How to make your girlfriend jealous: 13 steps (with pictures)

How to make your girlfriend jealous: 13 steps (with pictures)
How to make your girlfriend jealous: 13 steps (with pictures)

Jealousy is a powerful emotion that can make any relationship toxic. Nevertheless, it can also be used as a joke or to quickly rekindle the flame of desire. Feel like your girlfriend isn't giving you the attention you deserve? Used correctly, a little bit of jealousy could help her achieve what you share. However, you should not abuse this method and never use it for malicious purposes, as you risk opening up old wounds or creating a climate of paranoia. Knowing where you are with your girlfriend and caring about her confidence is key to dealing with her jealousy.


Part 1 of 4: understanding jealousy

Make Your Girlfriend Jealous Step 1

Step 1. Realize that jealousy masks deeper emotions

Jealousy is a natural feeling and quite often something we cannot control. If you choose to make your girlfriend jealous, understand that you will risk bringing out emotions that she is not ready to face, such as low self-esteem or shame.

Make Your Girlfriend Jealous Step 2

Step 2. Evaluate your girlfriend's insurance

Jealousy usually stems from a lack of confidence. Be careful how you choose to make your girlfriend jealous, as she might already have a bad self-image.

Make Your Girlfriend Jealous Step 3

Step 3. Consider your girlfriend's past

Your girlfriend might have had a painful relationship and be too ashamed to tell anyone about it, or maybe she has put in a lot of effort to move on. Nonetheless, unconsciously, she might still suffer from the negative effects of these experiences. Shame can influence jealousy and low self-esteem. Be careful not to exploit its most sensitive points.

Do not open old wounds. If she shared something intimate with you, you would be damaging your relationship by using it against her

Part 2 of 4: Identify your complexes

Make Your Girlfriend Jealous Step 4

Step 1. Pay attention to it

Whether you're trying to make her jealous to rekindle the flames of your relationship or just to prank her, learn what will trigger her jealousy. The attention you give her will determine how to make her jealous, but it will also create a stronger bond between the two of you. As a result, be aware that the stronger your bond, the more toxic the jealousy could become.

Some people are more sensitive than others. To do this, be careful not to go too far. For example, some girls might find it fun to flirt with strangers, while others might find it quite disrespectful and might end your relationship because you allowed yourself to do so. You will have to play with finesse

Make Your Girlfriend Jealous Step 5

Step 2. Set limits

Don't go too far. Ask yourself what you hope you will achieve by making your girlfriend jealous. Evaluate what your relationship means to you, and act with caution if you think making her jealous would be a good tactic.

Make Your Girlfriend Jealous Step 6

Step 3. Avoid anything that could be considered a threat

By introducing elements that could make your girlfriend doubt, you risk weakening your relationship. No matter how open-minded she is, it's very easy to whet her paranoia with logic. For example, keeping a relationship with an ex could easily make her jealous.

  • If she tells you that she doesn't want you interacting with someone, don't use that against her. His paranoia is already at a high level. By breaking your promise, you would be doing a lot of damage to your relationship.
  • Avoid using an ex to make her jealous. Knowing that you had a romantic relationship with this person, your girlfriend will easily think that this relationship could resume at any time.
  • Don't mention your high profile friends. Whether you have mutual friends who are on TV, play a certain sport on a professional level, or make a very good living, know that their social status makes them tempting romantic conquests. If you pay too much attention to such a friend, your girlfriend could easily become jealous.

Part 3 of 4: Use your social circle

Make Your Girlfriend Jealous Step 7

Step 1. Do things on your own

Plan to watch a game or go out to the bar with your friends. Make your girlfriend jealous by showing her that you have a healthy social life.

Don't make her feel like she's a burden to you or that her presence is unpleasant. You should just try to show her that people value your company

Make Your Girlfriend Jealous Step 8

Step 2. Use social networks

Like a photo or leave funny comments on the profiles of friends you know she will see. Social networks are often subject to interpretation. Your girlfriend could easily become jealous if you like other women's posts. You could also share jokes she won't understand or photos of events she wasn't.

Make Your Girlfriend Jealous Step 9

Step 3. Immerse yourself in your work

Your job could easily become a source of jealousy. Indeed, you probably spend a lot of time in the office and justify this by your ambition. If she becomes jealous of your relationship with a coworker, beware. Her paranoia could end up costing you your job, if she starts asking your other coworkers about the woman she's jealous of. Even worse, your girlfriend could contact your coworker's husband or boyfriend, and you could inadvertently put your coworker's couple at risk.

Make Your Girlfriend Jealous Step 10

Step 4. Become friends with your girlfriend's girlfriends

Whether you increase your interactions with her girlfriends on social media or invite them out on a date, your girlfriend might end up getting jealous if your interest in her girlfriends suddenly grows. This approach will be especially effective if you seem to be interested in a single friend of her or a friend who has complimented you in the past.

  • Be careful: be aware that getting too close to her best friend can cause emotional damage.
  • Study the dynamics that exist between your girlfriend and her girlfriends, so as not to expose old quarrels. One of her friends may have "stolen" the lover of one of her girlfriends in the past.

Part 4 of 4: Focus on other women

Make Your Girlfriend Jealous Step 11

Step 1. Compliment other women

Compliment TV stars or strangers in your line of sight. Your girlfriend might become jealous because she will automatically compare herself to this person. Celebrities are very easy targets, as the media is obsessed with physical beauty and public figures.

Make Your Girlfriend Jealous Step 12

Step 2. Talk to women in front of your girlfriend

While it's perfectly okay to interact with people of any gender, your girlfriend might get jealous if your interactions arouse her complexes. Only you will be able to know what will be appropriate, and what could make her jealous. Some women don't mind their partner having light physical contact or having fun with a waitress, when your girlfriend might get jealous just because you smiled at a saleswoman.

Make Your Girlfriend Jealous Step 13

Step 3. Take the third wheel from the carriage

Invite a mutual friend on a date that you and your girlfriend usually have together. Be careful that this does not appear to be a calculated plan, but rather a spontaneous and innocent invitation. Say something like, "I invited Julia to come walk with us tomorrow." She's never done this hike so I told her we would pick her up if she wanted to come with us. This will show that you have paid attention to another woman, without being immature or too heavy.


  • Jealousy can be unpredictable. Make sure you know how to manage your expectations and be prepared to tell her that you are just having fun. Your girlfriend should know without a doubt that you are only looking to make her jealous and not really looking to see another woman.
  • Don't use jealousy against someone who is having difficulty controlling their emotions. Your girlfriend might be very scared of losing you, and you will only undermine your relationship.
  • Social networks can easily be misinterpreted. Use extreme caution when posting anything on your friends' wall.


  • Don't overdo it. If you like him, don't be mean.
  • She might leave you.
  • She might want revenge and try to make you jealous as well.

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