8 ways to get a girl to chase you - wikihow

8 ways to get a girl to chase you - wikihow
8 ways to get a girl to chase you - wikihow

Do you want to be the one whose soul mate is chasing? Do you feel like you need love? If so, know that there are things you can do to get a girl to chase you.


Make a Girl Chase You Step 1

Step 1. Be sympathetic

Girls like it when boys take the first step. If you start a discussion, she'll be more willing to continue talking with you, even if she doesn't like you.

Make a Girl Chase You Step 2

Step 2. Don't limit yourself to just a friendly relationship

Also make the effort to court her at times.

You shouldn't underestimate the power of withdrawal, however. If she's courting you, respond favorably, but keep it brief and make her want more. Do not be easily fooled otherwise she will no longer be interested

Make a Girl Chase You Step 3

Step 3. Spread the news

Let someone know that you like her. This one will definitely tell the girl that she attracts you! Don't make the situation seem hopeless. If she likes you too, you'll probably know that from a mutual friend! If the feeling is mutual, then you don't have to put in enough effort! All you have to do is let her chase after you.

Make a Girl Chase You Step 4

Step 4. Compliment her

If you don't know it yet, understand that girls love this! However, do not make him expect this from you, otherwise you will feel like you are the one making advances to him. Likewise, be sure to compliment what it takes. If you don't know her well, just talking about her beauty and charms will lead her to think that you are only interested in her looks. But, you wouldn't like that to be the case.

Make a Girl Chase You Step 5

Step 5. Go out with other friends

Be relaxed! Get her to see that you have a social life, but be careful not to be cocky about it and don't try to appear busy, otherwise she will notice it.

Be a little distant without being rude. Treating her badly or pushing her away won't work. Most girls will be hurt and confused if you attempt to do this and they can be totally disinterested

Make a Girl Chase You Step 6

Step 6. Go out as a group

Ask her to go out with you in a group, but be sure to spend more time with her. She'll subconsciously think it's a date if she spends most of the evening chatting with you.

Make a Girl Chase You Step 7

Step 7. Give clues

Describe the ideal girlfriend, using much of the qualities you have observed in the person you are talking to. Don't tell her directly, but by giving her hints, she will see herself as the perfect partner for you.

Make a Girl Chase You Step 8

Step 8. Focus on who you are

Generally speaking, when she sees you as an ordinary person to whom she talks, take a step back. Don't ignore it totally, but be cool. When she realizes that you haven't spoken for a while, she will miss you. She will start texting you and looking for you. So, she'll run after you… Then, from flirting to pleasant conversations, be attractive and then distant, she will constantly seek your attention and approval, but you will be in control. Be careful not to be too distant, otherwise she will think you are too difficult.


  • It's all about balance. You can follow these tips, but always remember to be yourself. If you behave like someone else, she might think that you are faking or just liking her appearance. Girls don't like boys who have a superficial attitude!
  • Remember, the reason you're trying to get him to chase you isn't to get stuck in the friend zone, but to want more than just friendship. If she is loving you, she will be passionate about doing this.


  • If you take too long to contact her, it could hurt her and make her feel like you don't care. If she's not the type to chase after boys, then don't make her do that.
  • If you really care about her and want to impress her, avoid flirting with other girls. This is the wrong way to get his attention.
  • Above all, remember to be friendly.

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