How to meet a rich person

How to meet a rich person
How to meet a rich person

Many people desire (unconsciously or not) to meet someone who is "full of money" for a variety of reasons, whether we like it or not. We can make this choice to stay at home and raise children, to focus on a vocation that is not yet remunerative or simply to have a certain material comfort. As more and more women gain financial independence, they are less interested in finding the rich partner, but it is becoming more common among men. You should have a smart, fine-grained approach to this if you think material security is what matters most to you when choosing a partner to share your life with.


Part 1 of 4: Meet Mr. or Mrs. Riche

Be a Gold Digger Step 1

Step 1. Know where the rich live in your area and find them

Your choice will therefore be limited to millionaires and billionaires near you, unless you are relying on extraordinary luck. Know who they are (their identity) and study their habits. You should especially develop a strategy to cross their path repeatedly.

You should know where they work, the places they frequent, if they have pets, if they support charity, have a favorite artist, and even their favorite vacation spot. Don't know where to start? Physically harassing someone is obviously illegal almost everywhere, so you'd better check Google

Be a Gold Digger Step 2

Step 2. Frequent the places haunted by the elite

Go there, when you know where the high society ends up, or at least who you are targeting. Walk your dog in the same place, go to the same store (as long as that person does their own shopping), and frequent the same bars and restaurants. We will soon ask you if we have not already seen you somewhere.

  • Make sure you dress accordingly, wherever you go. No tycoon or rich heiress wants to strip a slut or a tramp. They want to like someone who has a certain sophistication and knows enough about it. You had better adapt to the situation, if you find yourself in their territory.
  • This may require finding a suitable job. Many millionaires and billionaires have crazy work schedules and it would be best to work with them to get their attention. Some women do not get a doctorate at university for nothing, which is a kind of freebie for them.
Be a Gold Digger Step 3

Step 3. Attend high profile events, parties and other openings

It makes no sense to want to stick to someone's schedule down to the minute, so you should spice it up a bit by living like the rich. If you don't have a specific target, this is a good way to find one! Go to sophisticated events like the grand opening of an art gallery, an artistic gala evening and VIP nights in clubs and restaurants. Go through all the prestigious open houses and you will have to establish some contacts, if you know how to maintain a discussion, of course.

At this point, you haven't won the game yet. When you finally find yourself in one of these places, you should also have something to say. And life is unfortunately not a fairy tale. It is unlikely that Prince Charming or the wealthy heiress will spontaneously come your way to offer you mountains of gold. There's nothing horrible about saying that you run into this person in the park a lot in the park when you walk your dog and never had the chance to be introduced and it is even a solid introduction and common sense. Click from there

Be a Gold Digger Step 4

Step 4. You can also go online

Wanting to meet interested has become acceptable these days, which says a lot about our time. The number of websites that keep popping up on this subject is also a reflection of this. Go online, if you can't do it on your own. There are rich Christian sites from all walks of life and there are also a handful that have a few rich and pretty women.

You should just be careful not to fall prey to a con artist. Any online activity is dangerous. Never reveal confidential information and never give money to someone you don't find completely trustworthy

Be a Gold Digger Step 5

Step 5. Attend a seminar, internship, or find a top-tier agency

You should also refine your searches to tour the plethora of choices available to you. Three things should be highlighted here.

  • As self-interested dating has become a real social phenomenon (reality TV shows amply) seminars are constantly increasing to give you tips on the best way to pin the right person. Most of the time, these seminars are paid.
  • There are also coaches who can customize the program offered during a seminar, who can help you manage your weaknesses and strengthen your strengths. Unfortunately, they tend to be even more expensive than seminars.
  • A luxury marriage agency manager can integrate you into their data file crammed with wealthy clients. The registration fees are sometimes exorbitant, but this is not always the case. Do your research before committing and read all the details of the contracts carefully.

Part 2 of 4: start a relationship

Be a Gold Digger Step 6

Step 1. Look sophisticated too

Do you want to attract the elite of society? You will therefore have to give the impression of being part of it. High society is a closed circuit, so you should find the right outfit if you want to get in there. You can immediately store your jeans and t-shirts at the back of the wardrobe.

In addition to wearing the right clothes, you should also pamper and maintain your body. Well-groomed hair, manicured nails (even if you're a man) and bright, firm skin. Being part of the elite demands a certain appearance, which, no doubt, is bound to be beautiful

Be a Gold Digger Step 7

Step 2. Familiarize yourself with sophistication

If you have the look, now you have to have the culture to go with it. If you walk into an art gallery and say that this Picasso painting reminds you of a scene in Titanic where Leonardo was just adorable, you will understand that you have nothing to do here. Knowing how to follow a discussion will make a better impression. So you should know the habits of good society. Plus, you will also feel better about yourself if you have something interesting to say.

Start by taking a real interest in this environment. Are you attending an open house? Familiarize yourself with the real estate market in your area and the home buying process. Do you haunt an art exhibition? Learn about the artist in question and his peers. Have you alluded to a trip to the Seychelles when you have never been there? Cover your back with this type of story as well. It's basically about staying credible and doing it smart

Be a Gold Digger Step 8

Step 3. Make sure the person is really rich

An interested person is not an individual who will target prey and bleed it dry. Rather, he is a person who is looking for a wealthy party to be materially spoiled. The last thing to do would be to find an average individual and only take them for what they are worth. This is simply not fair.

Also make sure he or she is free. You are not going to be the lover or the mistress of the service, besides already being an interested person. It is not good for your karma. In addition, you probably know that his property is already bequeathed by half, if the person is married

Be a Gold Digger Step 9

Step 4. Find out if the person got rich on their own or if they came from a wealthy background

Although this is a generalization, be aware that millionaires and billionaires who have made their own fortune do not generally have the same origins as wealthy heirs. Self-enriched people are ambitious, driven and brilliant and their accomplishments are there to prove it. On the other hand, heirs are more dependent on the environment in which they were born and on the wealth of their parents. Ultimately, they all have money, but you should know where they come from to know what to expect.

Self-made millionaires are somehow closer to reality. This is not the case with heirs, so they may not be the best option for you. So you might expect a more interesting journey with the genre that got richer with the power of the wrist and take these tips with a grain of salt

Be a Gold Digger Step 10

Step 5. Be honest about what you want

Be realistic: if you're not stupid, neither are they. You want money and to be taken care of and they are looking for a cute and funny person to cherish and show off. So you should talk about it. Be open and sincere, you are both adults. Placing your cards on the table right away builds respect and gets your romantic relationship off to a good start.

You can tell the person something like, "I can support you if you can afford it on your own." If you can't, I can't help you either, can I? If you're not sure where to start. It requires a pretty brutal frankness, but it will be difficult to say no to such an argument

Be a Gold Digger Step 11

Step 6. Offer sex, but not yet in bed

You don't need to lie down, even if you've been bought a yacht, an apartment in the Bahamas, and a gigantic diamond. Make it understood. You can do this when you are comfortable and when you want to show your appreciation. But don't feel like you have to if you don't feel like it. Make you want. He (or she) will never let you down if he really wants you. Sex should never be an absolute imperative.

It is good to let the person believe that you will succumb later. You are neither rigid nor prudish, you just want to get to know the person better and spend more time with them before taking the plunge. And who could blame you? That's what any respectable person would do

Part 3 of 4: making the relationship work

Be a Gold Digger Step 12

Step 1. Make sure you're on the same page when it comes to love

It's time to talk seriously: some men and women will expect you to fall in love with them, while others will not ask for so much. Some are looking for true love and others only want tenderness. What situation are you in? You should know that.

How are you going to find out? You will probably have enough intuition to guess whether your extremely wealthy partner is head over heels in love with you or not. You just have to ask him if you don't know. Does this person believe in true love? What is her idea of ​​a perfect romantic relationship? You can beat around the bush on this to get a feel for how it feels for you

Be a Gold Digger Step 13

Step 2. Claim what you want

There is nothing very seductive about seeing a luxury watch in a store window and whining because you can't afford it. Rather, you should tell your sweetheart that you have a very sexy outfit for the gala night the next day, and you've just seen what you need to complete it. Keep your eyes on the person and smile. When are you two going to walk into the store to buy it?

Don't worry too much about playing scared. You both know very well how to maintain this relationship. Don't overdo your demands. Don't claim everything you see. But if you want something, say it. We will certainly want you to be happy and be happy with him (or her)

Be a Gold Digger Step 14

Step 3. Be bubbly and sociable in her company

Rich men and women don't hang out with people who are just interested in entertainment. They'll probably expect you to be high-spirited, outgoing, and easy-going, especially if you're taken to those extravagant high society parties. And if you're not in the mood for that, you'll have to pretend. It's part of the contract. If you don't want to, we will certainly find someone else who will agree.

Even if you are not interested in this, but hopefully it does, you should do your best to appreciate the world around you, including if it is totally foreign to you. Talk to his friends and smile with all your perfectly white teeth. Chat, laugh and your partner will be delighted by your presence

Be a Gold Digger Step 15

Step 4. Agree on the chapter of loyalty

Let's be honest: you accepted this relationship for financial reasons. The partner accepted it for his own reasons. Often, this type of private arrangement does not involve loyalty. After all, you haven't engaged your feelings. Does this suit you? Has an agreement been reached between you? Can he (or she) cheat on you because he has money? What type of arrangement is this? In such situations, unfortunately, questions of loyalty are rarely taken into account.

Many men and women are looking for material security, because it gives them a certain prestige, even if the partner is cheating on them. This can in a way limit the damage. You could agree to that kind of arrangement. You just need to know if it's right for you or not

Be a Gold Digger Step 16

Step 5. Seal your relationship

You should consider formalizing your relationship if you want to keep this lifestyle forever. It can be fun to be nurtured, but the situation can get quite trying if your target's income streams seem to be drying up. Make sure you have a proper marriage contract prepared at a notary.

That said, you are committed for life. Know what will become of you if he loses his fortune. What are you going to do if the person is broke? If his pensions plummet? If his business collapses? Are you going to leave this person because they can no longer support you financially? Is this approach in line with your principles?

Part 4 of 4: Recognize the obstacles

Be a Gold Digger Step 17

Step 1. Expect competition

A rich person attracts people like a drop of blood attracts sharks. A lot of people will spin around it to grab a piece of it, and you are one of those predators. You will not be alone in the running, the competition will be fierce. This is completely normal and it is part of the wealth. Keep some composure and protect your back and you should be okay.

You might come to a point in the relationship where you should tell your partner what is right for you and what you don't want. So he is ostensibly flirting with these models? Is this just one of the things you should learn to come to terms with? And even if you mention your needs, it may well not be complied with. This is, after all, part of the charms of wealth

Be a Gold Digger Step 18

Step 2. Be aware that he may require your submission if he is servicing you

It is very common that those who support their partner financially are also the ones who think that everything is due to them. They are, after all, footing the bill. Your wealthy sweetheart expects you to do whatever it takes and make you happy. You are part of his possessions. It can work if you put up with this type of situation.

You will probably have to leave your personality in the locker room. Can you accept this? Will you still be happy if this is the case? Do you think it is worth being submissive to be entertained? Only you know your limits

Be a Gold Digger Step 19

Step 3. Realize that you will always need to stay beautiful and fit

Again, your darling will not have chosen you by chance. Chances are he or she is looking for an Adonis or a Venus. You will therefore have to preserve your beauty and your form to fulfill your part of the contract. We will remain rich for you and you will remain sublime for him.

It is quite unfair to expect anything else.It may seem pointless and superficial, but you wouldn't have been with this person if they didn't have the money, right? It's only justice. You can walk away and your partner can too

Be a Gold Digger Step 20

Step 4. Don't try to change the person

A wealthy partner can sometimes (but not always) feel guilty for not wanting to change. Watch out if you try to do this. You might be faced with the harsh reality quickly. It is likely that he wants to keep his habits. If you don't like them, he'll find someone else who'll be fine with them.

Here is another hypothesis of the situation. He offers you money and you say yes. It basically boils down to that. Not all men or women will react this way, but some will. You should know if it's worth it, if there is something about the person that you don't like

Be a Gold Digger Step 21

Step 5. Expect people to hate you

When it is clear that you are interested, some will take pleasure in insulting you and speaking badly about you behind your back. You will be treated with your choice of opportunist or dowry runner. People of your gender will look askance at you. What can you do about it? Ignore them. They would do like you if they had the chance.

Just let it go. There is no point in getting angry or wanting to understand. These are probably people you don't even know or are indifferent to you. They love brunettes and pomegranates and you prefer big bank accounts and the Grenadines Islands. If you avoid judging others, you won't be judged either


Show kindness. Do not abuse the person or demand anything forcibly. Stay sympathetic, respect this partner, and encourage them if they want to spoil you


  • There are many cases of men who have gone berserk and sometimes violent when they realize they have been ripped off. Rich Hunting is a scam commonly used by Mozarts to embezzle money.
  • Make sure the person is not married and does not have a family to support. You don't want to hurt anyone, you're just looking for a super rich partner to make them and yourself happy.
  • Fortune hunters are often seen as devoid of all morality. Are you sure you want to go this route? You may find over time that material possessions are no longer a source of happiness for you. Others might judge you and speak ill of you. You should carefully consider your solutions and values ​​before making such a decision.

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