How to think like a man: 13 steps (with pictures)

How to think like a man: 13 steps (with pictures)
How to think like a man: 13 steps (with pictures)

Men are said to be from Mars and women from Venus, so there is no doubt that the two genders sometimes have difficulty understanding each other. Boys and girls are raised differently, which can lead to big differences in the way they think about adulthood. If you're in the mood for a better understanding of a man's views or just trying to have a fun experience, the tips below will help! Remember that many things are different depending on your culture. If this article can help you, it's wonderful, if not, use some humor …


Part 1 of 2: think like a man at work

Think Like a Man Step 1

Step 1. Stop thinking of your coworkers as your friends

Men value the feelings and thoughts of those close to them, but care less about those of their colleagues and acquaintances. In contrast, women expect anyone they spend time with to be open, fair and honest. In a standard work setting, these different expectations lead to disappointment and confusion for women.

Think Like a Man Step 2

Step 2. Speak louder

Whether you are attending a ministerial meeting or giving a presentation to a small team, you need to speak to the group. Men tend to speak more often in front of large assemblies in order to preserve their social standing and demonstrate their verbal skills. Tell a story, a joke, or give a presentation that demonstrates your public speaking skills and mastery of the facts.

Women are known to be good communicators, but instead they do so in a way that facilitates friendly contact. In a competitive professional context, this can be to their detriment. When men speak, they take fewer pauses and care less about how their audience feels

Think Like a Man Step 3

Step 3. Analyze the situations objectively

Men more easily put their feelings aside in order to make practical decisions that are based only on the facts. In contrast, women tend to make decisions based on how others feel and based on their own intuition. Use accurate graphs, charts and data when making a business decision.

Think Like a Man Step 4

Step 4. Don't be afraid of STEM

For a very long time, people have been told that science, technology, engineering, and mathematics are male disciplines, while art is female. Challenge yourself to show that your gender is not a barrier to your STEM skills. Keep up to date with scientific advancements, watch an episode of Cosmos, and try out new gadgets, games or computer applications. If you are a student, take a scientific path.

Think Like a Man Step 5

Step 5. Realize your strengths and limitations

If you don't feel comfortable on a project or don't feel like responding favorably to a small request from a colleague, dare to say no. Men are not the type to do extra work. On the other hand, if you want a promotion, more responsibilities or a new position in your company, inform your superior explicitly. Don't be afraid to be seen as demanding or pushy.

  • Women often have a hard time saying no to additional responsibilities because they don't want to appear lazy and are genuinely more inclined to help others than men. To think like a man, try to let go of these tendencies and realize that saying no is not a sign of laziness, but of strength and self-respect.
  • The men think they deserve their pay and they are looking for a raise. When it comes to asking for a raise or negotiating your salary, assert yourself and believe in yourself. Act as if this is part of your rights.

Part 2 of 2: adopt the attitude of a man

Think Like a Man Step 6

Step 1. Communicate openly and honestly

Women often beat around the bush and speak more subtly than men. Men, on the other hand, tend to share their thoughts directly or spontaneously. Share what is going on in your mind unambiguously. Don't make small hints about a problem. Stay direct and announce exactly what you are thinking and feeling.

  • Be honest with yourself and your partner. If you want to get more involved in your relationship, let your partner know. Conversely, if you want this relationship to stay shallow, make sure that you and your partner are on the same page.
  • Men tend to speak less in private than in public. Try to build your relationships by taking action rather than talking.
Think Like a Man Step 7

Step 2. Improve your spatial representation

Men have a better ability than women to represent objects or spaces. This is because men have a thinner parietal lobe (the area that processes visual information) than women.

Model building, lego games, or sports like soccer will help you think more spatially. You could also draw the map of a location that is familiar to you

Think Like a Man Step 8

Step 3. Don't worry, everything is fine

Men worry like women do, but women continue to worry long after men have quit. To think like a man, let go of small marital problems, family worries, or troubles that you cannot solve in your workplace.

To worry less, try to devote some time to your concerns. Stop surfing the internet and try to exercise more. You might also find an activity that requires active engagement on your part in order to distract yourself, such as reading or painting

Think Like a Man Step 9

Step 4. Prove your independence

While people like to feel wanted, they also like knowing that their partner can take care of themselves. Men are used to acting and thinking independently. Showing that you can take charge at work and in your social life will improve your self-confidence and show others that you are capable and independent.

Financial security can play a big part in feeling independent and living an independent life. Women are often expected to provide only additional household income and care for children, while their male partner is primarily the one who feeds the household. Make sure you have solid financial security so that you can build an independent life

Think Like a Man Step 10

Step 5. Keep control of your emotions

If your gut is telling you to scream, cry, or get angry, hold back. Patiently count to 10, then try to look at the problem or the conversation from another perspective. Women's brains are more prone to expressing and remembering emotions, which is why it's important to temper your emotional instincts if you're going to think like a man.

Think Like a Man Step 11

Step 6. Express yourself physically in a romantic relationship

Touch allows feelings to be expressed in ways that words cannot. Men's brains devote twice as much space to sexual thoughts as women's brains. Physical affection is a good way to make your intentions clear and to show your love for your partner.

Think Like a Man Step 12

Step 7. Don't focus on the details

Women tend to dwell on little moments that men don't remember. Men don't quickly notice or forget things like arguments, offhand comments, or slight slights. Try not to obsess over your negative experiences and just let things go.

Think Like a Man Step 13

Step 8. Focus less on your appearance

Women are surrounded by messages suggesting to them that they must look perfect. Men are not under such pressure to conform to superficial beauty standards and therefore tend to have a better body image. To think more like a man, learn to accept your body and your appearance. Don't worry about your imperfections.

Stand in front of a mirror and say to yourself: "I am wonderful". Do this every day until you really believe it


  • The brain is extremely malleable. Over time, you may change all of your attitudes, beliefs, and mental tendencies.
  • Hormones play a big role in determining male and female thought patterns and behaviors.

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