How to be friends with someone who has a high IQ

How to be friends with someone who has a high IQ
How to be friends with someone who has a high IQ

Friendship has no limits, especially when you find someone who shares the same interests and passions as us. Friends come in all kinds, sizes, and even IQs or IQs can vary a lot. No matter what IQ you have, you can build a strong friendship with someone who has a genius IQ, as long as you make an effort to deepen your relationship and avoid the difficulties of interacting with people socially. very intelligent.


Part 1 of 2: Deepening Your Relationship

Be Friends With Someone Who Has a High IQ Step 1

Step 1. Focus on the person, not their intellect

If someone is very intelligent, there is a good chance that those around them often focus only on their intelligence. Remember, your friend is a human being, not a brain! If you take good care of your friend and their personality, it can help you have a good time together and strengthen your friendship.

  • You should be aware that those with a high IQ also generally have few friends and may feel uncomfortable in society. Because of this, you should choose to focus exclusively on your friend by spending time with them alone and not in a group.
  • Know that you can tell that your friend is smart. You just don't have to make it the focal point of your conversations when spending time together. Instead, consider doing activities and talking about things that you both enjoy.
  • Avoid believing in stereotypes about smart people. He might not be as bold as your other friends, but that doesn't necessarily mean he looks exactly like the rigid geeks as they are portrayed on television.
Be Friends With Someone Who Has a High IQ Step 2

Step 2. Have relevant conversations

Discussions are an important factor in all relationships. They can make a person feel appreciated, considered and supported. This same rule applies to the smartest people. Keep the conversations going with your smart friend and bring up topics that both appeal to you or talk about issues that either of you may have been experiencing.

  • Be sure to listen very carefully to what your friend is saying and what they like to discuss. This will let her know that you care about the important things in her life.
  • Make sure your conversations cover both serious issues and lighter topics. You could talk about intellectual things or else completely stupid! No one can have 100% serious conversations all day long, and your friendship can even be a great outlet for each other's silly side. For example, if your friend is talking about a funny show, ask him about it and think about other similar shows you could talk about.
  • Remember to comment on any sentence he comes out and ask questions to show that you care and care.
Be Friends With Someone Who Has a High IQ Step 3

Step 3. Take your friend's intelligence away from the center of attention

When a person is very intelligent or has a high IQ, they may feel like others are only focused on that aspect of their personality. Remember that human beings are multi-faceted and have much more to offer than just their intelligence or other character traits they may have. Instead of focusing on your friend's brain power, forget about it. Shift your attention back to other things like her great sense of humor or things you do together. This will not only fuel your conversations, but also show your friend that your interest in them is beyond their intelligence.

  • Examine your friend's personality before you meet him. Ask yourself what his other traits are, and find a way to focus on that during your conversations. For example, you could say You love cooking experiences so much! How do you manage not to feel nauseous? Would you like us to go to dinner one of these days for you to show me?
  • Consider being direct with your friend about focusing on intelligence. For example, you could say Damn, listen I like to talk about intellectual stuff, but after a while my brain is mush. Tell me, have you seen the commercial for Nora Ephron's latest romantic comedy?
Be Friends With Someone Who Has a High IQ Step 4

Step 4. Compromise to have common interests

Be sure to mention your own interests when chatting with your friend. This can steer the conversation and help your friend realize that you're not just interested in their intelligence. Also, it can cause you (both) to make compromises in order to develop the relationship.

Use your friend's interests or comments to introduce your own interests. For example, if your friend says he wants to watch the latest Star Wars movie, take the opportunity to say I don't really like sci-fi movies, but I love romantic comedies. I would love to watch Star Wars nonetheless, who knows, it might change my mind. You could also say I also love Vietnamese food, but if we go there tonight, could we next time try this new Mexican restaurant?

Be Friends With Someone Who Has a High IQ Step 5

Step 5. Have common experiences

Whatever your interests, try doing different activities together. In this process, you might find adventure, strengthen your friendship, and have a blast.

  • Do things you both love. May this guide you in your future experiences which can strengthen your friendship. For example, suggest that your friend try a new restaurant or cook with you. You could also go skydiving or freefall together.
  • Consider doing a mix of fun and serious activities. For example, if your friend is a prominent scientist, going out to visit the local science museum might be a good way for you to understand his talents, allow him to stand out and even pique your interest. It could also help both of you to deal with group dynamics in a positive way.
  • Consider taking vacations or going on excursions together. Relaxing together can strengthen your friendship and help you take your mind off your friend's intelligence. Make sure that each of you has time for yourself, which can be very important for someone with a high IQ.
Be Friends With Someone Who Has a High IQ Step 6

Step 6. Keep your independence

You might sometimes feel intimidated by a friend with a very high IQ and assume that every decision they make is rational and sensible. However, it is important that you continue to be yourself and stand up for your point of view and your opinions. This will show your friend that you respect yourself, but also that you respect their independence.

  • Be sure to give your friend some space. Many intelligent people thrive in relationships where they are not constantly with one another. It allows you to be friends with other people, which can make you smarter and more socially balanced.
  • Be confident and believe in your opinions. It could set a foundation for more meaningful conversations with your friend. If he is truly your friend, he will take your opinion into account and give you the chance to express it without interrupting you or making you feel like you are stupid.
Be Friends With Someone Who Has a High IQ Step 7

Step 7. Make your friend feel important

Everyone wants to feel special and appreciated by their family, peers and friends. People with a high IQ are no exception to this rule. Make sure your friend knows that you value every aspect of his personality and that you enjoy spending time with him when you get the chance.

  • Show joy at your friend's successes, even if it comes to your detriment. Having the ability to be genuinely happy for each other, no matter what, is a sign of true friendship. You can send your friend a message or say Bravo or I'm very happy for you.
  • Listen to your friend's needs. There may be times when people will laugh at your friend or they may feel pressured to always be the best because of their high IQ. Listen to your friend's concerns, find a way to deal with them, and then try to comfort them.
Be Friends With Someone Who Has a High IQ Step 8

Step 8. Get your friend to meet other people

One of the best ways to make a new friend is to meet a friend's friends. Consider getting your friend who has a high IQ to meet your other friends, which might give them new and different perspectives. Remember that very intelligent people often don't feel very comfortable in a group, which is why you should limit the number of people to 3 or 4 for a start.

  • Make the atmosphere as relaxed as possible and don't tell your other friends anything about the person's IQ. If you did, it might cause them to focus on your friend's intelligence and prevent them from seeing him as a multi-faceted individual.
  • Ask your smart friend if he would like to meet your other friends before setting up this event. He might feel more comfortable if he's just with you alone. However, he may also be very receptive to the idea of ​​meeting your other comrades.
  • Make sure your friends know that you appreciate this smart person, even if they don't fit in very well with the group. Explain that your friend feels overwhelmed and a little anxious to be around such interesting and intelligent people.

Part 2 of 2: Manage any difficulties

Be Friends With Someone Who Has a High IQ Step 9

Step 1. Accept the positive and negative sides

No one has a unique personality. On the contrary, we all have several character traits. Being a good friend also means accepting each other's personality traits. Take the good and bad sides of your friendship as they come, as it can help you forge a stronger and better relationship.

  • Show understanding for any issues that might arise with a smart friend. Remember, he can be very good when it comes to math and terribly clumsy when it comes to human relations. For example, if your friend feels threatened, he might turn to his intelligence to boost his self-confidence. As long as it doesn't hurt someone, forget about your friend's behavior.
  • Show understanding whenever your friend is in a bad mood, having a bad day, or getting socially weird. You could always explain this to others by saying Normally he is a lot of fun and laid back, but he is under a lot of stress right now and that makes him a bit surly and anxious. Hope you will have the opportunity to meet my friend at a better time.
Be Friends With Someone Who Has a High IQ Step 10

Step 2. Remember why you became friends

Whether it was sharing toys in the sandpile or working in a lab in college, there was a spark that started your friendship. Think about the bond you have with your friend if you can't get along or your friendship falters.

  • Think about what you have in common. Was it your common passion for World of Warcraft or was it your interest in football that started this friendship? Did you both participate in the Épèle-moi contest at school? Have you both been employed in a fast food restaurant? Whatever interests you have shared in the past, go from there to continue your friendship.
  • Ask yourself about the personality of your friend in all its dimensions. Is this intelligent person also kind and intelligent or does he rather have a strong character and the ability to decipher others? Focus on the qualities that make them special, rather than what makes you angry.
Be Friends With Someone Who Has a High IQ Step 11

Step 3. Accept the individuality of your friend

Very talented people can show unique character traits like being extremely creative or passionate about something specific. Your smart friend might also not approach issues the same way your other friends do and this is also what makes them unique and special. Instead of being irritated or even embarrassed by your friend's personality, remember that their intelligence and quirks are part of who they are, just like their other character traits. Realizing this can help strengthen your friendship.

  • Tell your friend or remind him if he's behaving strangely. You can do this in a fun way by asking Do ghosts always have this effect on you? or Can you teach me how to think so quickly?
  • Remember that each of your friends, regardless of their IQ, is unique and has quirks or traits that are unique to their nature as a human being.
Be Friends With Someone Who Has a High IQ Step 12

Step 4. Make use of your own qualities as well

A friendship requires the involvement of two people, so keep in mind that you and your smart friend are an important part of that relationship. Even if your mate enjoys discussing quantum physics, it's important to remind them that you also have talents and traits that you bring to this relationship.

  • Remember your character traits that your friend appreciates. He may appreciate your irreverent sense of humor or your ability to see the good in others. Bringing out these traits can strengthen your relationship.
  • Use humor if necessary. If your friend starts to obsess about something that is beyond you, bring them back to reality by saying While you're busy playing genius I think I just found us a new adventure! Imagine us making pottery while drinking beer!
Be Friends With Someone Who Has a High IQ Step 13

Step 5. Be honest when in doubt

Honesty is another foundation of friendship, even when you're hanging out with someone very smart. If you're worried that you're not smart enough for your phenomenal IQ friend, remember that they like you and care about your friendship. Have a frank discussion with him and talk about your fears as well as your concerns about your friendship. You might find that your friend fears the same things.

  • Bring up the subject in a non-confrontational way with your friend. For example, you might say Sometimes when you change the subject like this I wonder why you want to be friends with me. I didn't really understand what you just said.
  • Try to focus more on your friendship and less on the intelligence or comparison between the two of you. Avoid feeling intimidated by your friend's intelligence by reminding yourself that there are many things you can do better than them.
Be Friends With Someone Who Has a High IQ Step 14

Step 6. Remember that being smart doesn't mean being able to behave socially

Think about your friend and other smart people you know. You will surely realize that they do not manage to integrate well socially. In fact, many intelligent people suffer from social anxiety, which may be because they overthink or analyze situations, put pressure on themselves, or are unable to deal with their emotions. Thinking about the social challenges that your smart friend may have will allow you to better manage your friendship and the interactions between the two of you and others.

Help your high IQ friend manage their relationships with others more effectively by providing support or boosting their self-confidence. For example, you could distract from her intelligence by saying You know, Christina and I have been friends for over 20 years now and she probably won't tell you, but she paints amazingly

Be Friends With Someone Who Has a High IQ Step 15

Step 7. Explain your friend's way of being to others

If your friend has not yet met your other classmates or they are seeing each other for the first time, give the others tips on how they can approach him.Some might be offended by your friend's intelligence or his responses to given situations, and your input might help them understand him better.

  • Tell your other friends about your smart friend. Say, I'm really, really excited to introduce Simon to you. We've been friends for years and he's wonderful. I just wanted you to know that he is incredibly smart and can be reserved at times. Just give yourself a chance to get to know him and I'm sure you'll love him as much as I do.
  • Remind your friends that sometimes being smart means being unfit to behave socially. You could say, I'm so sorry my friend reacted so arrogantly. He doesn't always manage to behave well in public, but I can guarantee you that he is really a very nice person and you will know that if you give him a chance.
Be Friends With Someone Who Has a High IQ Step 16

Step 8. Say it if you see that your friend has gone too far

In some cases, your smart friend may be overly arrogant or even rude to others who may not be as smart or talkative. If this happens, you should report the problem to your friend and explain to them why what they have done is not acceptable.

  • Avoid embarrassing your friend as much as you can. Instead, discuss the issue in private. You could say Sam, you know, the answer you gave Pat was really condescending and totally unnecessary. He doesn't have to be as easy as you to understand certain things and you should realize that not everyone is like you in this regard. You really have to be more sensitive and think more about others in this type of situation.
  • Release any tension by making sarcastic remarks. For example, you can say Well, now that we all feel like we are real jerks, let's see how we can sort it out. Not only can this help with other issues, it could also tell your friend about the mistake they made.
  • Support your friend no matter what, even if you don't agree with what he or she has done. For example, if your friend is arrogant about someone's intelligence, you could show your support by saying I understand why you said that, but there might be a more diplomatic way of saying it..


  • Remember that you have special qualities too. There are definitely things that only you can do or things that you know better than your friend.
  • Keep in mind that just because someone is smarter than you doesn't mean they can't like you. If people are nice to you, be nice to them too. If someone is arrogant or mean to you, ignore them and focus on those who view you.
  • Remember, having a high IQ doesn't mean you are a genius in everything. If the person is an artist, he or she may not see special math skills or enjoy being treated like a walking calculator. If he is a mathematician, he may not be very eloquent.

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