3 ways to invite your lover on a date

3 ways to invite your lover on a date
3 ways to invite your lover on a date

You have a lover and want to invite them out on a date, but don't know how to go about it! Be sure to get to know him a little before making the request and also make sure that he gives a minimum of interest in you. Believe in yourself and be bold, you can make it happen!


Method 1 of 3: Getting to know your lover

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Step 1. Chat with him

It will be much easier to invite him out if you know each other and he will be more inclined to say "yes". Start with a simple conversation and for that you can express yourself casually by saying "hi". Then introduce yourself.

  • If you are in the same class, you can talk to your partner about homework assignments or ask for their help to better understand a lesson. If you are with the same club, strike up a conversation about the topic of the club.
  • Ask questions that relate to your sweetheart. You can ask her how her day is going. Find out if there is anything that is making him particularly excited this week. It's pretty easy to do!
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Step 2. Make friends with him

You don't have to be best friends, and you don't have to tell each other everything. However, it is important to remember that friendship requires a minimum of trust and this will make you more considered by the one you have feelings for. Make an effort to go to class with him or to attend the same school group as him. If you get along perfectly, the other might even have feelings for you!

Ask Out Your Crush Step 3

Step 3. Be honest and genuine

Avoid doing things that will make your sweetheart think you are someone that you really are not. Pretending to be someone you're not is not only inappropriate, but it's also not the most viable way to get him or her to date you. If you are lying, it will certainly come to light eventually. If you try to behave in a “cool” way, or imitate someone who has that attitude, you might make them uncomfortable. You must therefore avoid worrying about illusions.

If you are true to yourself and do things that you really want to do, you will notice that you will put more passion into it. Some people are drawn to the passion of others

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Step 4. Be as direct as possible

If you want to get your lover's phone number, ask him / her without hesitation, don't look away or try to get it through someone else. If you want to know what he does with his weekend, avoid spying on him on Facebook, just ask him. Following your lover everywhere or putting him on a pedestal is not the best way to start a healthy relationship.

Method 2 of 3: Create the right setting

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Step 1. Do this in person

If absolutely necessary, you can invite your sweetheart out over the phone or through a video call, but avoid asking the question through voicemail. It can be much easier to communicate with people by texting or instant messaging, especially those you love, but you might find it much more romantic to invite someone you have feelings for by making them. face to face demand. If you're looking to be laid back and evasive, know that you have the latitude to proceed by message, but don't expect him to be impressed.

Ask Out Your Crush Step 6

Step 2. Make the situation natural

Find a niche where neither you nor he has anywhere else to go. He shouldn't be rushed or stressed. If you even have the option, choose a place where both of you are comfortable and where you could normally hang out or meet. You should try to create an atmosphere that is as pleasant and peaceful as possible.

Ask Out Your Crush Step 7

Step 3. Talk one-to-one

This conversation will certainly be much easier for both of you if you don't invite her out in front of a group of people. In fact, some people find it difficult to express their feelings under such circumstances, let alone when the attention is focused on them. If you don't usually see yourself on your own, then it's up to you to find the right setting for the occasion. It is much easier to see someone one-on-one if you are friends or when you communicate easily with them.

  • Ask him to take a walk with you. It could be from school to home, between classes, or around the block. Have your sweetheart walk with you for a while. You can say it this way, "May I talk to you alone for a minute?" "Or" Do you want to come with me to class? "
  • Above all, avoid inviting someone out with you when they happen to be in the company of their friends! Your lover might be embarrassed or may not want to talk about a particular topic in the presence of a group of people. He might reject you just because he feels uncomfortable.
Ask Out Your Crush Step 8

Step 4. First, try to have small conversations

Better yet, you should invite your sweetheart out after you're already used to hanging out on your own. Avoid asking the most important question directly. You may want to create the right mood by asking him questions about his day, making jokes, or listening to what he has to say. You will need to be both comfortable and relaxed.

Ask Out Your Crush Step 9

Step 5. Wait for the right time

Even the best plans come up against obstacles. Maybe you've tried walking with your sweetheart home after school, but found that a few common friends of you decided to go with you. When this happens, stay calm and be patient. You can still invite her out the next day, but it can be difficult to fix an awkward situation that would happen if you rushed things. So think about finding the right moment when everything seems to be going well.

Method 3 of 3: Invite your boyfriend out

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Step 1. Be bold

It can be very difficult to admit your feelings towards someone you love dearly. You might be nervous, terrified, agitated, but you'll definitely feel a lot better once you're done with it. Ask yourself whether you will regret it if in the meantime you never invite that person out. If you think you'll regret it, do it.

  • Think of it like jumping into ice water. You can spend the whole day looking at the water, testing it with your toes, and thinking about how cold it will be. On the other hand, you can stop thinking and jump in the water. At this exact moment, all you will need to worry about is swimming, adjusting, or getting out of the water.
  • If you can't bring yourself to do it, find a source of motivation. You can say this, "I have to invite my boyfriend out before Friday or else I won't be able to make it to the party scheduled for the evening." Give yourself a reason to overcome your reluctance.
Ask Out Your Crush Step 11

Step 2. Be honest and direct

Make an effort to overcome the uncertainty and tell your lover how you feel. Granted, it might be scary, but you might find that it makes your job a lot easier. You can put it this way, “Hi, I'll be clear. I love you very much and I wish to spend more time with you. What do you think about it ?"

Ask Out Your Crush Step 12

Step 3. Ask him to do something specific

Avoid wording the invitation in a vague manner. Don't ask her to be your boyfriend if you haven't even had a date. Instead, suggest something fun and very simple that you both can enjoy. It could be a movie, a show, a school event, or a hike. If you ask him to take you somewhere on his own, he'll assume it's definitely a date, but right now you don't need to ask him to be your boyfriend.

If there is a prom planned at school, you can ask her to accompany you. This can be a great opportunity to show her how you feel. Keep in mind that unless you explicitly agree to this, going to a ball with someone doesn't necessarily mean that you are both "dating"

Ask Out Your Crush Step 13

Step 4. Take your time

Make a date and make this meeting meaningful. If you have had dates with this person before and want to invite them exceptionally, then you should consider another conversation. If you just have feelings for the person in question, don't rush things and take it easy.

Ask Out Your Crush Step 14

Step 5. Respect the “no”

If you invite your boyfriend out and he declines the offer, you must accept this answer as is. It's one thing to want to persist because you really love someone, it's also another to harass, annoy, and make them feel uncomfortable. There are other people you can have feelings for, just be a caring human being!


  • There is always a chance that you will be rejected. It's risk, but life is full of risk.
  • Be yourself. If you are not yourself, it could sometimes make you feel like you are a different person every day. You might push your lover away if you're not yourself.
  • Keep in mind that there are many people other than him who might be with you.
  • Whenever you invite your sweetheart out, you should want to make him feel comfortable. Let him know that you care for him.
  • If the one you have feelings for says no, then there is a possibility that they like you, but cannot accept for many other reasons. It could be that his parents are preventing him from having a girlfriend or that he feels it will impact your friendship or that he is just shy. If you have this feeling, find out why, but remember that you must always respect the refusal.

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