3 ways to tell if a boy likes you

3 ways to tell if a boy likes you
3 ways to tell if a boy likes you

Sometimes the hardest thing in a new relationship is knowing if the other person really cares about you. Boys are usually particularly difficult to read and it can be really hard to know how invested they are in a relationship. A little common sense and observation, a few direct questions and you will know if he really likes you.


Method 1 of 3: Read your body language

Tell if a Boy Loves You Step 1

Step 1. Look at his eyes

When a boy is really interested in someone, it is usually his gaze that gives him away. His behavior can send mixed signals, but it depends on his personality.

  • A boy who is interested in you will try to meet your eyes frequently. He'll look you in the eye when you speak, and you might catch his gaze as he's across the room.
  • A shy boy may also avoid your gaze because it makes him nervous to meet your gaze. If he seems to be looking around and not sure where to look, it may be a sign that he likes you. If he's just looking at someone else or at his phone, he's probably not interested.
  • Men have slightly dilated pupils when they are aroused. If his pupils are dilated (the dark part is larger than usual in the middle of the iris), he may be interested in you.
Tell if a Boy Loves You Step 2

Step 2. Observe the way he stands

Like most mammals, males of the human species change their posture when trying to impress a female of the same species.

  • He does not cross his legs or arms. Arms and legs crossed mean, "No, don't come near me!" "
  • He leans slightly towards you when speaking to you.
  • He stands tall, square shoulders, to look taller and more impressive.
  • He may even project his pelvis slightly forward. Sometimes men can also subconsciously (or consciously) adjust their genitals when speaking with someone they like.
Tell if a Boy Loves You Step 3

Step 3. Notice if he touches you

One of the most obvious expressions of interest is when a boy finds every reason to touch you. If you are arguing and he touches your arm or hand, he is most likely testing you to see how you react to his touch.

  • Encourage him by touching him too. Touch or lightly squeeze his arm and look him straight in the eye when talking to him. You should be able to guess if he is interested in you by the way he reacts.
  • Compare the way he touches you with his usual behavior. If he's hugging everyone, just because he's doing it with you doesn't mean much.
Tell if a Boy Loves You Step 4

Step 4. Look for signs of interest on his face (he blushes or smiles)

A boy who is interested in you is likely to spend a lot of time smiling at you and laughing at your stories, even when they're not very funny.

  • If a boy is shy, he will definitely blush if you talk to him. See if he blushes or has sweaty hands, for example if he wipes his hands on his pants or wiggles them.
  • He is more likely to say something awkward or embarrassing, before blushing, if he is nervous. Make him comfortable.
  • Nervousness is often a sign of interest. Do your best to make him feel confident and speak kindly to him to encourage conversation.
Tell if a Boy Loves You Step 5

Step 5. Detect any form of mimicry

Both men and women tend to mimic someone they like. It means copying someone's manners in a way that sends them the message that you are similar and therefore compatible.

You can do a test by doing something that is unusual for you, such as stretching out or raising your hand to your mouth. See if he does the same

Method 2 of 3: Recognize the flirtation

Tell if a Boy Loves You Step 6

Step 1. Compare the boy's tone and behavior with you and with other people

The key to knowing if a boy is flirting with you is whether he behaves and talks differently with you and with others.

  • Some boys speak in a deeper, more manly voice to address someone they like.
  • Sometimes boys talk very quietly, or even whisper, with the people they care about. This forces you to come closer to him to hear what he is saying or it may signal that you have a secret connection.
Tell if a Boy Loves You Step 7

Step 2. Notice his enthusiasm for what interests you

If he seems like he's overly interested in what you're doing, maybe he's really interested in you. Few people really have the same hobbies and passions, but you always look for commonalities when you start a relationship.

Reciprocate and ask him what interests him too. By showing enthusiasm for what he does, you will show that you care about him. By asking her questions, too, you will also avoid appearing too focused on yourself

Tell if a Boy Loves You Step 8

Step 3. Observe the way he dresses and takes care of himself

He may pay special attention to his appearance when he knows he is going to see you. Notice if he looks like he's put in a dressy effort or is particularly well-groomed.

  • Compliment him on his appearance if he looks like he's made an effort.
  • A boy who tries to make himself look good for you is likely to be a potential better boyfriend than a boy who doesn't seem to want to put in the effort to please you.
Tell if a Boy Loves You Step 9

Step 4. Notice the obvious signs of flirting

Slightly honeyed flirtations or winks are classic (and obvious) signs of flirting. A boy who doesn't know how to do it can fall back on it.

Method 3 of 3: Distinguish between love and attraction

Tell if a Boy Loves You Step 10

Step 1. Have a deep conversation

In a romantic relationship, you need to be able to talk about a lot of things. Make sure you can have a real conversation.

  • It can range from your dreams and hopes, to your favorite celebrities, to your old relationships.
  • If he isn't participating in the conversation or doesn't seem to care about your opinions, either he isn't interested in you or he's not worth your interest in him.
Tell if a Boy Loves You Step 11

Step 2. Schedule a chaste date

Especially if you are in a physical relationship, try to go out or spend time together without being intimate. Try to have fun together without romance or passion, this is essential for a healthy relationship. It will also help you separate things out between a boy who loves you and a boy who you only like physically.

Tell if a Boy Loves You Step 12

Step 3. Overcome an ordeal together

This is of course not something that you can create from scratch, but if either of you are going through an emotionally difficult time, you can take the opportunity to gauge the feelings this boy has for you.

  • Be honest about your feelings about this event and make sure your boyfriend is too.
  • Talk about your two's emotional needs, but keep in mind that guys are usually more hesitant to share their feelings. That doesn't mean he doesn't care about you.
Tell if a Boy Loves You Step 13

Step 4. Be honest about how you are feeling and watch their reaction

If you are in love with him and want to know how he feels about you, let him know how you feel.

  • If you tell him you love him, be aware that he may not say it back immediately. Don't assume that your relationship is over. Maybe he just needs some time to get used to it.
  • Observe her body language when you tell her you love her. If he immediately looks physically uncomfortable, he may not share your feelings.
  • If he doesn't respond and looks indifferent, he probably doesn't really care about you.
Tell if a Boy Loves You Step 14

Step 5. Talk about the future

Talking about the future serves several purposes. First, it will let you know if you have the same projects and the same worldview, which would allow long-term compatibility. Then, if your boyfriend is only interested in a short story, you'll find out.

  • Start by talking to her about your personal goals and what you plan to do in the future.
  • End up asking him if he imagines a future with you.
  • Be aware that goals and plans can change a lot, especially when you are young. Re-evaluate this stuff every now and then.
Tell if a Boy Loves You Step 15

Step 6. Spend time with his family

If a boy invites you to hang out with his family, he's probably in love with you. A boy is unlikely to introduce a girl to his family when they are not in love. Getting to know his family will also tell you a lot about him: where he is from and what kind of environment he is likely to reproduce.

  • Return the favor and invite him to spend time with your family as well.
  • Even if her parents (or yours) say something embarrassing, it will give you something to joke about later.
  • Boys are often very close to their mothers. If you make a good impression in front of his mother, he will certainly be proud to bring you to his home.
  • Be nice to his family. Sometimes you can feel embarrassed about your family situation. If you make fun of his family, even jokingly, you could break your relationship.

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