How to draw near to God as a Christian

How to draw near to God as a Christian
How to draw near to God as a Christian

The goal of many Christians is to draw closer to God. There are many ways to go about it, whether it is by praying and praising the Lord, in a traditional way or more informally or by reading the Bible. If you need support, you can talk to a priest or pastor or participate more actively in Church activities. All of these little steps will help you draw closer to God in the Christian religion.


Part 1 of 2: Praying to God

Become Closer to God as a Christian Step 1

Step 1. Get to know your religion better

If you don't know God well and haven't practiced your religion, take the time to get to know Him. Perhaps you could start by locking yourself in your room. You will thus be alone with the Creator.

Become Closer to God as a Christian Step 2

Step 2. Clear your mind

Take a deep breath and say “hello, God. I take this moment for you. Would you allow me to get closer to you? This might seem absurd to you at first, but know that God listens to you and cares about what you say. Remember that ask and it will be given to you. There is nothing wrong with asking God to speak to you.

Ask God for Forgiveness Step 7

Step 3. Talk to him like a friend

Untie your tongue and tell God everything you have on your heart. Tell him about a recent event in your life that brought you joy. For example, thank him for your soccer team winning an important game, for a girl or boy who recently invited you out, or for the new friends you made. God always hears and understands and you will have no reason to feel silly or ridiculous.

Become Closer to God as a Christian Step 4

Step 4. Don't be proud or boastful

Don't pray for trivial things. Try to address the important aspects of your life. There is nothing too small to ask for, when you need help or support. Your prayer should not be centered on you alone.

Become Closer to God as a Christian Step 5

Step 5. Realize that God has his own reasons, his own agenda

Trust him. You won't necessarily get what you want, when you want it. But whatever God does, He does for a good reason.

Become Closer to God as a Christian Step 6

Step 6. Confess your sins to Him

Pray for the problems you are currently having in your life and for all that matters to you. If you are having trouble praying, you may want to keep a prayer journal, in which you write down your requests and what God is granting you.

Become Closer to God as a Christian Step 7

Step 7. Pray often

Although it may seem obvious, you should make the effort to pray often, twice a day or more. Make sure the words come from your heart. Picture yourself before God, before all of His greatness, as you pray. Praise His greatness. God wants to be your best friend, but still His Most Holy, Judge. He is perfect Love. He wants you to pray in the spirit as well as in the full conscience. He wants you to pray for others to repent and be saved.

Become Closer to God as a Christian Step 8

Step 8. Talk about prayer with your Christian friends

If you are just starting to pray, research and read articles on how to pray effectively.

Part 2 of 2: Getting Close to God in Other Ways

Ask God for Forgiveness Step 1

Step 1. Know that God is always by your side

He is always with you, like a very close friend. With this in mind, you will probably come to talk to God more and more often. Formal prayer is not the only way to speak to God. Let your heart speak, when you need Him. It will bring you closer to God. Praising God and seeking to be filled by the Holy Spirit will do you the greatest good.

Understand that God speaks to you, every day, in your daily life. He might speak to your heart when you pray or throughout the day, through the words of people who don't even know what you are saying in prayer. It usually responds to "why", rather than "what" or "when". Sometimes he answers yes and other times no and still other times "not now"

Become Closer to God as a Christian Step 10

Step 2. Talk to the youth leader in your church

Ask him your questions. This person will generally have a good knowledge of the Bible and may have asked the same questions as you. You will learn a lot about God. Looking for answers will also help you explain God, Jesus Christ, and the Holy Spirit to your non-Christian friends.

  • Why does He allow us to choose to sin?
  • Why does He let us suffer? Why do we encounter suffering even when doing good?
  • Why did He let His Son suffer and bleed and die on the cross to save us from sin?
  • Why did Christ have to return to his Father in Heaven?
  • Why did He send the Holy Spirit?
Become Closer to God as a Christian Step 11

Step 3. Read the Bible

Knowing God better will help you draw closer to Him, and the Bible is the written word of God. What does He like? What doesn't He like? What makes Him sad, happy, or angry? What is of value to Him? What doesn't? All the answers to these questions are in the Book. Read the Bible every day, following a reading plan.

  • You can find many reading plans on the Internet. Pick one that's right for you. Study Bibles are often very useful because the passages will be explained to you in a way that you can bring closer to your life, which will help you understand them better. You can buy this type of Bibles in bookstores or find them on the Internet.
  • You can also purchase various books that will help you better understand the word of God. Some will give you comfort when you are going through a difficult time.
Become Closer to God as a Christian Step 12

Step 4. Don't make false promises to God

If you fail to keep a promise or falter, come back to Him and beg His forgiveness. Maybe He wants you to beg other people for forgiveness too, or maybe not. When you pray, be aware of what God is telling you, understand your feelings, so that you can better understand Him. Open your heart and be honest. He already knows what you have in your heart. You have to see what's in your heart. Be honest with yourself. By lying, you are lying only to yourself, for He already knows the truth.

Become Closer to God as a Christian Step 13

Step 5. Pay attention during services

You will learn much more and come closer to God.

Take notes during Mass. This will be of great help to you, as you can later go over what you have written and determine how to apply the principles mentioned by the priest to your own life

Become Closer to God as a Christian Step 14

Step 6. Attend Mass

It will not be enough to sing and follow the movements of the office (tilting your head, getting up, sitting down). Volunteer as soon as you can, help others and do your best to fully experience Mass.

Become Closer to God as a Christian Step 15

Step 7. Be honest in your thoughts, feelings and actions

God is pure and the purer you are, the more God will touch your heart and respond to your deepest desires.

Become Closer to God as a Christian Step 16

Step 8. Resist the violence

Be a balanced and calm person. Read the Bible and seek help in it to always stay calm.

Become Closer to God as a Christian Step 17

Step 9. Confess

If you are Catholic, go to confession at least once every 2 or 3 months. It will help you live a more Christian life and draw closer to God.

Become Closer to God as a Christian Step 18

Step 10. Connect with your fellow believers

Whether you are a child, teenager, or adult, spend time with people who share your faith. This will help you become stronger in your own faith, especially when praying together. This does not mean that you cannot be friends with non-believers or people of another religion. What matters is what you have in your heart. When you pray, have faith. If you don't believe, you won't come close to God.


  • Relax and trust God. If your problems seem too much to bear, take a step back and accept God's plans for you. These are always good. Trust and do good around you.
  • Don't repeat prayers that don't mean anything to you. God wants you to have a conversation with Him, not repeat empty words to Him. Talk to him like a friend.
  • Have I not given you this order: be strong and take heart? Do not be afraid or afraid, for the LORD your God is with you in all that you do. Joshua 1: 9.
  • It is not necessary to become a priest, nun, or deacon to truly draw near to God. You can do this by prayer, by trusting in God, in very simple, almost childish terms.
  • Jesus said, You shall love the Lord your God with all your heart, with all your soul, with all your strength and with all your mind, and your neighbor as yourself.
  • To rekindle your faith, attend a youth group or an adult retreat.
  • Be careful not to forget God. It can be easy to forget to pray, but always focus on God. Seek Him as soon as you can, and you will find Him.
  • When you do good for others, you will be rewarded more than you might imagine. Your cup will overflow, so you can share it with others.
  • Your only goal should not be to enter Heaven or obtain any reward. You will have to do good for others, with your heart. It won't always be easy, but the payoff will be great.
  • Seek Him because without faith it is impossible to please Him, for he who draws near to God must believe that God exists and that he is the rewarder of those who seek him (Hebrews 11: 6).


  • The Bible says arrogance precedes ruin and pride precedes fall. Work on valuing others. For example, try to be of service more often, to be courteous and considerate, in order to share the love of God around you.
  • A child or young person can rarely prevent their parents from separating and their family from breaking up if both husband and wife have made their choice (a divorce, for example). There are some situations that your prayer might not resolve, but praying will help you get through this painful time in your life.

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