How to be loved (with images)

How to be loved (with images)
How to be loved (with images)

Everyone needs to feel loved. It is an important aspect of the human condition. No man is an island, as they say. But it is sometimes more complicated than it suggests. If you're struggling to find love in your life, know that someone is waiting for you somewhere.


Part 1 of 3: let love come

Be Loved Step 1

Step 1. Develop your self-esteem

Many times we are loved more than we think we are. The reason we can't see it is because we think we're not worth loving, so no one loves us for sure. But you certainly deserve to be loved. If you want to take the doubt out of your mind, start by building your self-esteem. Remember, you don't have to be perfect, no one is. As is, you are already formidable.

Be Loved Step 2

Step 2. Have respect for yourself

When you respect yourself, others will too. Take good care of yourself and treat yourself well. Take care of your body by practicing good hygiene and wearing clean clothes that match your figure. Do not put yourself down or let others take a beating on yourself. Because it makes them understand that you are valuable and they will start to agree with you.

Be Loved Step 3

Step 3. Fuel your passions

Passion (not necessarily in love), but that for life is very attractive in the eyes of others. Loving something wholeheartedly, whether it's sports or writing (or anything that can get you on your feet) attracts and inspires others. We look for your company more, because we are more comfortable with what is passionate. Go after your passions and let others see it. Even if you think your passions are ridiculous.

Be Loved Step 4

Step 4. Be nice

Others perceive you based on your behavior and attitude. Smile and be nice to everyone. When someone asks you a question, answer it in a courteous and respectful manner. By respecting others, you encourage them to do the same. Be polite to people older than you and you will find that others will like you and appreciate your behavior.

Be Loved Step 5

Step 5. Pay attention to other people's problems

If anyone needs help, come forward without hesitation. Start by trying to understand the nature of the problem and find the source. Talk about it while sincerely compromising yourself. Some people will ask for your opinion and advice, but others don't appreciate being told what or how to do it. In this case, just listen without giving your opinion.

Be Loved Step 6

Step 6. Let others see your talent

Give people the chance to see how amazing you are. If you have a knack for something, even if it's as boring as the art of tidying up, show it to others. This means that you will be more sociable and enterprising about what you like to do. You can do it !

Part 2 of 3: Finding What You Need

Be Loved Step 7

Step 1. Decide what you want

What do you want from this love that you are looking for? Do you just want a close partner like a friend or do you prefer a romantic relationship? Sometimes when we feel like we need a romantic relationship, the problem can be solved with a true friendship. Realize that you don't have to be involved in a romantic relationship to feel loved and happy, and see if that wouldn't be easier than an often complicated relationship.

Be Loved Step 8

Step 2. Consider the why

Why don't you feel loved today? This is an extremely important question. If you are loved and if you don't accept this love or feel it as love, you need to solve this problem and not want more love. If you are not loved in the relationship you are currently in, you need to seriously re-evaluate the person you love and decide if they are worth trying for them. Some people are just bad and you would be much better off without them. If the person treats you badly and doesn't like you, you need to find someone else. You deserve better.

Be Loved Step 9

Step 3. Adapt your definition of love

Some people think that they are not loved if they are not inundated with jewelry and birthday cards. But that's not true at all: you don't have to be given anything to love you. And the fact of offering something is not a mark of affection on their part either. Make sure you know what love is so that you can recognize it (or the lack of it) in your life.

Be Loved Step 10

Step 4. Get help if you need it

Get help if you think your feelings of being unloved might be related to depression or another mental health issue (or even abuse). Find someone you trust or even a doctor for professional help. wikiHow wants you to be happy and healthy.

Never think it is wrong to seek help because of abuse or a health problem. You wouldn't be ashamed of having a cold, so don't be ashamed of what happened to you. It's not your fault and you haven't done anything wrong

Part 3 of 3: Provoking Opportunities

Be Loved Step 11

Step 1. Make new friends

If you want to create more opportunities to feel loved by yourself, it's good to start making new friends. Try going to clubs or take a class at the local recreation center in your community.

Be Loved Step 12

Step 2. Find a community

A community can even be better than a group of friends. Activate for a cause that matters to you or join an online community of followers (or even wikiHow!). These communities have great supporting power and are a great way to improve your life.

Be Loved Step 13

Step 3. Take a pet

Another way to bring love into your life is an animal. Our animals love us unconditionally and are completely dependent on us. You can have a wonderful influence on the life of an animal, especially if you choose one from a shelter.

Be Loved Step 14

Step 4. Join a ward

Joining a parish or other religious congregation can be a great way to find friends, community, and a strong support network. Find a congregation that shares your beliefs and try to participate regularly in worship and social events.

Be Loved Step 15

Step 5. Date a new person

If you really think you need a new romantic partner, you may find yourself a mate. Just remember that these kinds of relationships bring more problems than they solve.

Be Loved Step 16

Step 6. Volunteer

Volunteering is the best way for you to feel loved while having an extremely positive impact on your community. You can volunteer anywhere, from Restos du Cœur to hospital aid and meet directly with the people you help. You will experience an incredible sense of fulfillment if you help other people. Try it out today!


  • You are beautiful ! Remember this constantly.
  • Have confidence in yourself, and more importantly, in others. Confidence is contagious, so show it! Nothing is more attractive than a person holding their head up high. You could have everything you want, or nothing at all, but if you trust yourself you will be more attractive.
  • Write down your impressions. It can really help you release what is oppressing you and finally let it go. But remember to separate the wheat from the chaff and keep only the good memories.
  • Also remember that people will not make you happy, only you can do that. It goes without saying that others have something for you, but at the end of the day you need to know what can make you happy and what can keep you happy.
  • Always be patient. Searching for a soul mate is like hunting for the golden beetle that cannot be found anywhere. Often when you have given up, you find yourself surrounded by charming golden beetles. Develop your qualities and build your own happiness and love might knock on your door when you least expect it.


  • Sometimes you can be heartbroken, but you have to put the pieces back together, because love always comes back!
  • Everyone learns from their mistakes. Hearts don't fall apart. They're just a little wrinkled sometimes. You will mature, you will live and you will continue on your path.

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