How to invite a girl out (for teens)

How to invite a girl out (for teens)
How to invite a girl out (for teens)

It can be scary to ask a girl on a date, especially if you think a relationship might be born. And if you don't know her very well, you might feel uncomfortable asking her out on a date. No matter what you know about her, you need to get to know her better if you're thinking about dating her. In other words, you have to conquer your nervousness by staying relaxed, finding ways to go out in groups, and doing fun things.


Part 1 of 3: stay relaxed

Start a Conversation When You Have Nothing to Talk About Step 1

Step 1. Invite her when you have things to do

Be discreet and natural with the girl you want to date by inviting her to activities you plan to do. If you're going to a barbecue with friends, ask her if she'd like to come too. Whether she agrees or not, make sure you have fun.

  • Try saying something like this to her, "hey, you know, tomorrow I'm going to a picnic with some friends, if you wanna go, that would make me happy".
  • If not, tell him this: "Some of us want to try this new restaurant, if you like, let me know."
Approach a Girl if You're Shy and Don't Know What to Say Step 5

Step 2. Greet her when you see her

Avoid dwelling on long conversations or tripping over words when you see her in public. Just saying "hi" or "hello" to her so she knows you've noticed is a great way to stay relaxed. Look her in the eye and say hello when you see her or when you're in the same room as her.

Get Your Crush to Kiss You Step 7

Step 3. Offer them a non-binding invitation to gauge their interest

This kind of invitation that does not involve any commitment is not based on a particular time or activity to do. Plus, it's a great way to see just how likely a girl is to go on a real date. Be brief and don't overthink it. Then watch her reaction to gauge how much she wants to date you. Plan the invitation around a group activity, if you just want to befriend them.

  • Tell him this, "Do you want to have lunch together this week? "
  • If there is something planned as a group, say this, "We are organizing something together."
Attract a Guy Step 9

Step 4. Always keep your mood up

It’s nice to hang out with happy people who really love to have fun. After all, who would want to date someone and not have a good time? When you invite her out with you, keep smiling. Bring up positive topics and try to have a not-too-serious conversation.

Part 2 of 3: group dating

Get a Boy in Middle School to Like You Step 6

Step 1. Invite her on a group outing

An easy way to start dating a girl is to introduce her to your group of friends. Find out if you have something in common with her and your friends by chatting with her and asking her questions about her interests. If you have things in common, invite her to your next group outing. Here are some examples.

  • "If you want to join us, we'll all go out together tonight."
  • "My friends and I are going to see this new movie, we would like you to come too."
  • “We all cook together tomorrow. Do you want to come ? "
Tell a Guy You Like Him Step 8

Step 2. Find something you have in common

If you organize something that might interest her, she will be more likely to want to participate. Make an effort and watch her as you interact with her to discover her passions. If you're both a basketball fan, invite her along with at least 3 or 4 other friends to watch the next game. To break the ice and find out what her interests are, start telling her something that you enjoy doing.

  • Here's an example, "Can't wait to take a boat ride. Have you ever been to the lake this season? "
  • Or, tell him this, "My video game skills are a little rusty, I need to practice. Do you play ? "
  • Here's another example: “Football is an exciting sport, do you watch matches? "
Get a Girl to Fall in Love with You Step 16

Step 3. Invite her to a convenient location

If you fancy spending time with that girl you like, try to choose a place that suits her, because she will appreciate your choice for sure. Find out what places she usually visits and invite her to drop by when the two of you are around with friends or acquaintances. Ask her what she would like to do on the weekend to get an idea of ​​where to go. You could also ask him the following questions.

  • “There are some very nice restaurants and shops in Saint-Denis. Have you ever been there? "
  • "Have you been to town lately?" Very good groups will perform on the weekend”.
  • “I hiked a while ago and had muscle soreness. Have you ever been to the park? "

Part 3 of 3: doing things together

Get a Girl to Fall in Love with You Step 21

Step 1. Develop specific plans

After you've gauged her interest in you by inviting her on a few outings, get ready to plan something more specific. Offer him a real date by specifying a time and an activity to do. Never put pressure on her to make a decision, but try to have specific plans. Here are some examples.

  • "Do you want to go to this concert next weekend?" "
  • "What would you say if we went to lunch tomorrow?" "
  • "Would you like to go watch the soccer game on Wednesday? "
Make a Woman Fall in Love With You Step 9

Step 2. Make plans on a whim

Trying to make spontaneous plans can put pressure on you, but since these are programs made at the last minute, rejection will cost you nothing. It's totally understandable if a person can't let go of what they're doing to get out. Start a conversation with her and say something like this.

  • "Would you like to have a coffee?" "
  • " You are not hungry ? I was about to eat something. You want to come ? "
  • " It was very nice ! Let's go for a walk”.
Get a Girl to Fall for You Step 15Bullet1

Step 3. Let her choose the time and activities

If you really want to date a girl, you should make it easy for her. If she has a lot of commitments and is busy, she could choose the time and day for the date and what you are going to do. Tell her something you want to do and both of you schedule the date. Suggest different activities so that she can have several options to choose from. Here are some examples.

  • “This new movie looks really funny. Would you mind if we went to see him on Thursday or Saturday? I think there is another good movie on the bill. "
  • "Next weekend there will be a festival, but I believe food trucks will be moving to the arts district this weekend."
  • “My favorite band will be in concert next month! A new sushi restaurant will open soon”.


  • If that girl you like always has an excuse not to go out with you, that means she probably isn't interested.
  • If she refuses your invitations three times, don't offer to date you again.

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