3 ways to be the most romantic of boyfriends

3 ways to be the most romantic of boyfriends
3 ways to be the most romantic of boyfriends

Romance in a relationship is very easy at the beginning, when feelings are still at their peak. However once you get your head around a bit, it will take more effort and imagination. Remember, romance is showing your affection and esteem to another and you don't have to be rich or romantic to do that. Cultivate your sweet side, focusing on open communication, physical attentions and daily surprises. Continue to stoke the fire of your passion and your reward will be a relationship full of love and in which each of you will be willing to fulfill the other.


Method 1 of 3: Convey your love

Be the Most Romantic Boyfriend Step 2

Step 1. Express your admiration for your partner's appearance

Although it may seem unimportant, even superficial to some, almost everyone has doubts about their appearance. Hearing from the other that we are attractive can really spark romance.

  • Let her know how beautiful she is before you go to work.
  • Look her in the eye and tell her how beautiful you find them.
Be the Most Romantic Boyfriend Step 3

Step 2. Tell her “I love you” after an intimate moment

Studies show that a declaration of love after sex is much more revealing for someone looking for a serious affair. Logic dictates that at this stage the confession is more likely to be sincere than motivated by shameful reasons.

Be the Most Romantic Boyfriend Step 4

Step 3. Make her feel special in the midst of others

When you are with family or friends, do not neglect her. Make sure you communicate verbally and physically with her. Take her hand, make sure everything is okay via eye contact, include her in the conversation. This will confirm that she is very special and not only when you are both alone, but also when you are surrounded by people who are important to you.

If your sweetheart is intimidated by your friends and family, make an effort to talk about her and her successes. For example, you can touch a word about whether she is finishing her doctorate or how she is doing at her job. Be careful, however, as there may be topics she would not prefer to touch on, so don't overdo it

Be the Most Romantic Boyfriend Step 5

Step 4. Take the time to chat every day

Experts say having a conversation of at least 30 minutes every day, without distractions, helps couples maintain a strong connection. Topics can be varied, ranging from your day, to expressing your fears, desires and hopes. You can talk about your relationship and what you love about each other, but don't feel like you have to do it every day.

Open up to your partner. Talk about your motivations and your passions. In this way, you will inspire him with confidence and you will prove to him your love and your emotional intimacy

Be the Most Romantic Boyfriend Step 6

Step 5. Listen to your partner as much as possible

Stop what you're doing, put aside your phone, book, or remote, and watch her speak to you. Be 100% attentive, even if it doesn't seem important. She needs to talk, and having you there to listen to her builds your confidence and love.

Be the Most Romantic Boyfriend Step 1

Step 6. Express your feelings in writing

Tell her how much you love her and value your relationship. Keep it short and sweet. She will not only appreciate what you say to her, but she will also be touched by the effort it takes to put your feelings down on paper.

If you can't write a letter, start with a text that is all about love (no practical information allowed). Don't be afraid to be mundane, phrases that have already proven their worth such as "I love you", "You are my love" or "Hello my angel" never go out of fashion. Or just tell her like you're in a hurry to see her later

Method 2 of 3: Be affectionate

Be the Most Romantic Boyfriend Step 7

Step 1. Be a source of comfort when your partner needs it

If she's upset, give her a hug, instead of giving her a kiss. Much more support and love is passed through a hug, whereas a kiss requires reciprocity, which is unfair in a time of distress.

Hugs also work when she's not upset

Be the Most Romantic Boyfriend Step 8

Step 2. Make your affection light

Romance doesn't have to be serious. She can be playful and humorous. What is important is to show love and esteem.

  • Put your arm around her waist when you walk (this is much more romantic than the simple “arm around the neck”).
  • Hold her hand while walking, watching TV or a movie, or while sitting on the bus. Also try at the most unexpected times such as crossing the table during dinner.
  • Put your arms around her waist when you are behind her.
  • Play with her hair. However, take it easy, you wouldn't want to mess it up.
  • Drop kisses in unusual places: try fingertips, toes, cheeks, forehead, shoulders, neck, arms, stomach or chin.
  • Smile at him and wink at him.
Be the Most Romantic Boyfriend Step 9

Step 3. Take the time to kiss her once a day

It doesn't matter how busy your life is or how stressed you both are. Taking the time to kiss each other will strengthen your connection and remind you how much you love each other.

It can be in the morning or in the evening or if you have no other opportunities, try a hug before sleeping

Method 3 of 3: surprise your partner

Be the Most Romantic Boyfriend Step 10

Step 1. Cover it with flowers (for no reason)

It's a classic with good reason: Research shows flowers uplift our spirits, boost our moods, and even boost positive memories.

Be the Most Romantic Boyfriend Step 11

Step 2. Surprise her with unexpected gifts

The next time you're shopping on your own, buy her some small gifts. Instead of breaking the bank, look for little things that remind you of your girlfriend. And when she has a difficult day, you can surprise her with one of them. By this gesture you will show attention and foresight which will undoubtedly be appreciated and engraved in his memory.

You can, for example, take a book or a magazine, a nice bar soap, a pair of gloves or a picture frame

Be the Most Romantic Boyfriend Step 12

Step 3. Get back to the basics of your love

Thinking about what attracted you to each other can help you appreciate your relationship. Plan to “revisit” your first date or first date and, if you can, keep it a secret.

Be the Most Romantic Boyfriend Step 13

Step 4. Pay special attention to special dates

While day-to-day surprises are important, don't forget the various birthdays, Valentine's Day, and more. Take the time to celebrate them together. Prepare to find the right gift and make reservations early enough.

These days should be special from start to finish. Having breakfast in bed is the perfect way to mark the occasion, and don't forget to let her know how good the day was before you go to bed

Be the Most Romantic Boyfriend Step 14

Step 5. Help with household chores

As unromantic as it sounds, helping out with the housework that she's used to doing (without being asked, of course) can make her feel loved and pampered. So roll up your sleeves and do the dishes, clean the bathroom, vacuum the carpets. But as ungrateful as your chores are, be sure to be rewarded with a kiss!

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