4 ways to date a pretty girl and still be yourself

4 ways to date a pretty girl and still be yourself
4 ways to date a pretty girl and still be yourself

To please a girl, it is best not to act and usurp a position that is not yours. You won't be able to let go for long, and you will end up scuttling your relationship because of your lies. In addition, you will not be very happy with yourself. But, rest assured, because it is possible to go out with a pretty girl, while remaining yourself as long as you make an effort and behave normally.


Method 1 of 4: Approach a pretty girl

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Step 1. Be comfortable introducing yourself

The first impression is crucial. Therefore, strive to heal yours. Usually, the way you start the conversation sets the tone for the whole meeting. Approach your beautiful friend with confidence and be confident in your ability to attract her.

  • Don't go overboard and avoid appearing arrogant or conceited. Simply be yourself. You will need to be convinced that this attitude is enough to get the attention of a girl you like.
  • For example, catch her gaze first, then walk over to her and introduce yourself by saying something like, “Hi, I'm Tony. How are you doing ? She is likely to answer you favorably.
  • If you are a little nervous, you can wait and approach her when she is alone. Thus, you will not have to fear the remarks of his friends about your maneuver.
  • Don't wait long to introduce yourself, or you risk losing your confidence. On the other hand, a girl will be embarrassed if you just look at her and say nothing.
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Step 2. Talk about what you have in common

A pretty girl is not just beautiful. She also has interests, hobbies and ideas. By identifying what you have in common, you will have topics for conversation. You don't need to hunt her down. Just watch it to guess correctly and start the conversation.

  • Talk about your similarities first, then ask her a question to keep the conversation going.
  • Comment on your surroundings. For example, if you are in a park, you can say that the pond looks really peaceful and add, “have you ever fed the ducks? "
  • Talk about their opinions or actions. If she made a comment during a discussion, you can tell her how much you admire it by saying, “Your comment is really thought-provoking. How did you learn so much about this issue? "
  • If she's reading a book or owning a trendy phone, you can talk about it too. For example: “this book looks very interesting! What subject is he dealing with? "
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Step 3. Take it gradually

Don't offer to date her the first time you meet. If you do this, you may upset or upset him. As this is your first contact, you may also be very upset yourself for daring to invite him out. So don't skip the steps. Introduce yourself properly and talk briefly about yourself to put her at ease.

Be Romantic on the Phone Step 4

Step 4. Ask him for his contact details

Don't insist on getting his phone number. Probably, a girl will agree if you offer to contact her. She may choose to give you her phone number, email address, or other information to enable you to do so. Remember, your goal is to get to know him, not get his phone number. Deep down, she'll probably be delighted to meet you.

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Step 5. Go first

When you first meet a beautiful girl, leaving first can work in your favor. This is because you might be a little awkward or nervous and risk saying something wrong. By leaving first, you will decrease this risk and put your new friend at ease. Your gesture will give you a bit of mystery and you will also avoid appearing desperate.

  • Once you get his contact information, you can say, “Well, I had a lot of fun talking to you, but I have to leave to get back to work. I will contact you soon”.
  • You can also quietly apologize by saying, “Well, I've taken enough of your time. Now, I'll let you resume your occupations. I will call you or I will write to you quickly”.

Method 2 of 4: Have a good mindset

Get a Beautiful Girl and Still Be Yourself Step 5

Step 1. Be confident in yourself

Most likely, you will not try to approach a girl, if you believe that she will refuse to speak to you. And if you do approach him anyway, it will be hard to hide your lack of confidence. By being more confident, you will have the courage to approach pretty girls. These are sure to find you interesting.

  • Think about all of your good qualities. Take the time to put on a list ten reasons why a pretty girl would want to know you.
  • For example, think about how to make her laugh, your big smile, your confidence and your taste for adventure.
Get a Beautiful Girl and Still Be Yourself Step 1

Step 2. Show yourself in your best light

You don't know when you will meet a pretty girl. So always try to look great. You don't need to change your lifestyle or update your wardrobe. In fact, it is enough to take care of your appearance and to follow basic rules of hygiene.

  • Make sure you brush your hair, shave your beard and have fresh breath.
  • Sometimes you won't be very presentable, especially if you are coming back from a soccer game, but try to compensate for this inconvenience by having a good attitude.
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Step 3. Repeat

Your attempts will have a better chance of success if you practice the best way to approach a pretty girl. Think about what you will be able to say and how to say it. To master the situation, repeat your dialogue mentally and out loud.

  • Practice in front of a mirror or with a close friend.
  • Shoot a videotape of yourself to control the tone and rhythm of your voice.
  • Try different versions of what you want to say.
  • For example, you can practice saying phrases like: "can I call you", "is it possible to contact you", "what is your preferred means of communication", "will you allow me to send you a message?" email”and choose the phrase that seems most appropriate to you.

Method 3 of 4: Identify the meeting places

Open a Gym Step 11

Step 1. Try out the gym

Generally, beautiful girls take care of their bodies and exercise regularly. Go to a gym near you to meet cute girls. You don't have to lift weights if you don't have the habit of doing so. However, you can walk the gym track every now and then.

Turn a Volunteer Position Into a Job Step 2

Step 2. Volunteer

Pretty girls are often very generous. They volunteer and participate in social activities. By getting involved in nonprofits and participating in social events, you will increase your chances of meeting beautiful girls. In addition, you will serve your community and encourage your fellow citizens to support a noble cause.

  • Join at-risk children or take part in a marathon to raise public awareness of the problems posed by breast cancer.
  • Organize a food drive or other charitable event.
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Step 3. Go shopping

You can meet pretty girls in shopping malls, boutiques and even supermarkets. Instead of shopping online, focus on sourcing directly from stores. Thus, you will have the opportunity to buy what you need, but also to meet the beautiful girl of your dreams at the checkout.

  • This is the one in front or behind you who has only purchased an item or two that you can pay for.
  • You don't have to shop. Your chances of meeting a beautiful girl will be better if you are visiting stores or just window shopping.
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Step 4. Go out with friends and family

You never know in advance where you will be able to meet a beautiful girl. Therefore, take every opportunity to go out and meet new people. If your friends or family are attending an event, please join them in making your contribution. If you are invited to an event, go ahead. You will have the advantage of already knowing someone in the audience.

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Step 5. Chat online

A good number of beautiful women frequent social media, forums and chat rooms. Electronic chatting has the advantage of reducing the stress resulting from a face-to-face meeting.

  • Be careful when you first meet a friend you've known online. Check that you have informed someone about your meeting place, who you are going to meet and what time you will likely be home, etc.
  • Introduce yourself honestly on your social media profile. Make sure you are posting accurate information and photos that are actually of you.

Method 4 of 4: Organize the first meetings

Fall in Love With a Nice Person Step 7

Step 1. Treat your friend appropriately

Remember that it is neither a prize of war nor a trophy. A pretty girl doesn't like to be treated like that. Remember that she has her own personality and that she is not a commodity or an object to be displayed. Show her that she is more than a beautiful girl. Try to get to know her well as you would any other person.

  • Find out about his hobbies and talents.
  • Admit that she can think things through and have her own opinions. Talk to him about his ideas. Perhaps the conversation will teach you something.
Get a Beautiful Girl and Still Be Yourself Step 7

Step 2. Don't be jealous

Other people think your friend is beautiful too, and some may even tell her so. This should not inconvenience or panic you, unless the admirers get rude. Because of your jealousy, your friend may think you don't trust her. You can also create unnecessary problems with others. Don't lose your confidence and remember that she prefers to be with you.

  • Resist the temptation to comment every time someone observes them.
  • However, if you disrespect her, don't hesitate to stand up for her.
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Step 3. Have fun together

A pretty girl doesn't just want to sit and look at you. She longs to spend time with you, get to know you, and enjoy the world with you. Exchange ideas about topics that interest and love you.

  • Organize walks to discover the peculiarities of your neighborhood or city.
  • Invite your friend to a restaurant you don't know.
  • Play together. You can have fun playing cat and mouse, soccer, or even board games or video games.
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Step 4. Give yourself breaks

You might want to be with her all the time, but don't be clingy or try to suffocate her with an ongoing presence. When you are each on your side, you will learn to better appreciate the affection you have for each other. You will also have the opportunity to reinforce your own interests and thus have topics of conversation when you are together.

  • Make time with your friends and family to maintain a strong bond with them.
  • Schedule moments of solitude. This is a time when you will be doing an activity on your own.
  • Keep up with the things you were doing before you met her.


  • Don't take the matter seriously if the girl of your dreams isn't interested in your initiative. You will be able to meet many women in your life.
  • Remember that there are things more important than physical beauty. You will probably have to reconsider your priorities, if you are looking for girls just because they are attractive and not because you like them.

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