connect with. If for example you like to play sports while your partner is more interested in art, it might seem like you don't have much in common. However, if you are of the same religion or have the same spiritual practices, it can bring you together in a much stronger way.
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Step 3. Find someone who has some degree of self-awareness

This can be especially difficult when you are a teenager, as not all of your peers will be mature enough to have this self-awareness. Being aware of oneself implies having a certain awareness of the actions that one takes and their effects on others. Those with this awareness are able to take an honest look at themselves, criticize themselves and make changes in the way they behave if necessary.

  • The one who has a certain self-awareness will be patient and will have a certain mastery of himself. He won't try to pressure you or get you into a relationship if you're not ready.
  • Self-awareness helps the individual to be a better partner, because they can see how their actions affect your relationship as well as you.
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Step 4. Choose a respectful person

It is crucial that you find a partner who is respectful and that you avoid like the plague those who are manipulative or violent. The very first relationships are about learning and this is a good opportunity for you to set your limits and understand the rights you have in a relationship. Violent people can be very charming, which is why it is vital that you learn to look beyond what the other is saying and instead consider their behavior and the way they treat you.

  • Here are some characteristics common to violent people: extreme variations in mood and behavior, overprotective to the point of seeking to control, fixed ideas about roles devolved to both sexes, quick to judge and inflexible, codependent and passionate, suppressing emotions. This kind of individual can also be very charming, popular and talented. A potentially violent person can also put pressure on the relationship to get serious very quickly.
  • If you notice disturbing signs in these kinds of people, for example if they ask you to always check in with them, try to control the way you dress, ignore your feelings, or ignore your feelings. 'he constantly belittles or criticizes you, so you shouldn't be in a relationship with him. Even if you love this person very much or think that they are just misunderstood, this dynamic is not healthy and gets nowhere.
  • Set limits on what you can and cannot accept in a relationship and stick to them. For example, you could set a limit that you will never date someone who insults you or does not respect your urge to move slowly. If the one you are interested in knowingly violates these boundaries and deliberately chooses not to respect them, you should end your relationship quickly.
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Step 5. Take your time

When you meet someone, you will be very horny, and you might want to immediately start a relationship with them. It can be exciting in the moment, but you will be hurt if this relationship doesn't work out and ends.

  • Give yourself time to date for a while before officially deciding that you are this person's girlfriend. If the other person is pressuring you, you can make it clear to them why you prefer to take it slow.
  • You could say, "I really like you and that's why I want us to take our time." I want to make sure that if I go out with you, I can be a great girlfriend. "
  • You could also say, "I like you very much, but I'm not sure I'm ready to be someone's girlfriend," if that's how you feel.

Part 2 of 3: Treat your partner well

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Step 1. Learn to compromise

Anyone who's ever been in a relationship will tell you, compromise is key. However, it is important to know the difference between healthy compromises and those which are not.

  • You and your partner will both have to compromise if you want your relationship to work. Identify the points that are important to you and discuss them. For example, you can say, “Dancing is very important to me. So I really want you to come to all my recitals when you have the chance. "
  • This must be done reciprocally. If your partner indicates that there is an event that is important to them, find the time to attend, even if it is not the kind of thing that usually interests you.
  • When you're in a relationship, you can't always do things the way you would if you were alone. For example, your partner might want to stay awake later than you normally would, or they might want to go to a restaurant or see a movie that you don't choose. It is totaly normal. Make sure you both make concessions.
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Step 2. Be loyal

This is crucial if you want to have a healthy relationship. When you agree to become someone's girlfriend, it usually implies that you have made a commitment to only be romantic with them until you separate. So avoid flirting or being romantic with other people.

  • Some people prefer to be in open relationships, which means that it's okay to flirt or have sex with more than one person. However, for this to work, both parties need to be very mature and communicate extensively. Never assume that a relationship is free and don't think that you can act like one without talking about it with your partner.
  • Although technically flirting isn't cheating, it can make some people jealous. Avoid doing it in front of your partner out of respect for them. Would you like him to flirt with other girls in front of you?
  • If you are strongly tempted to cheat on your partner, it may be a sign that you are not ready to be in this relationship with your partner. Otherwise, they are not the right person for you at this time.
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Step 3. Keep your friendship

If you like someone enough to be their girlfriend, there's a good chance you love them enough to be their friend. Friends know how to have fun together and are constantly supporting each other. May these values ​​be the basis of your relationship even if it is romantic now.

  • Ask him how his day has been. Check in with him when he is sick or having difficulty. Send him nice messages to make sure he knows you care.
  • Keep doing what you love to do together. Just because you're in a relationship doesn't mean you have to spend all of your time kissing or cuddling. This is the best way to lose the strong bonds you made in the beginning.
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Step 4. Come up with fun date ideas

Don't just rely on your boyfriend for interesting dating ideas. Show that you are invested in the relationship and want to do things with him by coming up with great ideas for fun things the two of you can do.

  • Usual dates involve going to the movies, dining, concerts or sporting events.
  • You can also go for fun outdoor activities like a walk in the park, hikes, a swim in the nearest lake or a bike ride.
  • Volunteer together, for example at a soup kitchen or on behalf of a community event.
  • For example, you can decide to run or walk together for a certain distance.
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Step 5. Support each other

One of the biggest reasons humans want a partner is the support and comfort they can provide. If you want to be a good girlfriend, you need to support your partner in happy times as well as in difficult times.

  • If your partner is in a bind or has health issues, send them a sweet message or a hand-made card. Let him know that you are thinking of him and ask if there is anything there that you can do to make him feel better.
  • If your house isn't close to his or you don't go to the same school, send him messages to let him know that you miss him and that you are thinking of him.
  • Help him out when needed. Your boyfriend might need help revising for an exam, throwing a party, or putting up posters for his student council. Let him know that you will be happy to lend a helping hand whenever he needs it.

Part 3 of 3: Behaving in Public

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Step 1. Keep your individuality

You probably know couples who are so enamored that they do everything, absolutely everything, together. Even though it seems like total bliss, it's actually not very healthy. A healthy relationship is one in which each partner maintains a sense of self, even when the two are engaged in activities together.

  • It's good to want to try new activities because they interest your partner. Just be sure to be honest about the level of interest you have in it. Also be sure to pursue your own interests.
  • Make sure you each spend time doing activities on your own with your respective friends. Your partner may need to go out with their friends without you. This is perfectly healthy and you should do the same as well.
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Step 2. Don't post your private stuff on social media

At one point or another, something will happen in your relationship and you'll want to let the world know. However, you should keep in mind that anything that ends up on social media can be seen by thousands of people and will stay there practically forever.

  • Even if you want to tell the world how kind and wonderful your partner is because they just did something for you, hold back. Keep in mind that he might be embarrassed or upset if you post what he considers to be intimate between the two of you.
  • Likewise, if you have a fight with your boyfriend or he irritates you, curb your urge to let everyone know. This might bother him even more, which can make the situation between you worse.
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Step 3. Avoid gossiping

This implies that you should not listen to gossip and you should not peddle it either. Saying personal things about your partner to others is also considered gossip, as is listening to gossip spread by other people.

  • There is a strong tendency to gossip about relationships in high school. If you hear rumors about your partner or relationship that you didn't know, ask them for clarification before peddling them or believing a third party.
  • If you feel like sharing details of your relationship with your friends, ask your partner if they're okay with that or even what they think of the person you want to confide in. If he replies that this topic should be kept private between you, you should not tell others about it.


  • Always be yourself. Remember that your partner appreciates you and loves you for the person you are. This is the reason why you are together!
  • If you have to break up, be honest about your feelings. You should also know that you will have other constructive relationships in your life.


  • Eroticism and sex are an integral part of romantic relationships. Physical intimacy can be very exciting, but it can also lead to other difficult feelings, pregnancy and sexually transmitted infections. Be sure to communicate clearly what you want when discussing sex, and always protect yourself by using condoms, for example.
  • Being a good girlfriend doesn't have to mean getting more physically intimate if you're not ready to do it, or having sex that you don't like. If you feel like your partner is pressuring you to be more intimate or switch to sex, ask them to correct this behavior immediately.

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