How to avoid an argument with your best friend

How to avoid an argument with your best friend
How to avoid an argument with your best friend

Nothing is worse than arguing with your best friend! You could have a fight with a friend, or find yourself between two friends who are fighting. If you hate this kind of drama, take the following steps to avoid it.


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Step 1. When you argue with a friend, see the situation from their perspective

Did you do anything to make him angry? Is he hurt? If yes, why ?

Avoid Drama with Your Best Friend Step 2

Step 2. Write a letter or short note saying that you are sorry and that you can't stand arguing with him, even if you think your friend should apologize first

He or she will probably think the same!

Avoid Drama with Your Best Friend Step 3

Step 3. Drag the note into his locker, or somewhere you know your friend will find it, without others having access to it

You could also hand that note to him.

Avoid Drama with Your Best Friend Step 4

Step 4. Try sending an email or even a text message to your friend, if the letter does not help

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Step 5. Realize that this friend may need some time to calm down before they can forgive you

Arguments sometimes hurt people.

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Step 6. If you are confused about the situation, talk to other friends

You could even talk to your mother about it, she will always be there to advise and support you! Remember she was your age too.

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Step 7. Know that this kind of situation is very common between two friends who spend a lot of time together

Try to hang out with other friends.

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Step 8. Realize that if this friend can't forgive you, they probably don't belong in your life


  • If you have to work on a class project together, be careful not to bring up the topic of the argument.
  • Ask yourself why you quarreled in the first place.
  • If you're working on a project together, pretend you've never had an argument and move on. You wouldn't want to get a bad grade because of an argument.
  • Don't let your other friends say bad things about your best friend.
  • Your best friend might just need some space. Give him time and don't force him to speak up on the topic.
  • If you meet his gaze, smile at him shyly, so that he understands that you don't like being angry with him.
  • Don't get too involved in arguments.
  • If you are having trouble with a friend, don't confide in another friend, go see a teacher or an education counselor to resolve the issue.
  • If you're angry with your friend, try hanging out with other people. Your friend will repent of not being with you, having a good time.
  • Never be the source of an argument.
  • Never ask a friend to pass on your apology to your best friend.


  • Don't talk bad things about your best friend to your other friends.
  • Don't just ignore him / her: he / she will only ignore you in return, and you may never speak to each other again.
  • Do not ask him / her if he / she is angry more than twice. That would be annoying and if he / she weren't angry, you might annoy him / her.

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