How to be the perfect man for his girlfriend

How to be the perfect man for his girlfriend
How to be the perfect man for his girlfriend

Every man wants to be macho towards his girlfriend, but he ends up getting dumped because of some stupid behavior. Women appreciate men who are mature and who really love them. There are certain behaviors you can do to be the perfect guy for your girlfriend.


Be the Man for Your Girlfriend Step 1

Step 1. Be sure to keep it safe

Make her feel like you want to do everything to make sure she's safe. However, don't try to find out who she was with today, who she spoke to, or where she was.

Be the Man for Your Girlfriend Step 2

Step 2. Build her confidence

If you have the opportunity to say “I don't want you to feel bad” or anything like that at any time, do it!

Be the Man for Your Girlfriend Step 3

Step 3. Show yourself to be courageous and kind

Women no doubt like men who are kind and protective.

Be the Man for Your Girlfriend Step 4

Step 4. Hold her by the waist, not the shoulders

This gesture is more romantic.

Be the Man for Your Girlfriend Step 5

Step 5. Always be by her side when she is sad or upset

Even if you are busy, you should always make time for her and make sure she is happy. This way, she will know how much you care about her! Additionally, girls love that their boyfriend can kiss them when they are sad or wipe away tears.

Be the Man for Your Girlfriend Step 6

Step 6. Do anything to help him

If the girl is in danger, you must become her superhero and do all you can to help her. Then you need to make sure she's okay, show her that you really care for her and don't know what you would do if she ever got hurt.

Be the Man for Your Girlfriend Step 7

Step 7. Don't get angry

You don't have to be upset when she asks you to do something to her, because that's her way of seeing you if you are as devoted to her needs as you are to yours.

Be the Man for Your Girlfriend Step 8

Step 8. Always put her first

It must be your priority and you will see that it will do the same for you.

Be the Man for Your Girlfriend Step 9

Step 9. Be as confident as possible

Women like men who are confident. However, don't overdo it. If they find that you are overdoing it, they will find you selfish and arrogant.

Be the Man for Your Girlfriend Step 10

Step 10. Tell her you love her

Show her your love not with words, but with little surprises while she least expects it.

Be the Man for Your Girlfriend Step 11

Step 11. Always include a game in your dates

In case she asks you what you feel like doing, always have a schedule in mind. Having something planned is better than nothing!

Be the Man for Your Girlfriend Step 12

Step 12. Don't be jealous

When you see her chatting with other boys, you don't have to get upset! Staying calm will show her that you respect and trust her. Remember that the presence of other men will only make you attractive to her. Obviously, you know what these guys are looking for, and it gets on your nerves, but she's also well aware of it. Just seeing that you're not jealous will show her that you trust her. Know that their presence will allow you to stand out.

Be the Man for Your Girlfriend Step 13

Step 13. Give it freedom

One of the most important factors is to grant her this freedom to be able to be herself. The more you attract it to you, the more it will push you away.

Be the Man for Your Girlfriend Step 14

Step 14. Tease her at times

If she's behaving stupidly, call her nicely by asshole or some other term. If, for example, she gasps, do the same too, but in a mocking tone. Compliment him at least once a day and never laugh at his physical flaws!

Be the Man for Your Girlfriend Step 15

Step 15. Set boundaries and voice your needs

You need to have the courage to stand up for yourself while being the strongest person to end an argument by hugging them or telling them that their happiness is important to you. Thus, you will find an excuse to win the argument. You will be rewarded instead of getting cranky for the next few days.


  • If she has children, always make sure you bring something for them. This will make her more impressed than if you buy her an expensive gift.
  • If you find someone is bashing her, tell the person to stop.
  • Call her every now and then.
  • Always set aside time to have dinner or go on a romantic date with her.
  • If she tells you that she doesn't look good today, tell her that she has always been beautiful.
  • The girls are just as distraught by your problems as you are! For that, calm down.
  • Pull the chair out for her when she is about to sit down.
  • Hold her in your arms!
  • Show him your affection in public.
  • If she's tired, give her a hug. This will show her that you are there and care about her.


  • Don't overdo your actions.
  • Remember to be yourself.
  • This article does not discuss the personal issues that everyone encounters. While you are doing your best, know that life goes on. Don't get depressed if you were always by her side and she ended your relationship for more complex reasons.
  • Not all women are the same, and not all will have the opportunity to date a boyfriend who behaves this way. If your girlfriend doesn't meet these criteria, end the relationship and look for dating someone else!
  • If you can't seem to be yourself with this girl, just find someone else because you deserve better!

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