5 ways to surprise your boyfriend

5 ways to surprise your boyfriend
5 ways to surprise your boyfriend

Surprises you can give your boyfriend are a great way to connect with each other. Surprises leave a strong emotional impression and can even feel like stopping time by upsetting expectations and making both of you feel good. A casual surprise is a great way to show your boyfriend how much you love him, whether your relationship is young or older. You can learn how to prepare treats, parties, or surprises for him or her at least eighteen years old to show him how much you care.


Method 1 of 5: Come up with ideas

Surprise Your Boyfriend Step 1

Step 1. Think about some ideas

Your relationship is unique and so is your boyfriend. Think about the things he likes and the things that make him feel good. Ask yourself what places, hobbies and activities he enjoys. Observe the things that make him happy, that excite him or that make him laugh.

  • If your relationship is recent, you might be gleaning clues by asking innocent questions during your discussions. Try not to flirt with him so that you can surprise him.
  • Consider asking a friend or family member for ideas.
  • Also think about things that you are not sure about, but that they might like.
Surprise Your Boyfriend Step 2

Step 2. Observe the things he likes

You can get many ideas by observing what he says, what he does, or what conversation topics he brings up, not just with you, but with others as well. Observe what he orders in a restaurant, the things he does for fun, and what he watches on TV. Listen to him when he mentions something he really enjoys doing when you are going out or when you are at home. Find the things that make him smile.

Surprise Your Boyfriend Step 3

Step 3. Make a list

Write down ideas about the things he likes, whether you suppose so or sure you are. Try to write as much as possible so that you have lots of ideas and more choice when it comes to surprises. The ideas that you write will likely lead to other ideas that you should write down as well.

Surprise Your Boyfriend Step 4

Step 4. Consider stepping out of your comfort zone

It's surprising how things you could do out of love for someone when you wouldn't have done them under other conditions. For example, you might buy tickets to a soccer game because you know they are going to like it, even if you don't like it. You can sometimes make reasonable sacrifices to share an experience for two even if it pleases them more than you. You can hope that one day he returns the favor and surprises you the same way.

Surprise Your Boyfriend Step 5

Step 5. Use your imagination

Remember that your surprise is going to have very little effect if you don't put in the effort. For example, if you buy him a gift at the supermarket for Valentine's Day, you are not going to create the same effect as if you had prepared something yourself, because he will expect it. If you can create a unique gift or experience for both of them, that would be ideal. This is your chance to really show (instead of just telling him) how much he means to you.

  • The action you take to surprise her is actually less important than showing her that you want to surprise her. This is what causes the excitement of surprise.
  • Be aware that the surprise you choose doesn't have to be huge or expensive. Small things can also mean a lot. Just make sure your boyfriend can't guess what you've chosen.
Surprise Your Boyfriend Step 6

Step 6. Pay attention to the things he doesn't like

It's important to try to find the things your boyfriend doesn't like to eat or do, and the places that he doesn't like. You don't have to cook your boyfriend a sumptuous meal of asparagus and salmon if he hates the taste of asparagus. He might eat it because he doesn't want to spoil the efforts you made to surprise him, but he probably isn't going to like it as much as you wanted. Watch out for her negative reactions to certain foods, experiences, and activities.

Method 2 of 5: Prepare special gifts

Surprise Your Boyfriend Step 7

Step 1. Give her a gift for no reason

A gift for no reason is always appreciated. If you know he wants to buy something, like a video game or sports equipment, buy it and give it to him.

  • If you can't find something he wants in particular or if the item he wants is too expensive for you, surprise him by offering him something affordable that will make him happy, for example a book or a DVD about a subject that interests him.
  • If you're too young to give him important gifts, slip him a note in his locker or decorate his locker when he's not there. This is going to be a great surprise!
  • By giving your gift a little extra attention without overdoing it, you will make it seem even more extraordinary. If you give it to him and say, "It's just a little thing just like that," he's going to be blown away.
Surprise Your Boyfriend Step 8

Step 2. Buy her tickets to an event she will like

Sporting events, concerts, festivals and other events in your area are great gift ideas. Buy the tickets and plan the day in advance. Find out about other activities near you and make it a special day for both of you.

  • If you don't really like the things he likes, you can still go together. By doing this, you are showing him that he matters to you, even if you don't particularly like wrestling matches. Go with him and decide to have a good time anyway.
  • Otherwise, organize a boys' night out for him. Buy concert or game tickets for him and his friends and give him some freedom for the evening. Stay home and spend some time taking care of yourself.
Surprise Your Boyfriend Step 9

Step 3. Spoil it for a whole day

A day of being treated like a king will be a surprise to any man. If you want to surprise your boyfriend, wait until he has a day off, then tell him that he decides for the whole day what you are going to do. Let him take the reins.

Give him a day off when he won't be doing household chores, or plan it yourself. Make an effort to be relaxed. Let him organize what he wants. If he wants out, let him out. If he wants to stay at home, let him stay at home

Surprise Your Boyfriend Step 10

Step 4. Plan a fun meal

We often hear that the way to a man's heart is through his stomach. This is probably true for many people, both men and women. You will surprise her by cooking her favorite meal, no matter how long your relationship is.

  • If this relationship is recent and if you have never cooked for him before, you are going to give him a nice surprise by inviting him to eat at your place, whatever meal you have prepared. The next morning, you can cook breakfast for her in bed.
  • Plan a picnic for lunch or make a reservation at her favorite restaurant. It is nice to eat at home, but every once in a while you can also show him that he is important to you by bringing him to a restaurant.
  • Organize a city tour of his favorite meals. Visit local breweries for beer tasting (but you are the driver) or sample the specialties at several restaurants in town. Choose foods that he likes and go to places that prepare them. Plan the route.
  • Surprise him by bringing him his lunch at work. Even if he is too busy to eat with you, you can go the extra mile to surprise him and show him that you are thinking of him even when you are not physically together.
Surprise Your Boyfriend Step 11

Step 5. Don't forget the little things

Many men are interested in things that might seem more insignificant to you. By organizing something much more elaborate, like a scavenger hunt to find memories of your relationship, you could look sweet to many men. But some things that might seem ridiculous to you could actually make her feel very emotional. Try the following things.

  • Borrow his car and refuel him.
  • Ask him to watch an action movie he likes.
  • Make him a big sandwich while he watches TV.
  • Clean his house.

Method 3 of 5: Organize a surprise event

Surprise Your Boyfriend Step 12

Step 1. Host a party at another location

A surprise party is a great thing, but a party in ANOTHER place where you won't have to clean up later is an even better thing for a man. You can organize the party at a friend's house, in a bar or in a restaurant that he likes.

Surprise Your Boyfriend Step 13

Step 2. Think about snacks

We cannot repeat it enough: men love to eat and drink. If you want to throw a surprise party, you have to think about the food. Think about the things he likes and get him those favorite drinks.

  • If your boyfriend prefers meat and potatoes, have a barbecue in the backyard. Ask a friend of his (who's fluent) to come over and cook some grilled ribs and make sure you buy enough for everyone.
  • If your boyfriend prefers healthy eating, organize a meal at a restaurant he hasn't tried yet. Reserve a table for all of his friends, pay for a menu he'll love and throw the party on.
Surprise Your Boyfriend Step 14

Step 3. Forget the decorations

Usually, there is no need to waste time and energy putting up party decorations. If that makes you happy, do it. If you feel like this is going to waste a lot of your time, forget it. He probably won't understand how much time and effort you spent putting up these decorations anyway.

Surprise Your Boyfriend Step 15

Step 4. Don't give him clues

Pretend you've forgotten it's his birthday or throw a surprise party for him anytime. You can wish him a happy birthday to avoid depressing him, but don't suggest that a room full of loved ones, gifts, and food is waiting for him when he gets home.

Alternatively, you can also plan a surprise party for an occasion when you usually do nothing. A promotion, for example, is an exciting life event that is usually not celebrated formally, but you can surprise it by throwing a party to celebrate it

Surprise Your Boyfriend Step 16

Step 5. Involve his friends

You will do a lot of impact by showing him that you appreciate his friends. Surprise your boyfriend by inviting his friends to watch a game or play cards.

Alternatively, you can also ask his friends to join you at a restaurant or sporting event where you are also going to invite him to come and surprise him by waiting to see them before revealing to him that you are the organizer

Surprise Your Boyfriend Step 17

Step 6. Plan something with his family

If your boyfriend has a strong relationship with his parents, contact them and include them in your plans. It will impress her and you will show her that you take your relationship seriously.

It is not necessary to prepare a grandiose party. Invite them over for an evening or a weekend over for dinner, or ask them if they would like to come to your house for dinner one of those evenings. He will surely feel relieved by your involvement and interest

Method 4 of 5: Surprises for adults

Be Hot Around Your Boyfriend Step 4

Step 1. Greet him at the door wearing something sexy

Put on your most sensual and sexy outfit and wait for him at the door as soon as he comes home. This will make a great welcome surprise, especially if you know he's had a long, trying day.

  • You don't have to wear something very short. Any outfit that looks good on you will show her that you've gone to the trouble of surprising her.
  • Just make sure he's alone when he shows up at the door, otherwise the situation might get awkward.
  • To give even more effects, do not wait for him at the door, wait for him directly in bed.
Maintain Your Spa or Hot Tub Step 16

Step 2. Try a new position

Are things starting to get boring in bed? Research and try a new technique or position to drive him crazy the next time the two of you meet up. This kind of surprise is sure to hit the mark.

If you're not interested in this advice, wake it up with one of your favorite positions. It's always a great surprise

Surprise Your Boyfriend Step 20

Step 3. Give her a sensual massage

The next time you're hanging out with your boyfriend, surprise him with a sensual massage. This will help her relax and you might even wake her up. Who doesn't like this?

Massages don't necessarily mean sex. Even if you haven't gotten to that point in your relationship yet, a shoulder massage can be a great way to show your boyfriend a caring gesture

Surprise Your Boyfriend Step 21

Step 4. Try to say dirty words to him

If you are rather wise, you might surprise him by telling him that you watched porn movies while he was at work. You will surely turn him on too. If you know that these kinds of things might bother him or make him uncomfortable instead, don't overdo it.

If you feel uncomfortable saying dirty words to her, try asking her to talk to you like that. Give him the chance to try something new, if he is interested

Surprise Your Boyfriend Step 22

Step 5. Text her naughty during the day

If your boyfriend is having a busy day, let him know you think of him "that way" to drive him crazy. A text message is one of the best surprises. Tell him what you are going to do to him when he gets home.

Be careful with the photos. If you're in a serious relationship and trust your boyfriend, that's one thing. If you're texting someone you don't know very well or someone who might use your photos against you if you break up, you should give it some thought

Surprise Your Boyfriend Step 23

Step 6. Do what you used to do

If you've been in a relationship for a while, you've probably gone through a period of naughty surprises. Think about what you did or said before and do it again. You might have forgotten to wear your underwear under a tight black dress to a dinner party, make sure he remembers it by doing it again.

Surprise Your Boyfriend Step 24

Step 7. Ask her questions about her fantasies

If you're not sure how you can surprise your boyfriend in bed, ask him questions. As you learn more about your boyfriend's fantasies, the two of you will come together and become more intimate. You don't want to set up some savage, naughty stratagems in bed that might put him off. Always ask him what he wants to do and try to do your best to keep an open mind.

Don't do anything that makes you uncomfortable. Just because he wants to do something doesn't mean you have to surprise him. Be honest with him. In addition, you might be able to spice up your sex life a bit just by discussing your fantasies

Method 5 of 5: Surprise your boyfriend (additional ideas)

Surprise Your Boyfriend Step 25

Step 1. Go for a walk

You don't have to choose a destination, you just need to be together. Go on an adventure without knowing where you will end up, it's even more exciting. If you know he loves the mountains, the ocean, or the forests, grab some gear and go outside.

Remember to bring a first aid kit, flashlights, food, water, blankets, and other safety gear, especially if you are going to be away for several days

Surprise Your Boyfriend Step 26

Step 2. Surprise him by hiring a babysitter

Children are great happiness for you, but it can be difficult to spend time together because you have to keep a strong relationship.Find a babysitter and find a place where you can leave your children for an evening or overnight so you both can rediscover the passion you put aside to take care of your children. Your companion might be pleasantly surprised when he returns home in the evening and finds an empty house and an entire evening to rekindle the flames of your passion.

Surprise Your Boyfriend Step 27

Step 3. Try to play a joke on him

If your boyfriend has humor and loves jokes, why not surprise him with a joke? You could hide in the fridge and scare him when he comes for a beer, you can make him jump out of bed disguising yourself, you can bake a pie before you poke his head in, or you can use a fake head that you lay on your side of the bed to scare him. A good joke can get you both laughing out loud.

Surprise Your Boyfriend Step 28

Step 4. Write a message on the bathroom mirror

After taking a shower, write a love note on the mist on the bathroom mirror. You can write him a personal message, a quote or a short poem. It will disappear when the steam evaporates, but it will reappear when it takes a shower.

Surprise Your Boyfriend Step 29

Step 5. Send her a love letter

Forget about emails and texts. Write a good old love letter with paper and pencil, then send it to him in the mail. He will be able to take your love letter in his hands, keep it and reread it later to remember how much you love him.

Surprise Your Boyfriend Step 30

Step 6. Leave him a little note

Use little words to remind him that you love him or make him laugh in places where he will find them throughout the day. Put one in his wallet, another in his jacket, in his car, on his desk or around the house. These little gestures of affection can cheer him up if he's having a bad day and make him smile because he'll know you are thinking of him.

Surprise Your Boyfriend Step 31

Step 7. Change the wallpaper of their phone, tablet or computer

Replace her wallpaper with something funny, like a face you make or something she will like, like a picture of you in sexy clothes. It will surprise him when he turns on the device and he will think of you. Remember, even the smallest things can do wonders in making your relationship stronger as long as they are unexpected.

Surprise Your Boyfriend Step 32

Step 8. Surprise him with something valuable

Get yourself a special frame for her graduation. Restore an old family album. Sew a hole he has in his favorite t-shirt from high school. Use a program to mask out the background noise on the recording of a song he sang as a kid at the school party.

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