3 ways to tell someone you still love them

3 ways to tell someone you still love them
3 ways to tell someone you still love them

It can be difficult to be on the same page when there is distance in a relationship, no matter if it's physical distance, schedules that don't coincide, or a misunderstanding. deep. Maybe you've been together with someone for so long that you never say "I love you" again. Also, maybe you broke up with someone for a while, but you still love them and miss them. Either way, you might feel the urge to tell this person that you still love them. It won't be easy, but you will feel much better once you express your feelings.


Method 1 of 3: Clarify your feelings

Tell Someone You Still Love Them Step 1

Step 1. Make sure you are sincere

If you want to tell someone that you still love them, you have to be sure of this. Make an effort to get a clear picture of the situation. Clarify why you will tell him that you still have feelings for him and try to imagine how he (or she) will act. Ask yourself what you hope to gain by saying this. Maybe you're trying to win someone back, apologize for a behavior you've had, or just reaffirm your feelings.

Tell Someone You Still Love Them Step 2

Step 2. Discuss your feelings with a friend

Find someone who is trustworthy and mature to talk to, ideally someone who has experience in romantic relationships. Ask your friend for advice. Test what you want to say. Discuss the situation to clarify your thoughts.

  • Avoid taking that person's advice without looking at the situation at your level!
  • It can be helpful to share your feelings with a friend who knows the person you love personally. However, be careful: you must avoid talking to someone who will tell the whole story and spread the news!
Tell Someone You Still Love Them Step 3

Step 3. Put your feelings down on paper

Try to think deeply and write automatically so that you can explore your thoughts more effectively. Make sure that you don't just want your partner to come back because of loneliness, guilt, lust for power, fear, or any other reason besides love. Be honest with yourself and with each other.

  • Ultimately, you will have to forgive yourself and do the same with your partner. Avoid conditional forgiveness, just let go.
  • Look for what you want, but also what the relationship needs. If the case is conditional and presented as "I love you, but I want you to stop drinking", you may need a third party counselor, friend or relative to help. help you with your partner. Ultimately, it's up to the person you are feeling feelings about to decide to change themselves. Realize that you cannot get it to change directly.
Tell Someone You Still Love Them Step 4

Step 4. Put yourself in the other's shoes

Think about the situation from the point of view of the person you love. Ask yourself if the latter still has feelings for you and if she will be receptive to your confession. Love is not a one-sided feeling, so you have to make the effort not to always relate everything to your own feelings!

  • Consider the impact your words will have. You might stir up old feelings and destabilize the new life that person is trying to build. Ask yourself if you intend to follow up on what you have said.
  • Consider that sometimes it is better to “leave it as it is”. If it has been a while since you ended your relationship with this person, then it might not be appropriate to confess your love. This could be especially true if he (or she) is building a relationship with someone else.
Tell Someone You Still Love Them Step 5

Step 5. Find out what went wrong

Simple mistakes or problems happen, such as forgetting a birthday or being too often late or absent to a special event, but when there is a rational explanation, most problems resolve themselves. of themselves. Avoid rushing things without understanding why the relationship has broken down.

  • Determine if distance is the cause. Uncertainty can trigger paranoia about what the other partner is doing or spending time with. If you're apart for months, you may need to make a plan to keep the relationship afloat. Consider taking a break, opening the relationship, or moving to the area where your partner resides.
  • You may find that you disagree on some issues that are at the heart of your relationship, including religious, family, political, or lifestyle choices. Maybe your partner wants kids, but you don't or maybe both of you have started arguing about who to support in the next election. Determine if these things are more important than the love you have for that person.

Method 2 of 3: Plan everything

Tell Someone You Still Love Them Step 6

Step 1. Make a plan

First of all, you need to make sure that you fully understand why the relationship broke down, how well you see yourself in the future, and whether you still love that person. Then decide when and where you want to do it. If you have the ability, seek to meet the person you love face to face. If you are less confident or if there is no way to meet each other physically, then you can call him, send him an email or write him a letter.

Tell Someone You Still Love Them Step 7

Step 2. Organize this

Ask the person if they would like to meet you in a neutral location, which could be a coffee shop, public garden, or your favorite restaurant. If she refuses, leave at least one direct form of communication like an email, phone number, or handwritten letter.

  • Avoid saying this over text or instant messaging. Make an effort to express your feelings as thoughtfully and intentionally as possible. If there is a medium that you both are always used to using, then consider using it.
  • If the person doesn't want to see you, then you should respect that. Avoid going to his (or her) home or workplace. Avoid following it or making arrangements for someone else to follow it.
Tell Someone You Still Love Them Step 8

Step 3. Moderate your expectations

You can hope and pray that this person will fall in love with you again, but you still need to prepare for rejection. If you did something that seriously hurt or upset them, then be aware that they might not be ready to take you back. If the person you're in love with is living their life with someone else, they might just want to focus on their new relationship rather than trying to deal with the past. It's okay to be bold and say how you feel, but you should do it casually and with the conviction that you absolutely have to say it, no matter what the consequences.

Be prepared to respect that person's decision. Whether he likes you or not or wants to win you back, you have to give him the opportunity to say it. If you don't respect someone, it could mean you don't like them

Method 3 of 3: Tell someone you still love them

Tell Someone You Still Love Them Step 9

Step 1. Speak candidly and honestly

You don't have to play anything, especially if you've been in a relationship with this person in the past. Say exactly how you feel. Play your cards on the table. Be clear about your expectations for this relationship and explain what you want. If you want to rebuild a relationship, it is very important to establish open and healthy communication.

If you want to get back together with this person, say so. If you just want her to know you love her, tell her clearly. If you have a vision for what you want to happen, be sure to explain this clearly

Tell Someone You Still Love Them Step 10

Step 2. Be bold

Avoid waiting too long and don't be afraid to act on your feelings. The more obsessed you are with it, the harder it will be. Find courage, talk to your sweetheart and explain how you are feeling. Ask yourself the following question: "If I don't, will I regret it later?""

Tell Someone You Still Love Them Step 11

Step 3. Just say it

All you really need to say comes down to this “I still love you”. However, once you do, don't laugh and stare at the person, it will send the wrong message and the other might think you are doing a prank or a joke. Be serious, but show him the personality that is in you and that he loves. If you have words to describe this, then explain to him the reasons why you continue to love him or say for how long or how much you care about him.

If you have to apologize for a situation, do it and stick to it. You don't have to crawl for that person to come back to you

Tell Someone You Still Love Them Step 12

Step 4. Wait for the right time

If you have to meet the person somewhere, avoid rushing things by simply saying “I still love you”. Talk a little: ask how the person is doing, tell them a little about yourself and make an effort to create a good atmosphere. That said, you need to avoid beating around the bush. The person will certainly have an idea of ​​why you want to meet her and they could wait for you to speak. Be patient, but straightforward.


  • Respect the person you love. Be patient and kind and treat her the same way you would like to be treated. If he (or she) doesn't feel anything for you anymore, then you have to let go.
  • Be honest no matter what. If you want to make a fresh start, then you need to communicate openly and sincerely.

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