How to tell if he really loves you (with pictures)

How to tell if he really loves you (with pictures)
How to tell if he really loves you (with pictures)

You've wondered lately how much you mean to your boyfriend. It can be hard to tell if he loves you, especially if he has never told you. However, there are different signs you can look for as to whether a boy likes you or not.


Part 1 of 3: observe what he does

Tell if He Really Loves You Step 1

Step 1. Observe the way he treats you

If your boyfriend likes you, he will treat you with respect. This means that he will listen to you and that he will care about what is going on in your life. He notices the little things you like and makes an effort to give them to you. He values ​​you as a person and he sincerely listens to your opinions. This stuff shows that he really cares about you.

Tell if He Really Loves You Step 2

Step 2. Ask yourself if you are questioning how he feels

If a boy really loves you, you are unlikely to wonder if he loves you. This means that he is going to make you feel his love in one way or another by showing you how he feels by telling you.

  • On the other hand, you may need to make sure that you don't let your feelings of insecurity blind you so much that you don't see the obvious proof of his love. In other words, you might not feel that he loves you just because you don't feel sure of yourself. If you've been told by past partners that you can get clingy at times, it may be a sign of your insecurity. You might also find yourself trying to be nice to win her love or trying to make her happy without even thinking about yourself.
  • You can combat this type of insecurity by paying attention to how you are feeling instead of focusing on others. Take the time to identify each emotion. As you identify them, understand how they guide your behavior. If you're feeling upset and starting to worry that your boyfriend doesn't like you, you might try to find ways to make him or her more happy. Often these anxieties are unfounded, especially if he is constantly trying to show you that he loves you.
  • In addition, it is important to identify the source of your insecurities. You may have internalized the criticisms from your parents, or you may have had a lot of bad luck in your past relationships with boys who did not treat you well. Don't let this critical voice lead you astray. Instead, you need to talk to him. When you find yourself doubting yourself or your boyfriend, try to reverse those thoughts. For example, if you think, “he didn't call me, he doesn't love me anymore,” try to stop that thought. Instead, think, “No, that's not true. He tells me every day that he loves me, he's probably busy”.
Tell if He Really Loves You Step 3

Step 3. Calculate the time he spends with you

A guy who loves you is going to want to spend a lot of time with you. If he makes regular free time to spend time with you and if he makes an effort to meet you, it's probably because he loves you.

  • Watch the times when he lets you down. If a boy doesn't care about you, there's a good chance he'll let you down. This means that he is not going to take as long as you would like to spend it with you and when he does, he might cancel at the last minute. If he doesn't make time to spend time with you on a regular basis, chances are he really likes you.
  • Of course sometimes there may be a legitimate reason to cancel an appointment. However, he must notify you as soon as possible. He must show you that he wants to see you by offering you another time. If he doesn't, he's probably not interested in you.
Tell if He Really Loves You Step 4

Step 4. Observe if he wants to do some of the work

This means he has to come up with dating ideas, it's not just up to you to do it all the time. You shouldn't have to organize everything yourself. If he takes orders from time to time, that means he cares about you.

One of the ways to tell if he's ready to organize things on his own is to not organize anything yourself. Give him the opportunity to set up a date. He must be able to take the initiative of this meeting if he cares about you

Tell if He Really Loves You Step 5

Step 5. Make sure he is willing to compromise

A relationship means that sometimes you are going to have to make sacrifices by compromising with your partner. This means that sometimes he is going to give you more and sometimes it is you who is going to give more. For example, he might offer you a movie that you want to see when you know it's not his kind of movie, and you might offer him to watch a game together, even if you don't like it. If he regularly participates in marriage compromises, he is probably falling in love with you.

Tell if He Really Loves You Step 6

Step 6. Observe his small gestures

For example, does he ask you if you want water when he goes to the kitchen? Does it put your phone to charge when it realizes you're running out of battery? If he anticipates the things you need and if he takes small steps to make you feel better, it's probably because he loves you.

Tell if He Really Loves You Step 7

Step 7. Make sure he is not embarrassed by your presence

If a boy loves you and wants to be with you, he isn't going to be embarrassed by your presence. That means he'll at least introduce you to his family and friends. If he doesn't want to introduce them to you, that means he's not sure about your relationship. Although he may have good reasons for not introducing them to you (for example, because of differences in religion), you should be concerned if you embarrass him in front of others.

Tell if He Really Loves You Step 8

Step 8. Observe if he gets close to you in public

This step goes hand in hand with the previous one. If he feels embarrassed by your presence, he is not going to come close to you in public. In other words, watch him to see if he gets close to you in public or if he likes to publicly show his affection for you, such as holding your hands or hugging you. If he doesn't, it might be because he doesn't really like you, although that could also mean he's shy in public.

Part 2 of 3: Interpreting your way of communicating

Tell if He Really Loves You Step 9

Step 1. Observe his way of communicating

If he only calls you once a week and has next to nothing to say to you, that's probably a bad sign. However, if he himself is texting, emailing, or calling you regularly, it's probably because he can't seem to forget you, which means he loves you.

However, you shouldn't forget that every boy is different. He may be an introvert and he doesn't like spending every minute of the day with someone else, even with the person he loves. Make sure you understand his personality before jumping to any conclusions

Tell if He Really Loves You Step 10

Step 2. Pay attention to the things that interest him

For example, ask yourself if he asks you questions about yourself and your day when you see each other? Does he seem to be genuinely interested in what's going on in your life? If he's genuinely interested in your life, chances are he cares about you.

Tell if He Really Loves You Step 11

Step 3. Observe the things he remembers

Of course, everyone (including the boys) forgets things, even important dates or past conversations. But if he makes an effort to remember important dates and pays attention during your conversations by reminding you of what you said later, it's probably because he loves you.

Tell if He Really Loves You Step 12

Step 4. Ask yourself if he cares enough about you to argue with you

To argue with someone, you have to really care about that person, before you make amends. If he doesn't want to argue and brushes off arguments with the back of his hand, it's probably because he doesn't really care about you.

You don't have to have explosive arguments either. You both need to be able to express your thoughts and thoughts even if it leads to an argument. If he doesn't want to get involved, it's because he doesn't want to be with you

Tell if He Really Loves You Step 13

Step 5. Pay attention to its grammar

If he starts using “we” instead of “I” more and more often, it may mean that he likes you. This “us” indicates that he is starting to see you as a couple, a unit, which means that he is starting to engage in your relationship.

Tell if He Really Loves You Step 14

Step 6. Observe if you are implementing your own language

If you invent your own language, including sweet words and personal jokes, that's a good sign. This means that he cares enough about you to get involved in your relationship. If he has a sweet word for you (and only for you), it's probably because he's falling in love with you.

Tell if He Really Loves You Step 15

Step 7. Don't be afraid to ask him

If you find yourself in a healthy relationship, you can just strike up a conversation about how you are feeling. Talk to him about the things you love about him and let him know how you feel. Then ask him if he feels the same for you.

For example, you could say to her, “I think I'm falling for you. I'm not sure you feel the same and that scares me a bit”

Part 3 of 3: understand why he might not tell you he loves you

Tell if He Really Loves You Step 16

Step 1. Realize that he might be afraid of rejection

You become more vulnerable by saying "I love you" because the other person might not feel the same way. He might be afraid that you will reject his love, even if you are already showing him that you love him.

Tell if He Really Loves You Step 17

Step 2. Understand how her past might affect the present

If he's had a bad relationship in the past, chances are he doesn't want to rush to feel too strong feelings. This is why you shouldn't automatically assume that you said something wrong, it might just be that he waits until you feel ready before committing to you.

Tell if He Really Loves You Step 18

Step 3. Realize that many boys have difficulty verbalizing their feelings

He may not like to talk about how he feels. Instead, he prefers to show you how he feels about you by making you his priority in his life.

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