How to maintain a relationship online: 15 steps (with pictures)

How to maintain a relationship online: 15 steps (with pictures)
How to maintain a relationship online: 15 steps (with pictures)

Dating over the Internet can be exciting and very personal, but it can also lead to uncertainty. You know your relationship exists, but it can be difficult to nurture it sometimes. Fortunately, there are ways to maintain it more easily! Keep in touch, create intimacy, and build your future together to help your relationship stay romantic and fulfilling.


Part 1 of 3: keep in touch

Maintain an Online Relationship Step 1

Step 1. Communicate every day

Use various means of communication to stay in touch every day. You can send e-mail and text messages, use instant messaging sites and applications, and make phone calls. Write to your other half several times a day and take the time to have a real conversation.

  • For example, you can reserve a 30-minute time slot each day to exchange messages or talk on the phone.
  • Use free apps like Facebook Messenger, Kik, and Whatsapp to stay in touch without paying expensive phone bills.
  • Get into the habit of saying hello in the morning and wishing you good night in the evening. If you live in different time zones, try to find out what time it is with the other person.

Warning: don't feel like you have to communicate constantly. You don't need to be in constant contact with each other. If you put pressure on yourself to communicate all the time, both of you will start to feel annoyed and exhausted.

Maintain an Online Relationship Step 2

Step 2. Strengthen your relationship

Get to know each other better. Share everything about yourself, including your past, interests, and goals in life. Also talk about mundane experiences you are going through so that everyone feels they know the other well. The better you understand each other, the more intimate and stronger your relationship will be.

For example, start by comparing your interests, such as your favorite movies, books, and music bands. As you get to know yourself better, you can also take personality tests online and share your results

Maintain an Online Relationship Step 3

Step 3. Use social networks

Follow each other and be active. Social networks are great for keeping in touch with the other person and keeping you up to date with what is going on in their life. Talk about the social networks you are both going to be active on and subscribe to each other's accounts. Actively post information so that your partner can easily follow what you are doing.

Communicating through social media can make your relationship more real, as each will be able to interact with each other's friends and family online

Maintain an Online Relationship Step 4

Step 4. Be honest

If you lie to each other, your relationship won't be very strong. Of course, you can't control what the other person does, but you can always try to tell them the truth. Always be honest about yourself, what you are doing and what you want from this relationship.

  • For example, if you don't earn a lot from your job, don't tell the other person that you make a very good living.
  • If you are going to an event where your ex will be attending, let your partner know. Before you go, say something like, "My ex will be at the party tonight, but you don't have to worry." There is nothing more between us. "

advice: If you have lied to the person before, it is best to confess it to them. Tell her that your relationship means a lot to you and that you regret lying to her. Then tell him what you hid from him. Say something like, “I really want our relationship to work. I sincerely regret having lied. In truth, I am not as thin as I look in my photos."

Maintain an Online Relationship Step 5

Step 5. Learn your schedules

It will help you feel that each is a part of the other's life. In a long distance relationship, you may feel like you are not completely connected in the real world. If each of you knows the other's schedule, you will feel more like sharing your lives. Share them and send each other the news about what you are doing when there is a change.

  • Send a simple summary of your daily schedule to the other person. It may look like this. 6:00 am: wake up call. 9:00 a.m. - 5:00 p.m.: work. 5:15 p.m. - 6:15 p.m.: sport. 6.30 p.m. - 7.30 p.m.: meal. 7:30 p.m. - 9:30 p.m.: leisure. 9:30 p.m. - 10 p.m.: relaxation.
  • Ask your partner to make a similar schedule for you.

Part 2 of 3: Create privacy

Maintain an Online Relationship Step 6

Step 1. Make video calls

Do it at least a week to see each other. Texting and other messages are great for keeping in touch, but try to make video calls as often as possible. They will allow you to see yourself, which will help you feel that you are truly connected. Plan at least one session per week and more often if possible.

Skype, FaceTime, and Facebook Messenger all allow you to make video calls for free. Choose an app that's right for you

advice: These conversations will help you feel more that your relationship is real. They will also reduce the risk that you will be cheated by someone with a fake profile.

Maintain an Online Relationship Step 7

Step 2. Show your feelings

Send small gifts, letters and romantic messages. It's harder to be intimate online than in person, but it's not impossible. Send e-cards or memes to the other person to let them know your feelings. Consider sending her letters or postcards so she has physical items to hold. You can also send him small gifts or have him deliver items ordered online to make him happy.

  • Try to do at least one thoughtful thing like this per week.
  • Vary the ways you express your feelings. For example, send an e-card one week, a necklace the next week, and a playlist the next week.
Maintain an Online Relationship Step 8

Step 3. Have naughty conversations

Just because you're physically separated doesn't mean you can't spice up your relationship a bit. If that doesn't make you uncomfortable, send a sext or intimate letter to the other person. If you're of legal age and know you can trust her, you can even send her a naughty photo of yourself.

You can text her like, "I'm thinking about kissing you right now …" or "What are you wearing now?" "

advice: if you want to send a naughty photo, be very careful! At first, consider covering your face so that you cannot be identified. Take your time so that you know you can trust this person.

Maintain an Online Relationship Step 9

Step 4. Do things simultaneously

Plan shared activities that you can do at the same time to replace romantic outings. You can play an online video game together, go for a walk at the same time while chatting by video call, or make a video call while you eat a meal. Talk about what you're doing and try to enjoy those shared moments, even if it's from a distance.

Do not involve anyone else in these activities. They're like romantic dates: you don't want to invite other people

Maintain an Online Relationship Step 10

Step 5. Share culture

Read the same books or watch the same series and discuss them. If you have something to talk about, you will feel closer. Pick books, shows, or movies that you both will read or watch. Then talk about your impressions and what you liked and didn't like.

  • For example, you can agree to read The Hunger Games or to watch Lupine.
  • When you read a book or watch something, remember the other person is doing it too. It can help you feel a stronger connection with her.
Maintain an Online Relationship Step 11

Step 6. Exchange personal items

Each will thus have something to think about the other. Send a personal item, such as a t-shirt, plush, or book that you adore, to the other person and have them send you a similar item. Keep it somewhere you will see it every day to remind you of your spouse.

  • Consider swapping out items that carry your scent, like t-shirts.
  • As your relationship grows stronger, you will be able to trade items that will help you feel more intimate with each other.

Part 3 of 3: Building a future together

Maintain an Online Relationship Step 12

Step 1. Discuss your expectations

It is important to follow this process in pairs. Talk about what you want from the relationship with the other person and ask them what they hope to get out of it. Make sure you have similar expectations or can come to a compromise that works for both of you.

You can say, “I want a long-term relationship. I hope that one day we can settle down together. "

Maintain an Online Relationship Step 13

Step 2. Set common goals

Like in a face-to-face relationship, you need to talk to each other and set goals and boundaries for your relationship. Talk about what you each want for the future to make sure you're on the same page. Clear goals can help you feel that this relationship has a future. Discuss what the two of you want and then start planning to achieve those goals.

Your goals for your relationship may be: “Neither of us will have a relationship with another person. "" We will talk to each other every day. "" We will work on projects to live in the same city. "

Maintain an Online Relationship Step 14

Step 3. Meet in person

Sometimes it is difficult to find someone you have met online. If that's not feasible at the moment, don't worry. However, if you can meet the person face to face, it can help you feel more connected and that you can have a future together. Start planning this meeting by making a list of what you need to accomplish. Then start taking action so you can finally meet the other person.

  • For example, you might need to save money to pay for travel, take time off from work, book a plane ticket, rent a hotel room, and get taken to the airport.
  • Try to set up a schedule for your trip so that you can tell yourself that it is really possible.
Maintain an Online Relationship Step 15

Step 4. Get support

Maintain strong relationships with your friends and family. It can sometimes be difficult to have a relationship on the Internet, especially since you cannot touch the other person. To help you deal with these feelings, build a good network that will support you by spending time with your friends and loved ones. Don't hesitate to rely on them when you need support or physical contact, such as a hug.

  • Try to spend time with these people at least once a week. If you can see them more often, even better!
  • Talk to other people in your life about your online relationship so they are all in the know. Treat her the same as a face-to-face relationship.


  • A relationship on the Internet requires as much effort as a relationship in person.
  • Try to see the positive sides of an online relationship. For example, you will need to be inventive in spending time "together" and you will be encouraged to get to know each other on a very personal basis.


  • Don't pretend to be someone you're not when you start a relationship online. It's not fair to you or the other person.
  • Be careful when starting a relationship on the Internet. Some people may lie to you and try to manipulate you. Avoid sharing your personal information until you really know who you are talking to.

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