How to meet people for free (with pictures)

How to meet people for free (with pictures)
How to meet people for free (with pictures)

Having busy schedules and being shy of character can sometimes be a barrier to meeting new people. Instead of letting your schedule or discretion get in the way of your social life, take the initiative to meet new people.


Method 1 of 2: Meet new people in the usual places

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Step 1. Approach people while shopping

Your weekly shopping list likely includes a trip to the grocery store, a stop to refuel at the gas station, or a trip to the drugstore. While these tasks may seem mundane, they are great opportunities to chat with people you don't know and who are interesting. The next time you're in line or walking down the same aisle as someone else, make an effort to walk towards them.

  • Make it your goal: to talk to a number of new people every time you go out. For example, try saying at least "hello" to three new people every time you go shopping.
  • Don't feel like you have to have a big conversation, just say “hello” and ask a few basic questions of the person you don't know to start. If she's interested in you and you get along well, the conversation will naturally continue.
Find People for Free Step 2

Step 2. Take public transportation

Getting to work or school is something you need to do anyway. By using public transport, you kill two birds with one stone. Sitting or standing next to a stranger on the bus, train or metro is a good opportunity to start chatting. Plus, if you meet someone whose company is nice, there's a good chance they'll take the same public transit as you regularly. This means that you have the opportunity to see it often.

Find People for Free Step 3

Step 3. Work away from home

If you have homework or work to do, or just want to read a book, try doing it in a public place rather than at home. Head to a nearby park, camp, and hang out with those who are doing the same thing as you. If you share an activity with a stranger who is by your side, strike up a conversation with them about that activity!

Find People for Free Step 4

Step 4. Go to strangers you meet frequently

Isn't there someone in class or at work that you've never spoken to? You must have missed a great opportunity to meet someone. Approach that person you see often and start talking to them. So remove the “foreign” label you have.

Find People for Free Step 5

Step 5. Talk to other people at gatherings

If you've ever planned on going to a date or party hosted by a friend or family member, decide not to go unnoticed. Even though you may know a lot or most of the people there, come out of your shell and talk to those you don't know.

Find People for Free Step 6

Step 6. Find new places to practice

If you are going for a walk, run or bike ride, try changing locations. Just taking your dog for a walk in a park is an easy way to meet people. Exercise in a public place to get to know other people who are also there to train.

Method 2 of 2: Change the way you meet new people

Find People for Free Step 7

Step 1. Go to a library or bookstore

Browsing the same shelves as someone is one of the best ways to start a conversation. If you are passionate about literature and like to go to the library or bookstores, take the opportunity to pick up new books and books of a social nature.

Find People for Free Step 8

Step 2. Go to a free concert

Many cities offer free concerts by large groups. If you love music, find other like-minded people at a free concert. Go a little earlier and don't come home right away so you can talk about the gig with other fans.

Find People for Free Step 9

Step 3. Volunteer for a group you love

If you have a passion for an activity or an organization, help others and take the opportunity to meet people who have the same interests as you. Volunteer for local programs regularly and you'll meet lots of new people for free.

Find People for Free Step 10

Step 4. Join a club

Even if you've never been the type to join a club in high school or college, there's nothing stopping you now! Join a local club that interests you, a running club, a book club, a sports club, whatever catches your eye. These dates are full of people who have something in common with you, making the conversation even easier.

Find People for Free Step 11

Step 5. Attend a sporting event near you

Whether it's a game with the high school team or a professional game, there are loads of new people to meet at sporting events. High schools in the region often offer free tickets to games and the benches are filled with supporters. Discussing the game is a great way to start a conversation.

Find People for Free Step 12

Step 6. Join a local team

If just watching sports competitions isn't enough for you, join a local sports team. You will get physical exercise and be able to have fun and meet people of both sexes. Check your region for activities that are lacking members and sign up!

Find People for Free Step 13

Step 7. Attend Free Seminars

Seminars are great for several reasons: they teach you tons of useful information, are free, and also give you the opportunity to get to know a lot of like-minded people. Check to see if any stores, universities, or businesses in your area are giving seminars that you might be interested in. Sticking around after the event to discuss it is great for meeting people.

Find People for Free Step 14

Step 8. Attend a religious gathering

If you are a spiritual person or part of a religious group, take advantage of it. Go to a new church (or temple) or attend a large gathering near you. Sharing beliefs with others should make it easier for you to reach them. You also know that you have more affinities with these people than with anyone you meet on the street.

Find People for Free Step 15

Step 9. Try dancing

Free dance lessons are all the rage these days and a lot of people are flocking to these sessions. Try a swing or square dance class in your area, or go to a club where people dance anyway. If you are daring enough to dance in public, you might be daring enough to approach the people you dance with.

Find People for Free Step 16

Step 10. Go to a party

Do you discover that a friend or acquaintance is organizing a party? Join the event instead of avoiding it! Parties, especially those where there are a lot of people you don't know, are great places to meet people. As they are organized by friends, these parties are usually free, which is beneficial in every way!

Find People for Free Step 17

Step 11. Solicit your friends

If you are looking for new people, why not go for the easiest way which is to ask your friends to play the middleman? Plan outings where your friends have to invite their friends over or go out with someone who is a “mutual friend”.


  • Ask lots of questions. If you're the one starting the conversation with the new person, don't wait for them to continue the conversation. If she is interested, she may interact with you for a longer period of time. But at first, it's all up to you.
  • Don't limit yourself to certain places. Meeting new people can take place absolutely anywhere, take advantage of every opportunity that comes your way!
  • If you are going out with the intention of meeting new people, make sure you are presentable and well prepared. Put on a pretty outfit, take care of your hygiene and be motivated to meet new people!

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