How to become more feminine

How to become more feminine
How to become more feminine

Femininity has very different meanings from person to person. A more traditional (and outdated) view of women accentuates feminine characteristics as well as dependence on men. Being more feminine, however, is more about your attitude, confidence, and personal style than conforming to other people's ideas of what you should be. Getting in touch with your femininity and finding inspiration there is a more intimate than external process, where you are looking for advice. Everyone can enjoy getting more in tune with their incredibly feminine and essential side, whoever you are.


Part 1 of 3: dress in a feminine style

Become More Feminine Step 1

Step 1. Wear dresses and skirts for fairly simple women's fashion

Dresses and skirts are almost the universal flagships of women's fashion. Wearing them defines you as a woman and when you throw your jeans away, you are clearly asserting your feminine status to yourself. Today's fashion allows you to find a dress or skirt for any occasion, from the classic little black dress for the evening to light floral skirts for the summer. The best way to find a dress is a personal choice: are you comfortable there, do you feel beautiful and feminine there? If so, chances are others will notice it too.

Become More Feminine Step 2

Step 2. Show off your figure and curves

The softness of your natural curves is a gift of your femininity. Accept and accentuate your feminine body to reveal its aesthetics. This often involves wearing clothes that show off your chest and waistline. The best way to show off your curves is still to wear clothes that fit you. Your clothes should be fitted enough that your figure is noticeable. A feminine figure is very different from a man's and drawing attention to it will look naturally more feminine.

  • Your outfits will give you more femininity if you feel comfortable and very womanly.
  • You don't have to show off pieces of bare skin to look more feminine.
  • Try wearing bras that lift the bust, underwear that emphasizes or slims your curves, and leggings.
Become More Feminine Step 3

Step 3. Try out more classic feminine cuts and styles

There are certain trends which, although intended for both men and women, are primarily feminine. More delicate, softer fabrics and bold patterns are generally feminine. You can incorporate the following into your wardrobe:

  • lace, silk or velvet
  • flowery patterns
  • polka dot prints
Become More Feminine Step 4

Step 4. Accept the colors

Here again, very feminine clothing trends are based on bright colors to bring vibrancy and liveliness to the feminine universe, although this is not necessarily necessary. Try bolder colors or spice up a simple outfit with brightly colored shoes or colorful makeup.

Accessories like scarves, bags, and hats are great ways to make an outfit more feminine

Become More Feminine Step 5

Step 5. Wear some tasteful jewelry

Jewelry is traditionally worn by women, but has become socially acceptable to everyone around the world. You can feel more confident and attractive with a few elements that shine, which will also strengthen your feminine image. As a rule, jewelry with stones (precious, semi-precious or imitation stones) is considered to be more feminine than rings and necklaces made of raw metal.

  • Wear rings on your little finger or thumb.
  • Put on a pretty necklace.
  • Get your ears pierced.
Become More Feminine Step 6

Step 6. Wear underwear that makes you sexy

No one needs to see what you're wearing under your clothes, but it makes all the difference. Remember that femininity begins on the inside. Thus, we will feel it if you are fully aware of it. Try pulling on something a little more daring and see if you feel more feminine wearing it.

Become More Feminine Step 7

Step 7. Know that your confidence and attitude are as important to looking feminine as your style of dress

You won't look very good if you don't act feminine. Feel good about yourself, love who you are, and you will radiate femininity whenever you want. If you are feeling feminine, you are likely to be noticed by others.

Become More Feminine Step 8

Step 8. Pay attention to the social and cultural dimension of womanhood

While there is no single way to be feminine, some fashion clues reveal it. Just because you look feminine does not mean that you should submit to all the codes related to each gender. Rather, it is a choice of style that accentuates a classic vision of femininity such as elegance, dignity, coquetry and sensuality.

  • Anyone can give their wardrobe a feminine touch, regardless of their gender or sexual orientation.
  • Consider examples of “classic” female beauty like Catherine Deneuve, Marilyn Monroe and Audrey Hepburn. What makes them so feminine to you?
  • Anyone can look feminine, dress feminine, and be feminine, whether you are male, female, or transgender. Femininity is not the same as the feminine gender, because it is a social dimension and not a biological concept.

Part 2 of 3: look feminine

Become More Feminine Step 9

Step 1. Make subtle use of the scent to smell good

Spray your favorite scent in the morning before going out. Usually two small sprays are sufficient. Smell is one of the most powerful senses of attraction, and the fact of smelling divinely good has long been a mark of femininity.

Become More Feminine Step 10

Step 2. Simply put on makeup

Make-up is one of the strongholds of fashion which remains almost exclusively feminine. Men rarely wear makeup, but they can sport eye shadow and eye pencil to achieve a more feminine look, as several rock stars like Morrissey or Marilyn Manson regularly do.

  • Polish your nails, try on new makeup, or follow the look of celebrities you admire.
  • You don't necessarily need makeup to look more feminine, but it can help.
Become More Feminine Step 11

Step 3. Walk like a woman

The "feminine gait" is supposed to accentuate a silhouette and show off feminine curves. Try to move forward by moving your pelvis, not pushing yourself forward and hammering the ground with your feet. The first thing is to have good support (your back straight, your shoulders aligned with the hips and your chin parallel to the floor), but a few extra steps can help you have a more feminine gait.

  • Keep your shoulders back to straighten your chest.
  • Slightly rotate your hips toward the stepping foot (pivot to the left when stepping forward with the left foot, for example).
  • Walk slowly, as if you are never in a rush.
Become More Feminine Step 12

Step 4. Grow your hair

It is not essential for more femininity, as many beautiful women have shown. But long hair is generally more feminine. You should therefore consider growing them below the shoulders. Take care of your hair by brushing and grooming it every day.

Many hairstyles, from ponytails to buns to braids, require long hair

Become More Feminine Step 13

Step 5. Remember to wax all over your body

As a residue of an ancient notion of femininity, hair removal is for many women a sign of femininity. Remove any hair you see on your body, whether it is on the legs, under the armpits or in the nose.

Pluck your eyebrows to avoid having a too bushy line or eyebrows that meet

Become More Feminine Step 14

Step 6. Smile Often

The smile promotes contentment and expresses your radiant and accessible personality. Looking more feminine is about being more open, considerate, and caring, and a simple smile is often all it takes to show off your more feminine side. Help yourself by becoming a happier, healthier person and make it easier for others by smiling more often.

Smiling has also been shown to make you happier, so you should incorporate it into all of your interactions with others

Part 3 of 3: Act with more femininity

Become More Feminine Step 15

Step 1. Date women

What do you like in other women? What makes them feminine to you? Hanging out with women and people who seem feminine helps you access your own femininity. Although everyone is different, most people define femininity through the following characteristics:

  • be in tune with emotions, both your own and those of others
  • be considerate and compassionate
  • To be sensitive
  • take care of others
  • be sweet, beautiful, delicate and others
Become More Feminine Step 16

Step 2. Be confident in your charm and in your abilities

You should make your femininity your own, however you define it. Your personality is one of a kind and you should never hide it. Being more feminine isn't about playing a role in conforming to it. It's about being happy with who you are and showing off what you value about yourself.

  • Remember that no one has a monopoly on femininity. You should decide what it is, just like everyone else.
  • Femininity is about the freedom to be yourself, to love your body, your life and others.
Become More Feminine Step 17

Step 3. Be Compassionate

Just as you wouldn't want to be judged for your femininity, you shouldn't be judging others either. Femininity is historically rooted in ideas of compassion, wisdom, and nurturing quality. This is the reason why some people see femininity as weakness and vulnerability, since the archetype of female behavior is not rooted in selfishness. The ability to be flexible and considerate is important for everyone, however, and helps to encourage community life and solve bigger problems.

  • Be respectful and polite, even if you have been misled. Taking the wise path is not only more worthy, but it saves you a lot of trouble before they arise.
  • Avoid getting into unnecessary conflicts whenever possible and stay away from the most trivial arguments.
Become More Feminine Step 18

Step 4. Think about others too, not just yourself

A certain empathy is one of the essential elements to be more feminine than others, whether they are men or women. Empathy is what happens when you try to put yourself in someone else's shoes to see how he or she may be feeling. This allows you to better manage conflict, help loved ones in need, and build lasting friendships.

  • Ask yourself what their side of the story is before you get angry.
  • Think about the problems from the perspective of others, not yourself.
  • Recognize that a person is seldom solely responsible for a problem, but there are lots of other factors that can affect them in their life, just like you are.
Become More Feminine Step 19

Step 5. Be receptive to the world around you, whether it is good or bad

Many people continue to view the female world traditionally seen from the angle of submission and sensitivity as being bad. But there are some incredibly powerful ideas that can help you be more at peace with life, open up to change, and accept love in your heart. Masculine ideas often collide with this, but the truth is, no one is in perfect control of their life, whether to assume it or take the reins. Accepting with elegance and modesty what you cannot change is essential to access the feminine dimension of your personality, which will also make you happier.

You don't give up when you recognize that you can't change everything. It means finding what you can change and focusing on it

Become More Feminine Step 20

Step 6. Recognize that the art of being more feminine has nothing to do with success or achievement

Being feminine doesn't mean you can't be smart, empowered, or allowed to be self-confident. Everyone, men and women, lives halfway between femininity and masculinity, no one is quite one or the other. This is a good thing, given that both sides are important in leading a balanced and successful life.

  • Just because you are proud of your appearance doesn't mean you weren't suited for a job or a career.
  • We won't take you less seriously if you have very feminine preferences, like loving the color pink.
  • Never let go of your dreams, goals, or plans because they don't match other people's notions of femininity.


  • Practice maintaining good posture when sitting and standing.
  • Stay healthy and be content with your lot.

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