4 ways to tell if a boy doesn't like you

4 ways to tell if a boy doesn't like you
4 ways to tell if a boy doesn't like you

There is a boy you've been loving for a while, but you don't know if he feels the same way or not. The top three factors that will make you feel confident that she likes you are: her eye contact, body language, and constant attention. Of course, you can ask him, but it can be scary. Consider certain clues before you act by following your feelings for him, to make sure that these feelings are reciprocated. If you don't notice these signs in him, chances are he doesn't like you.


Method 1 of 4: Read body language

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Step 1. Interact with him

Start a discussion with him and be careful about the way he interacts with you. If he is an outgoing person and likes you, he will have fun touching you while you are talking. It is telltale signs that he is grazing your shoulder or grabbing your hand to show you something. If the boy is the shy type, he won't be so overt. If this is the case, he may be staring at you or blushing when you talk to him.

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Step 2. See her smile

When you really smile, your lips are wider than usual. When he smiles, if it shows all over his face, it means you are having a positive effect on him. On the other hand, if his teeth do not appear, it is very likely that he is trying to smile. It shows that he is coaxing you and that he doesn't like you.

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Step 3. See the position he takes

If he tries to impress you, you'll find that all of his muscles will be stretched to allow him to present his body in the best possible light when speaking to you. He will often stand with his hands at his hip to pretend he has confidence. When a man pleases you, he will stand in front of you to give you his full attention and will do everything possible to gently draw closer to you. On the other hand, if you don't interest him, his shoulders will be turned away from you.

Method 2 of 4: Observe the way he looks at you

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Step 1. Make eye contact

You should not only pay attention to eye contact, but you should also watch his pupils. It's a good sign if he's looking at you while you're talking to him. If these pupils widen than usual, it is even better! Dilation is a brain reaction that occurs when an individual is attracted to something. If his eye contact is unstable, it probably means he wants to get out of the situation he's in.

Another great sign that someone likes you is excessive blinking of the eyes. For some people, the blinking rate increases when they are intensely aroused

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Step 2. Check her eyebrows

If the latter are slightly raised, it shows that the boy finds you fascinating. It is an expression of the subconscious that is observed when a man likes what he sees.

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Step 3. See if his gaze is directed elsewhere

He may not look you directly in the eye when he talks to you, but that doesn't mean he doesn't like you. If his eyes wander, see which direction they are facing. If he's giving you furtive glances, he obviously likes you. On the other hand, it is a bad sign if he is looking elsewhere. This proves that he is quick to escape the discussion.

Method 3 of 4: Receive attention

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Step 1. Introduce yourself to fellow students

After doing this, keep them company for a while to see how the boy behaves. If he's performing in front of his friends, he may be trying to get your attention, which means he likes you. On the other hand, if he keeps his calm or feels embarrassed, he might not be comfortable in this situation, because you don't interest him and he feels embarrassed to see hanging out with his comrades.

Know if a Guy Doesn't Like You Back Step 8

Step 2. Chat on the phone

See how often and why he's calling or texting you when you're not together. If he calls you only to ask for a favor, he is likely to see you as just a friend. On the other hand, if he phones you to check on you or to have a little chat with you, it shows that he likes you.

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Step 3. See the way he talks to you

Does he talk to you all the time on the phone? Does he seem dizzy or try to escape from a discussion? If the answer to any of these questions is yes, it shows that they don't like you. If he is attracted to you, however, he will give you his full attention for as long as he can.

Method 4 of 4: Be direct

Know if a Guy Doesn't Like You Back Step 10

Step 1. Find out what he likes

Ask him clearly what he is looking for in a girl. This will give you a better idea of ​​the things he likes and dislikes (see whether or not you have these qualities in you). You shouldn't only ask him what he likes, but you should also find out what he doesn't like. Relax and ask him a few questions to find out what turns him on and turns him off the most.

Know if a Guy Doesn't Like You Back Step 11

Step 2. Find out what he thinks about you

If he gives you the answer I don't know how I'm feeling, that's a bad sign. Chances are he knows it, but he is aware that it will hurt you if he tells you. If he says he thinks you have a strong personality, ask him if he likes you.

Know if a Guy Doesn't Like You Back Step 12

Step 3. Chat privately

Talk about what you mean to each other. Be careful not to start this discussion in front of people. This might make him uncomfortable and he may not want to give direct answers in order to avoid an embarrassing situation.


  • Don't focus on her kind of girl. If he tells you he's only interested in one particular type of girl, you always have a chance. You can be the exception.
  • If the boy isn't interested in you, go your way. You cannot make him love you.

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