How to stop being jealous and become the best girlfriend

How to stop being jealous and become the best girlfriend
How to stop being jealous and become the best girlfriend

Have you ever found yourself feeling overly jealous when your partner talks to other girls? Are you afraid of putting your relationship at risk because of your fears? Then stop being an overly jealous girlfriend and become a dream girlfriend.


Part 1 of 3: feel confident

Stop Being an Overly Jealous Girlfriend and Start Being the Best Girlfriend Step 2

Step 1. Learn to feel better about yourself

Most feelings of jealousy arise from insecurity or assuming that another girl could make your partner happier or bring them more things. Remember that your partner chose you and no one else. Stop obsessing over your weight, height or appearance, your constant negativity is pulling you and your partner down. Even worse, this overactive attitude of insecurity could scare others away and you will only realize the object of your fears on your own, which will push you deeper into the hole of fear and fear. self-neglect. Accept yourself for who you are. Your partner is with you for a reason and it's obvious they find you attractive, but even if they weren't, you should never let someone else's opinion define or validate you..

Read on to learn how to build self-confidence to help you become a more stable person

Stop Being an Overly Jealous Girlfriend and Start Being the Best Girlfriend Step 3

Step 2. Know how to deal with the pains of the past

Most people have them and many of them spill over into current relationships, for example by replaying the same unhealthy dynamic or looking at your amazing new partner with a skeptical eye. If necessary, learn to deal with emotional pain so you can feel better about yourself and see your current relationship for what it really is.

Stop Being an Overly Jealous Girlfriend and Start Being the Best Girlfriend Step 4

Step 3. Learn what a healthy relationship is

Whether you're just starting out in a relationship or you've already had several, it's not always easy to know what a healthy relationship should be. Many people don't grow up with good examples of healthy relationships among their friends, family members, and sometimes even their own parents. Plus, just one bad relationship could throw your self-confidence out of balance altogether, which could make you think twice about starting a new relationship in the years to come. Read How To Have A Healthy Relationship for more details.

Part 2 of 3: judge the stability of your relationship

Stop Being an Overly Jealous Girlfriend and Start Being the Best Girlfriend Step 5

Step 1. Evaluate your current relationship

Once you've done a little soul-searching and have a clearer perspective on some things, it's time to take a fresh look at your relationship. Do your jealousy, doubts and fears stem from your personal problems seeing your qualities or is it something you say to yourself to justify your partner's dissatisfaction? Even if you haven't been as stable a girlfriend as you should have been, that doesn't mean you have to let go of your partner's transgressions to correct your own guilt. It's always possible that your own feelings of loss of control were brought on by a suppression of your instincts, or at least the role the two of you played in making your relationship what it is today. Before you take responsibility for your jealousy and instability, read the articles below that might help. You can only begin to heal when you and your partner know where you are at.

Learn for example how to deal with psychological violence (for women)

Part 3 of 3: reduce jealousy and start over

Stop Being an Overly Jealous Girlfriend and Start Being the Best Girlfriend Step 1

Step 1. Give your partner space

If you've been following him, accused him of many evils, spied on his social media accounts, or exhibited desperate behavior, the first thing to do is cry out. Take deep breaths, take a step back, and be cooler for a while. Find opportunities to visit your friends, go to events that interest you, and decline at least one of the dates he offers. Be careful not to turn this technique into revenge. The point isn't to punish, ignore, or manipulate him into asking for your forgiveness, but to both take a break so that you can breathe, step back, and maybe save your relationship.

You will find a lot of information on the Internet on how to give your boyfriend some space

Stop Being an Overly Jealous Girlfriend and Start Being the Best Girlfriend Step 6

Step 2. Breathe life into your relationship

Before you can work in depth on yourself or your relationship, you need to control the damage to your relationship. Start by finding a healthy balance between the space you give your partner and the quality of the time you spend together. Engage in your own hobbies in interesting and rewarding ways. After all, one of the things that draws two people to each other is mystery and if you spend all of your time checking your partner's calls, texts, emails, and Facebook posts, there's going to be plenty left over. less mystery, if not at all. Divide your time more evenly between your partner and your friends and let your partner do the same. Rediscover your interest in a passion you had or, if necessary, find yourself a new hobby to make the time you spend away from your partner more interesting. Then, when the two of you remember how it feels to miss each other, improve the time you spend together by going on vacation or taking time off and staying at home, trying something new together, like dancing lessons, or brightening up the atmosphere by being more playful or maintaining your romantic relationship.

Stop Being an Overly Jealous Girlfriend and Start Being the Best Girlfriend Step 7

Step 3. Improve your communication

This is something you both need to work on. Many relationship issues could be fixed or even avoided early on if couples learned to communicate with each other more candidly and effectively. To be able to communicate more effectively, you must learn to broach an unpleasant subject without getting your partner on the defensive (or worse, without backing out). Start by toning down your accusations. Learn to talk about how you feel (for example “I'm afraid when you come home late at night without telling me where you are or when you come back”) instead of talking about what scares you (“I'm afraid that you are cheating on me”), because it could have the effect of a slap. Be honest about what you are thinking and what is worrying you when it happens instead of letting it explode when you don't expect it. Learn how to communicate effectively.

Stop Being an Overly Jealous Girlfriend and Start Being the Best Girlfriend Step 8

Step 4. Learn to trust

Confidence issues can drive you crazy. Ask yourself what is the real cause of your lack of confidence: your partner, your partner's friends or yourself? Realizing that you still don't trust yourself in love or that you feel threatened by other girls, you take a big step forward. It stems from the same problem, you can fix it and you are in control. Learn to trust your boyfriend for the good of both of you.

  • Didn't he answer your text? This is not a problem. You are going to annoy him by making anything and everything an obsession. If you're more laid back and don't expect him to respond to your messages immediately, you're going to piss him off less. Don't call him to find out where he is. Take a deep breath and relax. He will answer you when he can.
  • Don't ask him to stop going to certain places. Jealousy is also a desire to want to control others, but by giving him freedom, you show him that you trust him and you encourage him to respect you.
  • Don't give him your unconditional trust. If you are really worried about something, don't be afraid to bring it up gently. Tell him that you don't feel comfortable talking to certain girls, or talk to him about behavior that bothers you. Don't overdo it and blame it. Just explain to him how you feel and if he respects you, he will try to change it.
  • If you just can't trust your boyfriend, it's his turn to roll up your sleeves and put in the effort to match the ones you've already made. If he can't or won't do it, start looking for someone who will be willing to do it.
Stop Being an Overly Jealous Girlfriend and Start Being the Best Girlfriend Step 9

Step 5. Be an amazing girlfriend

You managed to save your relationship and repair the damage that had been done. What is the next step? To become a girlfriend that makes her want to come home, read How to Be a Good Girlfriend.


  • When you are not together and if it is you who is out, do not hesitate to tell him that you miss him. He might also get used to sending you messages at these times and he will send them to you when he's out.
  • You can convince yourself that you are not jealous. Repeat it enough times for it to become a reality.
  • Don't automatically hate her friends. Most of the time, they are very nice and you might even become friends.
  • Do not involve your family or friends in the relationship, as they might continue to dislike him even after you have proven that you mistakenly believe that he is cheating on you.


  • Anger is the worst reaction to have. Don't insult the other girl or insult him. Keep your cool.
  • Don't spy on him to make sure he isn't cheating on you. If he takes your hand in the bag, it will only make the problem worse or create new problems.
  • Don't try to pretend you're jealous to get close to him. He probably has no idea how you feel, plus it's trivial and hurtful behavior.

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