3 ways to seduce a Cancer woman

3 ways to seduce a Cancer woman
3 ways to seduce a Cancer woman

The Cancer woman is by nature cautious and a good housekeeper. She is also extremely affectionate and loyal to the people she is closest to, which makes her a good partner, if you can get to know and seduce her. By reacting sensitively to her shyness, you will be able to get to know her in a way that makes her feel comfortable. If you also share her love for family and help her with household chores, you will show her that you know her home is where her heart is.


Method 1 of 3: Make her less shy

Attract a Cancer Woman Step 1

Step 1. Take the first step

Try to take the initiative and introduce yourself. Try not to behave too aggressively by using vulgar phrases to impress her or invading her personal space. Women native to the sign of Cancer are shy by nature and more open to a more relaxed approach. Try to pay attention to what she is doing and use that information to say hello.

  • For example, if you catch her choosing a candy bar at the supermarket, you might say, "Is that good?" I had been meaning to buy some for a long time. By the way, my name is Marc. "
  • If she's not doing anything special, just say "hello". If she answers you, ask her how her day is going.
Attract a Cancer Woman Step 2

Step 2. Consider inviting her somewhere

Invite her to the movies, a concert, or some other event where she won't always be the center of attention. Having something to focus on will make her feel comfortable. If you get lost in the conversation, comment on the activity you are doing.

At the start of the relationship, avoid tense one-on-one dates. It may sound like an interrogation for a shy Cancer woman

Attract a Cancer Woman Step 3

Step 3. Show your vulnerability

Talk a little about yourself when she asks you questions instead of giving short answers. If the opportunity arises to talk about something that has been a challenge for you, take it. A woman native to the sign of Cancer will appreciate your ability to open up.

For example, if she asks you, why did you become a teacher, instead of just saying “I love this job” you could say this: “I really want to be a positive influence in the lives of children. When I was little, my father was not always there for me and I had a teacher who marked me a lot at that time. "

Attract a Cancer Woman Step 4

Step 4. Be patient if it doesn't open quickly

Try not to be offended if a Cancer woman dodges your questions. End the conversation for now and come back when you know each other a little better. Cancer women have a protective instinct and are naturally shy, especially when it comes to family and close friends.

For example, if she avoids personal questions, say, “It's okay. I want you to feel comfortable. "

Attract a Cancer Woman Step 5

Step 5. Keep your promises

Prove that you deserve their trust by keeping your word. Women with the Cancer astrological sign are looking for a stable and reliable man. If you show him that you can be such a person, you will become more attractive to him.

For example, if you make a promise to her to pick her up from work, plan ahead to keep the commitment you made. If you suggest watering the plants on vacation, do it right and follow all of its instructions

Attract a Cancer Woman Step 6

Step 6. Don't date more than one woman at the same time

Focus your romantic attention only on that woman you are trying to seduce, if you want to build a serious relationship with her. Loyalty and honesty are very important to Cancer women. If you are dating more than one person, you should say this very clearly to make sure you both agree.

For example, you can say this, “I really want to take our relationship to the next level. I'm not dating anybody else right now, because I would see it as disrespecting what we're building. "

Method 2 of 3: Influencing Your Family and Friendship Values

Attract a Cancer Woman Step 7

Step 1. Invite his family to activities

Organize a picnic or other daytime activity that will allow you to get to know family members. Tell him you would like to invite them because you know how important they are to him.

For example, you could say something like this: “I know how close you are to your mother. Would she like to come hike with us on Sundays? "

Attract a Cancer Woman Step 8

Step 2. Go on a double date with a couple she is friends with

Go out to dinner, go to the movies or go play mini golf with one of her friends and her partner. If you don't know them well enough to set up a date for four, show your interest by suggesting it.

  • For example, you could say something like this: “There's a pizzeria that just opened near my office. What would you say if we invited Aline and Jean on Saturday evening? "
  • For a foursome date with a Cancer woman, it is best to invite couples who have been together for a long time. That way, she won't be very reserved on the first meeting.
Attract a Cancer Woman Step 9

Step 3. Understand her if she puts her friends and family first

If she has to change her plans to meet the needs of those close to her, tell her you love them. Show concern for the well-being of those who are important to her by asking how they are doing later.

For example, if she cancels an appointment to accompany her brother to a medical consultation, you could say this: “I don't mind. Pizza can always wait. I hope he is better. What can I do to help you? "

Attract a Cancer Woman Step 10

Step 4. Ask her about her family history

Browse family albums and learn about its origins. This is a great time to ask questions about family members or just allow her to tell stories about her childhood.

You can say this: “In this photo, are you with your grandmother Alexandra? She seems to have been a fascinating woman. What is your best memory with her? "

Attract a Cancer Woman Step 11

Step 5. Introduce it to your loved ones

Show her that you are ready to let her be a part of your life by allowing her to spend time with your family and friends. Organize a fun event that will make her make a good impression.

For example, if she's a great artist, you can invite your sister over and have a nice evening together at a local art studio

Attract a Cancer Woman Step 12

Step 6. Avoid criticizing loved ones

Don't criticize or comment on friends and family you don't know well yet. If you criticize someone she loves, do it only to show her that you are on her side and only want to support her. Show compassion whenever possible.

For example, if she was having a fight with a friend, you could say this, “I know how important you are to each other. I'm worried just because his attacks on you seem so personal. Hope all is well between you. Can I do something to help? "

Method 3 of 3: Bring out your home side

Attract a Cancer Woman Step 13

Step 1. Prepare a meal for her

Pick one of your favorite family recipes and make her a thoughtful meal at home. Usually, the Cancer woman enjoys quiet evenings at home, where she feels most comfortable. If you invite friends or family members over, it will show how much you appreciate the people she loves.

  • If you don't know a family recipe to show her, choose a recipe from a cookbook that reflects her preferences. You don't have to make a complex dish. If she enjoys Mexican food, she'll appreciate the effort you've put into making guacamole sauce.
  • Don't forget to wash the dishes!
Attract a Cancer Woman Step 14

Step 2. Host a movie night

Create a cozy atmosphere with low lighting, lots of cushions and freshly made popcorn for a laid back evening at home. You can tell her that she can wear pajamas or tracksuits to let her know that her comfort is important to you.

Offer her a few movies to watch and let her choose the titles to follow throughout the evening

Attract a Cancer Woman Step 15

Step 3. Clean his house after your visit

Keep her apartment clean when you come to cook or spend time with her. Also keep your home clean so she can see that you are taking good care of your home.

Attract a Cancer Woman Step 16

Step 4. Fix things around the house

If you are a handyman, take care of his house to make it more functional. Fix a leaking faucet or a hum in the refrigerator without her asking.

  • By taking care of her apartment, you will let her know that you understand how sacred her home is.
  • If you're not the handyman type, empty the dishwasher or do other household chores to help yourself.
Attract a Cancer Woman Step 17

Step 5. Take care of his pets

Show him that you love his pets by taking them for walks, scratching their ears, and offering them rewards where appropriate. If you show her how much you value her animals, she may start to see you as part of her life.

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