How to meet a pornstar near you

How to meet a pornstar near you
How to meet a pornstar near you

In today's world, pornstars are everywhere, from actresses staring in movies to taking their clothes off in front of their webcams. There are many ways to meet them, interact with them, and even date one of them. However, you are not going to find a porn actress in the local bar or on a dating site. By following a few tips, you will soon be able to meet the star of your dreams!


Part 1 of 3: Getting to conventions

Meet a Porn Star in Your Area Step 1

Step 1. Find a convention near you

Pornographic film conventions usually take place in sufficiently large venues such as an exhibition center. Some conventions even travel to several cities around the world, while others take place in the same place every year. Take a look in newspapers, magazines or on the Internet to find one near you. You should find some in the "events" or "news" section. Remember to write down the place and date on a piece of paper to remember it.

Meet a Porn Star in Your Area Step 2

Step 2. Buy your ticket in advance

It is very important to do this in advance, as there are usually a lot of visitors to this kind of convention. People buy their tickets several months in advance. Thus, it is almost impossible to be able to re-enter on the day even if you do not have a ticket. Use an online site or phone number you find to order your tickets.

Meet a Porn Star in Your Area Step 3

Step 3. Prepare a good budget

You're going to have to pay for photos or autographs of your favorite stars, in addition to the price of admission. There are also a lot of toys and novelties to buy, in addition to a corner where they serve food. Keep extra cash in your wallet or purse. Remember to keep cash with you, as your credit card won't always be able to be used.

Meet a Porn Star in Your Area Step 4

Step 4. Prepare for your trip in advance

When you research if there is a pornstar near you, the convention you find might not be right next door. This means that you are going to have to organize yourself in advance to know how long the trip will take, if you are going to have to refuel, in which hotel you will have to spend the night (if necessary) and if you have to buy a bus ticket. to get to the convention. Use an online website to find the best hotel possible. Use a service like Google Maps to find public transportation that can get you to the convention.

Meet a Porn Star in Your Area Step 5

Step 5. Choose your companions well

Not everyone is going to love a trip to a pornstar convention. Choose open-minded friends. Ask them what they think about pornographic movies or if they have a favorite actress or actor. It would be best to form a group of boys and girls. If you are in a relationship with an open-minded partner, this might be something that interests him, too.

Meet a Porn Star in Your Area Step 6

Step 6. Find out about the convention agenda

The stars that interest you will only appear at a certain time and place. Print a copy of the program that you will find most often on the convention site. Think about where you want to go and when you need to be there to estimate the time needed between each of these places. You can also find a program at the entrance to the convention, but it may already be too late.

Meet a Porn Star in Your Area Step 7

Step 7. Expect extreme reactions

Usually, outside of pornographic film conventions, there are protests by people who are against it for personal or religious reasons. You should expect it. There are also many individuals who cannot contain their joy during the convention. You should also expect it. Pornstar conventions are a mix of good and bad surprises, go with an open mind.

Meet a Porn Star in Your Area Step 8

Step 8. Get to the convention early

People literally camp in front of the entrance, sometimes several days early. While you don't have to get there too early, you should try to be in front of the door when it opens. This could save you a part of the built-up area that forms all the time during the early hours of the convention. You can also visit the stands that interest you from the start and relax for the rest of the day.

Meet a Porn Star in Your Area Step 9

Step 9. Meet your favorite star

Find your favorite star's booth to autograph the films, posters and photos you brought. You should also bring a camera to have your picture taken with the star. Spend some time chatting together, whether you're talking small talk or praising her for her work. Now is the time to meet and interact with your favorite star, don't miss the chance.

Meet a Porn Star in Your Area Step 10

Step 10. Go see her live

Although nudity is generally prohibited during conventions, there are also shows where you can see pornstars or strippers dancing. They could do it around a bar or on stage. Don't hesitate to go see her and have a good time.

Meet a Porn Star in Your Area Step 11

Step 11. Ask him questions in a forum

Even if you can go and ask him all the questions you want at his booth, there will surely be a line. This means that you are going to have to talk to him quickly. However, porn stars often participate in forums during conventions. It’s a time when many of them talk about their personal lives and careers. Don't hesitate to ask her any questions you might have, about her or about the industry in general.

Part 2 of 3: Meet a Pornstar Online

Meet a Porn Star in Your Area Step 12

Step 1. Find it online

Although it can be difficult to meet a real pornstar in the flesh, you can still find one on the internet. There are many websites where you can watch professional and amateur webcams. You can then interact with her while she is undressing. Since many of the girls you'll find there are amateurs, you might even get to meet them in person for a private show. Start by doing some research online to find a girl or boy that interests you.

Meet a Porn Star in Your Area Step 13

Step 2. Talk to her as if on a date

Whether you're in a public room or in a private conversation, it's important to stay serious during the conversation. Don't use slang and don't be rude. Be respectful and keep the conversation decent, whether you are chatting about things and other things or about sex. Ask him questions about his life, his favorite positions or his hobbies. It’s not an object, it’s a human being with feelings, like you.

Meet a Porn Star in Your Area Step 14

Step 3. Tip him

Even if you join a webcam show site to chat, it is important that you leave a tip. Tips are usually small amounts that you give them to show your appreciation. This is usually the main source of income for these stars. You shouldn't take advantage of the site without paying them.

Meet a Porn Star in Your Area Step 15

Step 4. Use your credit card on the site

You will need to enter your credit card number to leave a tip. These sites generally take the protection of your private data seriously. However, if you don't feel like leaving your credit card number on a website, this probably isn't the right solution for you. Make sure that the reason for the payment charged to your card appears discreetly on your account statement if you do not want to arouse suspicion.

Meet a Porn Star in Your Area Step 16

Step 5. Agree on the conditions

Sometimes you can meet someone on a show site on a webcam and something happens. You might even want to meet her in real life. In this case, it is important that you first agree on the details of the meeting. For example, the meeting place, time and what you plan to do together. Will the meeting be purely sexual, will it be more like a date or just a good time to spend with someone else? You might be better off bringing a friend with you to help you escape if you run into someone who is a little weird.

Meet a Porn Star in Your Area Step 17

Step 6. Learn about the risks

There are many people on the Internet who are all about tricking others. She might like to pose bunnies to men she meets on the Internet or steal their identities. You should always double-check the information you receive. Never go meet someone you've never seen at least once on the webcam. Never give out personal information on the Internet, especially to someone you barely know.

Meet a Porn Star in Your Area Step 18

Step 7. Get to know her

If you decide to go on a date with a girl you meet on this kind of site, you should treat it like a real date. Don't see this person as a sex object. Ask her normal questions, like how was her day or if she has any hobbies. You will annoy her and scare her away by focusing on her online work. Instead, try to relax the atmosphere and learn more about her.

Part 3 of 3: Dating a Pornstar

Meet a Porn Star in Your Area Step 19

Step 1. Introduce yourself

Unless you live in a large western metropolis, chances are you will come face to face with a pornstar at the supermarket. However, you might meet someone online, such as an actress performing on a webcam, whom you would like to meet. You might even meet a pornstar if introduced to you by a friend or someone you know. In this case, it would be better for you to behave in a professional manner. Shake his hand and ask for his name. Talk to him about your profession. Share information about your family and where you come from.

Meet a Porn Star in Your Area Step 20

Step 2. Invite her out

Once you have introduced yourself, you can ask her if she would like to date you. It would even be better to accompany this idea with restaurant or movie suggestions. Be sure of yourself when you ask her, or she might feel like you are being intimidated.

Meet a Porn Star in Your Area Step 21

Step 3. Give him a compliment unrelated to his profession

For example, you can choose to talk about his eyes, his hair, his looks, his dimples, his laughter, his sense of humor or his sartorial tastes. Especially on first dates, it would be better if you avoid talking too much about pornography. Obviously, you still have to talk about it a bit to understand what it does, but don't overdo it. Find out more about his personality.

Meet a Porn Star in Your Area Step 22

Step 4. Don't see her as a sex object

While she's likely to enjoy sex a lot, it's not for you to judge her based solely on her professional choices. You should think of this date like any other date. You are not going to be able to put her in your bed any easier than others. Pornstars are also people who have real human feelings and experiences. Focus on their emotions, common goals in life, and their passions. Look at her as a possible bride. Ask yourself what are its good qualities and what are its faults. Are they a reflection of yours?

Meet a Porn Star in Your Area Step 23

Step 5. Support their choice of career

If you want to date a pornstar, you are going to have to accept their job. Everyone chooses their own destiny. After several dates, discuss the different options. Ask her when and where she is going to play her next movie. Discuss with her the issues her work raises in relation to your own goals and beliefs.


  • Remember to bring plenty of cash to the convention.
  • Also bring films, posters or any material you want to have autographed.
  • Use your judgment when choosing the right actress for a webcam show. There are a lot of them and you don't have to choose just one.
  • Use good manners and good judgment. You can save yourself a lot of trouble by using common sense. Don't think about it and treat the situation like any other conversation.


  • Always make sure you can see the person you are talking to. Don't trust sites where all interactions are in writing and never on video.
  • Never give out private information on the Internet.
  • Make sure you know who you are talking to. Some people online are just bad guys who want to hurt you.
  • If you are under the age of eighteen, you will not be able to meet a pornstar.

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