How to meet a celebrity (with pictures)

How to meet a celebrity (with pictures)
How to meet a celebrity (with pictures)

Many dream of meeting their favorite celebrities. Some people even have websites and social media accounts entirely dedicated to dating their idols. Meeting a celebrity can be very enjoyable, but it often takes some preparation. With a little work and research, you'll be able to get an autograph or say hello to your favorite star.


Part 1 of 5: Locating a star remotely

Meet a Celebrity Step 1

Step 1. Read tabloid magazines and websites

Magazines and celebrity blogs regularly publish photos of celebrities by paparazzi going on their own. Take a good look at the background of the photos. If you see a hotel, it's probably where your celebrity stayed while in town. If you see a particular bar or store in these photos, it's probably a place your idol frequents.

  • Put a Google alert with the name of your favorite star. You will receive news about him, but also information on his movements, according to the latest photos taken by the paparazzi and fan news.
  • Celebrity appearances are a popular pastime today. Lots of people have blogs that they update regularly.
Meet a Celebrity Step 2

Step 2. Follow your icon on Twitter

Many stars regularly tweet throughout the day. Following your favorite icon on Twitter could help you get information about the places they frequent regularly, including gyms, restaurants, and stores. Going to these places will increase your chances of meeting her.

Many fans post celebrity photos on their Twitter feed. Set an alert in case your homepage is inundated with discussions about your favorite star. This will also allow you to know if the latter is in your immediate vicinity

Meet a Celebrity Step 3

Step 3. Follow your celebrity on Instagram

Photos posted by celebrities can give clues about the places they frequent. Look at the background of the photos and pay attention to street names, store names, and other details about their locations.

Most celebrity Facebook accounts are managed by their press officers and are not updated with information about their daily lives. However, you can find some information from the comments left by fans

Meet a Celebrity Step 4

Step 4. Search an online database

There are many sites that provide information on celebrity travel, such as movie locations, book signings, public appearances, and conferences.

Part 2 of 5: meet a star in person

Meet a Celebrity Step 5

Step 1. Visit Paris, Los Angeles, New York or London

Lots of celebrities live in these cities, so spending time in these places can increase the chances of meeting a famous person.

Meet a Celebrity Step 6

Step 2. Make contacts

Show off your passion for taking pictures with stars or occasionally tell people about the hobby. You never know: one of these people might know the parent of a friend of your celebrity's trainer.

  • Stay calm. Just as you would protect your friends, coworkers, superiors, or employees from someone you find threatening, someone who is actively involved in a celebrity's life won't introduce you to that personality if you seem dangerous, strange, or disturbing.
  • Express your interest in an area of ​​the arts industry or in showbiz and not in any particular person. If the people who make up your social or professional network know about your love for cinema, music or theater, they will be more likely to share information, posts and news about those topics with a large number of people who share your views. interests. If your friends know you love pop music, they might keep you posted on Beyoncé concerts. However, if they think you're only interested in Taylor Swift, they might not tell you anything.
Meet a Celebrity Step 7

Step 3. Ask around

When you go to a cafe or restaurant in a popular neighborhood, ask the people who work there if they've never seen a celebrity nearby. Some of them can be very outspoken and tell you what day of the week or what time some famous people are visiting their shops or restaurants.

Meet a Celebrity Step 8

Step 4. Read the newspaper arts section

Theatrical performances, opening galleries, signing sessions and other official events could be included.

Visit a performance hall or gallery where celebrities will appear. Talk to the people who work there. You never know: maybe one of these people could give you some information about your star's whereabouts

Part 3 of 5: Meet a Celebrity at an Event

Meet a Celebrity Step 9

Step 1. Go to events

Buy a ticket to attend a concert, play or event of your favorite star. By paying for tickets to attend these official events, you won't have to sit outside hoping to spot your icon.

  • Try to get the best seats according to the means you have. The closer you are to the stage, the more likely you are to see personalities. Some performers interact with the audience a lot and they might take a photo or chat with you.
  • You can also buy a VIP ticket including a meeting session. Although these tickets are generally extremely expensive, you have the possibility of obtaining good seats at the cinema, the opera or the concert. Also, you are sure to take a photo with celebrities at the end. Most reservations agents will explain exactly what is included in the VIP packages.
Meet a Celebrity Step 10

Step 2. Pay attention to book signings

Celebrities often promote themselves on these organized occasions both for the books they are authoring and for books related to a project they are working on. For example in 2012, Jennifer Lawrence signed copies of The Hunger Games in the Barnes & Noble bookstore in New York to promote literacy. Many of these events are free. Some sites also provide detailed information on these events.

  • If a book signing is to take place in a bookstore, contact the bookstore in advance to find out if there will be a lot of people, to know the directions for taking pictures and autographs and so on. Big bookstores have lots of events like this every year and they know exactly what to expect.
  • It can be tricky to take a photo with a celebrity at book signings. Bookstores usually don't want to delay the line. Don't bother people, otherwise you might not be accepted next time.
  • Usually at these events, people are not allowed to get an autograph or join the line to meet the celebrities, unless they have purchased the product advertised on the occasion (a book, a box set).
  • You can buy more than one book. This will give you more time to chat with celebrities while they sign autographs.
Meet a Celebrity Step 11

Step 3. Go to the artists entrance

If you have tickets to a play or concert, find out where the exit and entry doors are. After the show, head straight to these locations and wait for the celebrities to come out. There will definitely be a lot of people waiting, but you can still take a photo or have an autograph.

Some artists can be very tired after a performance and not want to sign autographs and pose for photos. Always be polite and respectful, don't bore people

Meet a Celebrity Step 12

Step 4. Participate in the recording of a talkshow

Programs like this, which take place in the morning, afternoon or evening, receive many personalities every week. You can check the recording dates of these shows online to find out when your favorite star will be the guest.

Just like theaters, TV studios also have backstage. Often the places where stras come out and enter are filled with paparazzi and fans. However, you might manage to have a short chat, but that will depend on the celebrity in question and their commitments

Part 4 of 5: Meet a star while walking

Meet a Celebrity Step 13

Step 1. Visit places frequented by celebrities

Even if you can't buy yourself an item from Prada or Louis Vuitton, you can still go to the places famous people frequent. In Paris, places such as Le Fouquet's, Le Pershing Hall, the restaurant L'Avenue are very frequented by the stars.

Stores generally don't like to see people hanging around without buying anything. Buying something in stores, even a small, inexpensive item, will help you not appear to be an unwelcome visitor

Meet a Celebrity Step 14

Step 2. Wait in front of the hotel where your star is staying

Press conferences and previews are often held late, so if you show up in the morning, you might spot your icon driving to work.

  • Lingering in a hotel lobby can get you in trouble, so try ordering a drink from the bar. Sit down so you can watch your entrances and exits.
  • If you don't see your favorite star entering or leaving the hotel, don't be discouraged. Large hotels with celebrity clientele have secret passages.
Meet a Celebrity Step 15

Step 3. If it's a singer, wait near vehicle parking lots

Have you ever attended a concert? If so, find out where the vehicles are parked and try to get there. Many bands quickly repack all their gear after the show, but some people might be hanging around and you can take this opportunity to introduce yourself.

Meet a Celebrity Step 16

Step 4. Look for a job in a place frequented by your idol

Become a waiter at her favorite restaurant, a bartender at the bar she frequents, or a personal trainer at her favorite gym. Finding an eight hour shift can dramatically increase your chances of seeing your favorite star there.

  • Make sure you land a job that allows you to interact with customers. Of course, working as a valet or as a locker room attendant isn't particularly exciting, but you're likely to meet some famous people who dine or stay in a hotel.
  • Always stay professional. As a rule, the owners of places frequented by celebrities do not like people who intend to annoy their customers. You could definitely have a little chat with one of them to take a photo under the right circumstances, but if it gets boring you could get fired from your job.

Part 5 of 5: behaving well during a date

Meet a Celebrity Step 17

Step 1. Be ahead of the events you attend

At some events, you may need to camp overnight. So bring a book or digital music player to distract yourself while you wait.

Consider bringing a friend with you, especially if you arrive several hours early or have to spend the night out. In your absence, it could keep your place in the line and vice versa allowing you to go to the bathroom, bring food and drink, etc

Meet a Celebrity Step 18

Step 2. Decide what you want

Do you want to get an autograph or just take a picture? You could get both at the same time, but if your favorite star is running late, quickly walks past you to see their agent, or is just spending a few minutes with the fans, you better know your questions exactly.

  • Ask to get a personalized autograph. So you are less likely to sell the autographed item for cash and more likely to get an autograph or start a conversation with your idol.
  • Prepare yourselves. Have a pen or marker on hand, along with the item that will be autographed (such as a photo or poster). If the person is generous and gives you an autograph, try to make it easier for them.
Meet a Celebrity Step 19

Step 3. Prepare your words

Celebrities are usually short on time, which means your introduction should be brief and prepared. Tell the person your name and a sentence or two to express your gratitude for their work. State your request clearly and politely and always phrase your request as a question. You might say, "Can I take a picture with you?" Instead of "I want to take a photo with you.""

If you've got a lot to say, consider writing a letter and delivering it in person to your favorite star. Maybe she'll read it when she has more free time

Meet a Celebrity Step 20

Step 4. Keep Calm

This celebrity could have changed your life. You might think that you are two soul mates who haven't had the opportunity to meet. Whatever your thoughts, be friendly and polite, while avoiding rave or exaggerated comments. Idolatry, crying or incessant worship makes people uncomfortable.

Meet a Celebrity Step 21

Step 5. Smile and be friendly

Stars are very busy people and attend a lot of press conferences and events every month. Don't be demanding or aggressive. If you really show kindness and gratitude, you are more likely to meet this person.

Always ask permission before taking pictures. It might sound suspicious or rude to take your phone out and start taking photos without permission

Meet a Celebrity Step 22

Step 6. Step back

If you are attending an event or waiting near the porter's lodge, there will certainly be a lot of people too. After getting an autograph, taking a photo, or shaking hands with a celebrity, allow other people to do that, too. They will all be as excited as you are.

Don't be discouraged if you don't get a handshake or if the meeting was brief. Many other possibilities will present themselves to you


  • Celebrities are human beings. You might meet them when they're sick, when they're just coming out of a bad patch or disappointment. Stars have bad days and can leave a bad first impression, just like ordinary people. If you come across a star who isn't as cordial as you hoped, give them a chance. Maybe you met her at a bad time.
  • Respect the privacy of stars and use common sense. If you see your favorite icon eating ice cream with her kids outside, think about whether it would be good to interrupt this family moment. Remember, he is also a human being.
  • Never assume that famous people will agree to take a photo with you or give an autograph. Just based on their schedules, it is not obvious that they have free time. If they refuse, smile and let them go.
  • Some people don't understand that celebrities are people too. People admire stars as if they were the center of their lives. Stars are human beings and they should be treated like humans. Don't get too excited to meet one. They are like you.
  • Remember, celebrities are normal people, but with a different lifestyle.
  • Walking around airports is really no use.Most celebrities take private jets and once they land at public airports there's a good chance you'll see them there.


  • Wandering around in public places such as hotels and shops is sometimes prohibited and is often viewed with a dim view by the managers of these establishments. If you want to shop around in hotels or shops, be a good customer and at least buy something every now and then, otherwise you may be barred from entry.
  • Harassment is a criminal offense. Never try to enter a celebrity's house, hotel room, or private space. All correspondence should be sent to the official fans mailing address or fan-only phone number, but never to a private address.

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