How to miss the girl you love

How to miss the girl you love
How to miss the girl you love

Being away from the girl you love can be one of the most difficult situations you have ever had to experience. How can you be sure that the girl will miss you after you leave? All you have to do is get her to seek to find out more about you, let her appreciate the time you had together and then take a step back to get her to realize the degree. of the feeling of love that she feels for you, even though you are elsewhere. If you take it seriously, the saying "out of sight, out of heart" probably won't hold true for you.


Part 1 of 3: Leave her thirsty to see you more

Make the Girl You Like Miss You Step 1

Step 1. Limit the time you spend with her

If you want to miss the girl when you're not with her, you can't afford to spend most of your free time with her. You must have hung out with her enough to have made her discover how awesome, fun, and interesting you are, but not to the point that she starts to take you for granted or feels like you are running out of things to talk about. Make an effort to see her once or twice a week, but make sure she isn't the only person you see, otherwise she might start to think she can find you at any time. according to his desire.

  • If she wants to go on an outing with you, she must have planned it with you at least a few days before. Don't make it seem like you're working for them.
  • When you go out with her don't spend all day there, but just leave her after a few hours to go and occupy yourself with other things so that she enjoys the time you spent together and that she can't be satisfied. because she spends time with you at will.
  • This may seem a little strange at first, hold on tight, it's part of the art of being wanted.
Make the Girl You Like Miss You Step 2

Step 2. Limit the time you spend with her on the phone

If the two of you like to communicate on the phone, make sure you keep the conversation relatively short so that she doesn't think you have anything better to do than chatting with her on the phone all the time. with her for a few minutes to set an agenda or to find out how she's doing, but you need to be careful that the conversation doesn't get so long that you end up running out of talking points to bring up. In order for her to be more interested in you, you need to give her the impression that when she talks with you, she will never be bored for lack of discussion topics.

  • Don't tell her over the phone, everything on your mind or everything that is going on in your life. Keep a part of it and tell it to her face to face when you are together.
  • Take advantage of the time. If you only talk to her on the phone for a few minutes, be sure to go all out on seducing her, making her laugh, and making her feel special. Do not communicate with her while watching a jet match at the same time. Make her feel that you value your conversations with her.
Make the Girl You Like Miss You Step 3

Step 3. Don't give up on everything you have to do to talk to her

To miss a girl, you don't have to make her feel like you're serving her. If she's texting you when you're busy, don't immediately drop what you're doing to write her a long text, unless it's really urgent. Instead, wait a few hours before responding. The same applies to phone calls. Don't feel like you have to pick up every time she calls you or pick up the phone the first time the phone rings.

  • If the girl feels that she can reach you anytime she wants, she would be less likely to miss you. If it seems a little bit difficult for her to get some of your time, she will consider your time even more.
  • If of course she seems upset and wants to talk to you as soon as possible, you should be there for her rather than intervening from a distance. If, however, she calls or texts you just to check on you, you shouldn't feel pressured to answer her right away.
Make the Girl You Like Miss You Step 4

Step 4. Keep up with your activities

Don't give up on all the things you love just to be with her. If you want to miss her when you're not with her, you need to set aside time to do the things you love. Keep going to your soccer practice, working on your novel, or learning the Japanese language. Let her know what you are capable of so that she sees you as an interesting and dynamic person who has enthusiasm for life and whose occupations extend far beyond a simple love affair.

  • The girl will respect you and even find you more interesting if you have things that you hold dear and are looking to improve yourself in. Also, continuing to enjoy your hobbies will give you more to talk about.
  • If the girl knows that you are very busy, your availability will be valuable to her and she will be more likely to appreciate the times you spend together.
Make the Girl You Like Miss You Step 5

Step 5. Continue to spend time with your friends

Spending time with your friends is very important because no girl you like or date will be able to replace your friends, no matter how satisfied you are with your relationship. This means that it is out of the question to stop dating in order to give the girl time, although you can reduce the time you give your friends to see your sweetheart, you should not. totally give up on them, at the risk of making her believe that she got you excited.

  • If she knows that you have a lot of friendships, she'll think you're a lovely person that many would like to hang out with. If you make her feel like you're on the lookout, hoping for a phone call from her, that you don't have anyone else to have a good time with, there's less chance that you can. miss him.
  • Find a balance between seeing your girlfriend and seeing your friends. You should not become overly attached to your friends to the point of running out of time for your sweetheart, which could cause her to lose interest in you. However, you also shouldn't be around them so infrequently that you make the girl feel like she's the only one you care about.
Make the Girl You Like Miss You Step 6

Step 6. Let her ask questions

If you want to miss the girl you love, you need to make sure that she doesn't know exactly what you are thinking and doing all the time. Even if you have to show her that you really care, avoid telling her that she is the best girl in the world and that you are ready for anything for her. While you can let her know your real feelings once she's more open to you and spending more time with you, you need to get her to ask questions.

  • You can compliment her and tell her what you like about her, but avoid telling her everything you think about her, or you may find yourself in a weak position.
  • You should also let him question your program. If you need to leave early to be able to catch your brother's basketball game, you don't have to let him know every time.

Part 2 of 3: stay in your thoughts

Make the Girl You Like Miss You Step 7

Step 1. Reassure her when you are not with her

If you want the girl to miss you when you're not with her, you need to make her feel your presence every now and then. Text her to say hi or see how her day is going, or give her a quick phone call to tell her about the things you've been up to. You can also email her while you're at work or send her a short message while you're out with your friends for the weekend. Make sure to call her enough so that she doesn't forget you, but also in moderation so that she doesn't feel harassed either.

  • When you're not together, make sure you don't always contact her first. You can call or write to her every now and then, but you need to avoid her taking you for granted and thinking that even if she doesn't call you, you sure will.
  • If you know that she has something important to do in the coming days, like a job interview or a game of volleyball, be sure to wish her luck. In case these are past activities or events, find out how things went. This will show her that you care about her and that you are caring even though you are not there.
Make the Girl You Like Miss You Step 8

Step 2. Make a point of being the last person she thinks of at night

Another trick that you miss the girl is to make sure she thinks of you when it comes time to bed. You can send her a pleasant message or schedule yourself to call her later that night, so that she thinks of you on the way to bed and maybe even dreams of you. She must also wake up thinking about the great conversation you had and as a result she will miss you even more.

  • Talking to her on the phone before she's even about to go to bed gives you a better chance of actually capturing her attention. She will feel relaxed and can more easily focus her thoughts only on you instead of thinking about other things while she is chatting with you.
  • Make sure, of course, that she doesn't mind getting a phone call late at night - you don't want to get her in trouble with her parents.
Make the Girl You Like Miss You Step 9

Step 3. Give him something that he can remember you

Another way to make sure a girl misses you would be to gift her something that makes her always have you on her mind. It could be a necklace you gave her for her birthday, a letter you wrote her, a sweater with your perfume that you lent her, or a book or a book. CD that you think she might really like. Thanks to these gifts, she will feel your presence in her life enormously and it would be more likely that she misses you when you are away.

  • You can give her an object as a souvenir during one of your outings with her. Gifting her a stuffed animal at a carnival or giving her a little keepsake on a field trip you took together will cause her to have something to remember you.
  • No need to bet on the price of the object. The most important thing is that this item reminds him of you and not the price it is worth.
Make the Girl You Like Miss You Step 10

Step 4. Write her a nice note

You'll also be successful in making a girl miss you if you write her a cute note in which you sincerely tell her how much you love her. This letter doesn't have to be long or detailed, the main thing is that it shows her how much you care. You can hand it over to him during one of your outings or email it to him in case you are far from each other. She will keep it and can even read it over and over again to remember you. Giving her tangible proof of your esteem may even make her miss you more.

You don't have to write the note just because your goal is to miss you. Be sure that everything you write is sincere and comes from the heart. If you overdo it, she will be able to sense it

Make the Girl You Like Miss You Step 11

Step 5. Ask him questions to show that you care about the details of his life

If you want a girl to take you seriously and miss you, you'll need to ask her questions about herself, either in person, on the phone, or in a letter. You don't have to interfere in his life or ask for too many details about him to be caring. If you're with her in person, you can ask her questions about family, pets, weekend plans, friends, or hobbies. If you write her a message, you can seek to inquire about a significant event in her life or simply ask her how she is spending her day.

  • The truth is, if you really want a girl to fall in love with you, you have to prove to her that you care. This is much more important than coming off as the most awesome or attractive guy to her. In short, girls want guys who really love them. If the girl feels that you truly cherish her, she will miss you even more when you leave.
  • Make sure you really remember the answers she gives to any questions you ask her. If the girl feels pressured to repeat herself every time you see each other again, she'll feel like you don't really care about her.
Make the Girl You Like Miss You Step 12

Step 6. Treat her well when you are together

You don't have to be Mr. Too Cool when you're with the girl you love. If you want her to miss you after you're gone, you should do your best to make a good impression on her when you're together. Make sure you seduce her, make her laugh, make her feel special and frankly, prove to her that you cherish her without going overboard. She should be remembered as the caring, elegant and unique person that you are, so you should make sure that you spend as much of your free time as possible with her, especially if you are a busy person.

  • Be careful. Focus your attention on her to make sure that she has a good time by your side and that she doesn't need anything like a glass of water or a change of scenery.
  • Make her laugh. Don't try to be romantic all the time. Relax and act like a stress reliever towards her, which will make her love you more.
  • Let him speak. Make sure you don't monopolize the floor for about more than half of the time you spend together. Don't make her feel like you are speaking to her or putting yourself over the top, by talking excessively.
Make the Girl You Like Miss You Step 13

Step 7. End the discussion on the right foot

When you spend time with the girl you love, you need to know how to take time off at the right time. Wait until the conversation becomes very pleasant to announce that you leave it. Since she was advised that you would not be staying very long, she would not feel hurt. By the time the conversation is at its peak, she will be very focused on you, so you might want to take leave of her right now to leave a positive impression on you.

If you've spent too much time together until neither of you have a thing to talk about, the girl won't remember you as a fun person to chat with. Instead, leave when there is still a lot to say to each other, in order to create an impatience in her to resume the conversation next time

Part 3 of 3: don't go too far

Make the Girl You Like Miss You Step 14

Step 1. Don't try to make her jealous

While there are tips you can do to make a girl tend to miss you, you shouldn't try to make her jealous to the point where she thinks to herself that she shouldn't take you seriously. because you're a flirt or because she doesn't want to fight for your affection. Even if you don't have to tell her where you spent your day, don't talk to her too much about other girls or even flirt in front of her, with any girl you meet, unless you want to. she gets angry with you.

  • While a fleeting flirtation with other girls might serve to show the girl that you are attractive, don't go overboard to the point where she ends up thinking you don't care.
  • If she knows that you're likely to mess up with other girls when you're somewhere else, she isn't going to miss you much.
  • When you meet her outside, you should stay calm for a few moments before going up to her. If you ignore her or act like she isn't worthy of you, she won't be jealous of the people you talk to. She'll just think you're just a fool.
Make the Girl You Like Miss You Step 15

Step 2. Don't try to look like someone else just to win her over

As trite as it sounds, ultimately it's important that you stay yourself if you really want to win the girl over. Avoid pretending or pretending to be a boy you think she would prefer. Rather, you should strive to let him discover your best qualities, and you should take the time to display your weird side. While you don't need to behave around her the same way you would when you're around your buddies, you also don't have to pretend, otherwise she might notice your little game.

  • If you really love the girl and really want her to feel like you miss you, you need to make sure that the person she misses is really you and not your fake personality.
  • While it may take a moment to open up to her and show her who you really are, you should strive to stay as real as possible as you get to know each other.
Make the Girl You Like Miss You Step 16

Step 3. Avoid playing a multitude of games at once

Limiting the length of your phone calls or the time you spend with her and playing the game somewhat actively can make her become more interested in you and thus miss you. However, if you go too far, you risk simply confusing the girl and possibly confusing yourself in the long run. If she tells herself that your relationship is all about appearances and doesn't capture your true self, she will lose patience pretty quickly.

If you are kind and tender the first second and then cold and distant the next, she will get frustrated very quickly. While you shouldn't flaunt everything, be aware that if she has no idea what is on your mind, she will start to trust you

Make the Girl You Like Miss You Step 17

Step 4. Don't be afraid to tell her how you feel

While it's important to leave her hungry for more, don't be longed for so long that she wonders if you really care. Even if you are a little shy, you have to tell her that you love her and really would like to spend more time with her. Don't let her make the effort on her own, otherwise she will be disgusted with you, because she will think that you don't really care about her.

You have to be willing to be approachable. If you force her too much to chase after you, she will prefer a guy who shows more his feelings


  • It takes time, but it's worth it.
  • Each girl has her own unique likes and dislikes, so make sure you know her personality before doing any of the above steps.

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