How to become a better Muslim: 8 steps (with pictures)

How to become a better Muslim: 8 steps (with pictures)
How to become a better Muslim: 8 steps (with pictures)

If you are looking to strengthen your faith to live as a good Muslim, you can do this by showing more fervor. Be proud of your identity and seek to better understand your faith. Fulfill the precepts of the five pillars of your religion, making sure to align your actions with their teachings. Meet your co-religionists at the mosque and share "fard el kifaya" with them, as well as with other members of your community.


Part 1 of 2: Strengthen Your Faith

Become a Strong Muslim Step 1

Step 1. Fulfill the precepts of the five pillars of Islam

All Muslims must do this. If you want to be a good Muslim, you will have to follow the teachings of these pillars. Therefore, do not hesitate to observe the requirements to demonstrate the strength of your faith. Respect your daily rites conscientiously, and prepare your punctual commitments with care. These are the five pillars of Islam.

  • The declaration of faith (chahada). When you become a Muslim you have to assert your faith. It is enough to say out loud: "There is no God except Allah, and Muhammad is his prophet".
  • Practice the five daily salawat prayers. The rite is performed five times a day looking in the direction of Mecca which is the holy city of Muslims.
  • Fast in the month of Ramadan (sawm). During this holy month, you are required to pray, fast and be charitable.
  • Give alms (zakat). Give the poor 2.5% of your income.
  • Go to Mecca (hajj). If you can afford it, you must make a pilgrimage to Mecca at least once in your life.
Become a Strong Muslim Step 2

Step 2. Read the Holy Scriptures

This is the Quran that you should consult as often as possible. Seek to understand Islam better right at the source. Your faith will be stronger if you are convinced that it finds its roots in this sacred book. Get into the habit of reading the Quran daily for a few minutes every day, especially when you feel that your faith in Allah is wavering.

As you read, recite at least one verse aloud

Become a Strong Muslim Step 3

Step 3. Pray even beyond the requirements

In addition to the five obligatory daily prayers, a good Muslim can also perform additional prayers. You have the opportunity to pray at home. However, to strengthen your faith, it is better to go to the mosque, as collective worship has a stronger merit.

  • The duration of a prayer should not be less than five minutes, but you can increase this period as you see fit.
  • Change your habits to be aware of this act and don't just think about the movements.
Become a Strong Muslim Step 4

Step 4. Donate your time and money to those in need

Every Muslim should practice zakat, and it is up to everyone to decide how much they are willing to give beyond the prescribed 2.5%. If you’re making a lot of money, you’re better off going above this percentage to fund credible organizations that support a good cause. If you have free time, volunteer with charitable organizations. If you have skills that can be useful to others, such as knowledge of a foreign language or legal expertise, consider sharing them with nonprofits that cannot afford to hire professionals.

Become a Strong Muslim Step 5

Step 5. Contribute to the realization of "fard al-kifaya" by your community

Indeed, this blush weighs on the entire community. But, one part must accomplish it for the rest to be released from it. For example, if a Muslim dies, some members must perform the prayer for the dead. Not everyone has to do it. However, if the whole community abstains, it will be in sin.

  • Therefore, don't hesitate to take action when your community is at risk of failing to accomplish the blush.
  • Think about the broader meaning of “make-up al-kifaya” for your community. Can Muslims in your community fight famine, repair basic infrastructure, or participate in local politics?

Part 2 of 2: asserting your identity

Become a Strong Muslim Step 6

Step 1. Be Confident and Stand Up for Other Muslims

Often, Muslims are portrayed negatively by various political groups for propaganda purposes. You should not react every time you hear Islamophobic remarks, but feel free to take a stand if your environment is safe, and if you have the energy to do so.

  • If someone confuses Islam with violent extremism, you might say, "I am a Muslim and I don’t accept the confusion you make. There is no evidence that all Muslims are violent. Your words could have dangerous consequences for me and the people I love. "
  • Take sides with other Muslims if they are persecuted. For example, if a woman is being harassed for wearing a hijab, defend her against her persecutor, and talk to her in a friendly way to remove her from the bad situation she finds herself in.
Become a Strong Muslim Step 7

Step 2. Choose your clothes to express your faith

Generally speaking, the majority of Muslims dress modestly. However, the dress style varies considerably according to the regions and the rites. Examine your situation and dress in a way that fully expresses your religious belief.

  • Even if your family dresses differently, you can choose to wear long sleeves or a hijab to assert your beliefs.
  • If you are not wearing a distinctive emblem, you can pin a badge or badge in favor of Islam to show your membership.
  • Take care of yourself. Make the necessary compromises to keep yourself safe if you live anywhere where you need to show or hide your faith.
Become a Strong Muslim Step 8

Step 3. Create or join an affinity group

You can be part of a group of young Muslims, a volunteer association or a meeting group. Find out from your mosque about associations that you can contact. If you are continuing your education, there are often affinity groups and interfaith groups open to Muslim students within universities, of which you can join.

  • Celebrate the holidays together, go to meetings, organize protests, party gatherings and other great events.
  • Create a drafting committee to educate your local political representatives about legislation that would impact Muslims, such as that relating to refugees from Muslim-majority countries.

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