How to be a popstar (with pictures)

How to be a popstar (with pictures)
How to be a popstar (with pictures)

Being a pop star means more than just smiling in front of the camera or going on vacation to heavenly places. It will take blood, tears and a lot of drops of sweat for people to come to listen to your music and you will also have to give the best of your talent. You will have to ignore the reviews of the celebrity newspapers, work your network, promote yourself and always take your talent to the next level. Do you think you have what it takes to become a pop star?


Part 1 of 3: have the necessary qualities

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Step 1. Look good

What most pop stars have in common is good physical shape, at least when starting out in their careers. Take for example Justin Bieber, Miley Cyrus before him, the members of N * SYNC, Britney on the cover of … Baby One More Time or many other pop stars and you will see that they all look fit, bursting with freshness, never surrounded or tired as after a sleepless night. Where it gets tricky is that this look must be accompanied by a good dose of sex appeal. But focus on looking physically fit first.

  • People want to identify with the pop star they admire, so don't be too sophisticated or look too bad boy or girl who has nothing in common with them. Remind your audience that you are no different from everyone else.
  • Keep in mind that pop stars tend to attract an audience of teenagers or tweens. You have every interest in parents agreeing to send their children to your concerts, right?
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Step 2. Have sex appeal

To be the perfect pop star, you need to add a touch of sex appeal to your physical shape. You have to be sexy or at least have the potential to be sexy if you want to make your dream come true. It's tricky to strike a good balance between looking fit and having sex appeal, but ultimately you just need to find a way to show off some skin and maturity, without falling into vulgarity. Think of Britney on her first album cover, she was dressed like a schoolgirl, while showing off her belly button. Find a way to be a little attractive and free, without being too grown-up.

  • Show off some bare skin so your fans can see your sexy side. That said, you shouldn't show more than you can to make yourself comfortable. You don't have to get naked to get people to like you.
  • Having sex appeal doesn't stop with showing your navel or giving a suggestive smile in front of the camera. It also means that you have to behave confidently, being happy with how you look and what you have to offer. Stand up straight, look ahead rather than down to your feet, don't cross your arms across your chest, and don't seem self-conscious about your appearance.
  • To increase your sex appeal, you have to master the art of flirting. When you talk to someone, whether it's a reporter or another star, you need to be a bit playful, suggestive, and attractive. Don't let your guard down completely, but be open to flirting.
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Step 3. Have a voice

Obviously, not all the pop stars in the history of music have had the chance to have an angelic voice. But, if you want to become one, you still need to have good vocal cords and vocal amplitude at the base. You can take singing lessons to try and improve on the talent you already have, but if you start from nothing it will be difficult to come up with something. Some pop stars are famous, if not for their talent, for their ability to synchronize their lips or are well served by computer-modified voices. But you have to be better than that. Think of Maria or Whitney, no one ever accused them of having no voice.

  • You will need to be honest with yourself and get some advice. Ask your friends or mentors for honest opinions about your potential talent. Of course, if you are sure you have what it takes, don't let others put you down or judge you. However, if someone tells you that you are lacking a voice, then it is time to reconsider your goals.
  • If you are going through puberty or it has not yet started, remember that your voice is subject to change. The soft, high-pitched voices of boys who have not entered puberty might turn into deep, low voices. It doesn't mean that your voice will change for the worse, but that you need to prepare for this transformation.
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Step 4. Be a talented dancer

You don't have to move like Michael Jackson to be a pop star. However, you will have a better chance if you already have a good sense of rhythm and know how to move. If on the contrary you have two left feet, don't think that this will stop you from becoming the next Selena Gomez. The most important thing you need to have is the willingness to learn, the rest will follow. You should take dance lessons to start acquiring a sense of rhythm and prepare to work with a choreographer once you achieve a certain level of recognition. Another thing you need is good coordination, you will need to be able to sing along while taking up space when you are on stage.

It is very important that you have confidence in yourself. If your dance teacher or dancers feel that you are struggling, they will give you simple steps that you can take. If you can sketch out a few simple dance steps, that's fine. What is important is that you have the urge to learn and that you are not afraid to step out of your comfort zone to reach fame

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Step 5. Be Persistent

Persistence is another important quality in becoming a pop star. As in any artistic field, luck and determination are only half the way. If your first attempt to get a contract or to perform at such and such a location failed, that doesn't mean you should give up and change your career plan. In fact, the road ahead is full of obstacles and even the most famous stars, like Madonna, had to be in the lineups first before breaking through. If you really want to make your dream come true, you need to prepare for the failures that are sure to happen.

Having said that, if you really want to be a pop star, you've got to build some kind of shell for yourself. You have to be sure of what you are and what you have to give if you are to have the chance to perform, otherwise you will be giving others the opportunity to put you down before you have even had a chance to show who you are.. If you are too sensitive, vulnerable, or too self-centered, you will need to work on increasing your self-esteem before continuing

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Step 6. Have great self-confidence

Being a pop star sometimes means being criticized in the newspapers for obscure reasons, which may be for a slight weight gain or a recent history of heart. You will definitely have to face some embarrassing and unfounded gossip and take it like it's part of the game. If you don't doubt yourself every time someone questions your look or questions you about your current romantic relationship, then it will not go further. Conversely, if you want to be successful, you must learn to accept praise, constructive criticism, and ignore unwarranted displays of hate. You have to love who you are and believe in yourself.

  • The fact that many pop stars fall for fame is not a preconceived idea. For many, the endless criticism is too much to bear. So, you need to have a clear idea of ​​who you are and what makes you unique, before you let the celebrity newspapers eat you up.
  • Even the most confident pop stars have doubts and always will. However, if you start out with little self-confidence, it will be very difficult to stay strong. If you know you need to work on this aspect of your character, do it if possible before you reach fame.
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Step 7. Volunteer to work hard

Some people think that all you need to do to become a pop star is a big smile, a pretty outfit, and a night out. In fact, real talent comes from hard work and if you want to be a star that shines for a long time, you will have to work several hours every day. It's like having a real office job, only harder. You will often spend more than 8 hours in the studio recording songs and you will also have to practice rehearsing your dance steps, doing a show during your concerts, promoting yourself, maintaining your presence on social networks and giving in permanently the best of yourself.

  • If you like to sleep, do nothing, spend the majority of your time in front of the TV, or even hang out with your friends, you don't have all the cards in your hand to be a pop star.
  • If you want to take all the steps to fame, the least you can do is give your all! You should not only perfect your sense of rhythm and melodies, but also strive to evolve. Your audience will no longer follow you if you repeat the same rhythms over and over again. They will want you to evolve to keep things interesting. And that takes work.
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Step 8. Have an attractive look

It also doesn't mean that you have to be terribly sexy or have the perfect body to be a pop star, but that your look has to stay in one direction. Think Nicki Minaj, Lady Gaga or Pitbull, often times it's more important to have a look that stands out for people to remember you, rather than just being attractive. So, if you find that you don't have exceptional beauty, you can find something else to make you stand out, for example some piercings placed in key places, a big sense of fashion, high heels or a unique hairstyle. Without going so far as to adopt an image that you don't feel comfortable with, you have to find something that sets you apart.

Pop stars reinvent themselves over and over again. You can find a look that sets you apart, but then work on it regularly so you don't get bored. For example, Lady Gaga is always recognizable although she regularly changes her hairstyle, style and look to stay interesting

Part 2 of 3: Make your dream come true

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Step 1. Network, network, network

If you now have the qualities to be successful, then the second step is to show it. Just being talented, lovable, and determined isn't enough to become a big celebrity. If you want to perform anywhere in the world then you have to prepare to promote yourself by working your network. It may sound fishy or insincere to you, yet this is how it should be done. Jump on any opportunities that arise to meet producers, other artists, dancers, authors or people who work in the music industry.

  • Accept party invitations, show yourself off, and assert yourself when you introduce yourself to people, without annoying them.
  • Swallow your pride and talk to people you might not normally have spoken to, so as to spread your name and find future opportunities. This will give you a better chance of making a name for yourself.
  • It might seem unnatural to talk to people to let them know who you are, but you can't afford to miss opportunities. Unfortunately, it's very rare to be successful just because of your talent, so you have to play around with the other aspects if you want to stand out.
  • These days, a large network relies heavily on social media. Have a Twitter account that you tweet on every day, create a Facebook page, and keep feeding your Instagram account. Sad to say, but if you don't regularly log in to post posts, people might forget about you.
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Step 2. Apply to singing competitions

Applying for competitions is a great way to get noticed. You should be on the lookout for these types of contests in your area as it is a great way to get your name known while gaining experience in competing with others. This can be especially useful if you live in a small town. However, if you are really motivated you should move to a big city or try to find national contests, much like The Voice, Star Academy, New Star or whatever. The more you stand out, the more likely you are to become famous.

Of course, you are unlikely to win American Idol the first time you enter the contest. But that's not the point. What's important is that you get used to the competition and show yourself off

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Step 3. Record your music

If you want to become a pop star, you have to record your music. Impressing the jury of a singing competition is not enough. If you write your own songs, then write them down and then record them to show producers what you are doing. Although it can be expensive to record in the studio, you should try to fund yourself or fundraise for a few hours of work in a professional studio in order to have the cleanest and most impressive recording possible. You can start by recording a single or directly an entire album if you think you have enough material for it. It's a big step towards stardom.

If you are thinking of recording your music in a professional studio, you should practice beforehand so that you are well prepared when recording. You don't have to waste time, because a studio session is very expensive

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Step 4. Send your recording to producers

Once you've recorded your music, it's important to send it to producers. If you could find yourself an agent before that would be great, but if you have to do it yourself then do it right. Ask around and do your own research to send your work to producers looking for new talent. Work with singers who do similar work to yours, but not too similar anyway. Check that you have described yourself correctly and that your music is presented in professional packaging.

  • Be persistent. If a few producers have rejected your work, that doesn't mean you have to stop everything. In fact, that means you have to try some more.
  • Having said that, if a lot of producers are giving you the same advice, you should see if there isn't a shred of truth in it. If you think you need to change something in your sound to make it more appealing to your future producers or fans, you should make the changes before sending your CD back again.
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Step 5. Stay on the Internet

If you want to make your dream come true, you must have a strong online presence. You can do this before you get famous, to show that you already have fans and that a lot of people are interested in you and your work. You can create great content, post at least once a day to stay in the news, and try to get hundreds or even thousands of subscribers. You can post singles on YouTube, blog, post pictures of yourself, and just do whatever you can to promote yourself.

If a producer or agent is interested in you, they'll probably do a Google search for your name pretty quickly. And you have to make him see that you are a professional who is already thinking about your marketing and that you have already thought about how you portray yourself

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Step 6. Continue your studies

While it is important to make your dream come true, you shouldn't give up on your studies.It is important to dream, but also to be realistic and if that should not work for you, you must not be left with nothing. It doesn't matter whether you choose to continue school, hire a tutor, or work on your own, it's important to keep learning to receive training as you progress in your music career.

  • You shouldn't find yourself at college age without a high school diploma. It is precious learning time that will be hard to catch up with.
  • This does not mean, however, that you admit that you will not be able to achieve your dream, but simply that you are putting the odds on your side to secure your future.

Part 3 of 3: Living the daily life of a star

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Step 1. Know who your true friends are

If you've been lucky enough to fulfill your dream of becoming a pop star, then you need to make sure you keep your head on your shoulders. You will find yourself surrounded by lots of new friends and acquaintances that you would never have met in your everyday life. Some of them will be genuine, sincere people like you, but others will be just opportunists who spend time with you for their own benefit. It's important to be cautious about trusting people, taking time to get to know your new friends, and not revealing all of your secrets to people you've just met. It will help you find people who love you for who you are and not for your fame.

  • While it may seem unnatural to you to be on your guard when meeting new people, it is important to do so in order to protect yourself. Ask yourself if your new friends are genuinely interested in you or if they just want to go to fun parties or go on vacation because of you.
  • The same goes for any potential boyfriends you meet. Make sure you meet people who really want to know who you are and not just be seen in the press with you or use you to promote their new clothing line.
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Step 2. Prepare for long hours of work

Being a pop star isn't all about going on vacation to heavenly places or tweeting pictures of yourself in a bikini. It takes hard work, long hours and a lot of perspiration. If you've become a star, then staying that way is a 24/7 affair and real vacations don't exist. You don't just have to work on your music or your dance steps, but you also have to work on maintaining a positive public image to remind people that you are fit for purpose, as a pop star. If you are not really cut out for this type of life, then you will need to put some goodwill into it.

Even if you go to clubs, awards ceremonies, or parties, you should continue to view these outings as work, as it is very important to maintain a good public image. Getting tipsy or fighting in public is not a good thing for your career, and you need to make sure you look your best all the time - there is no vacation when it comes to looking good. to give a good impression

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Step 3. Constantly reinvent yourself

While it's important to create an image of yourself and remind people how remarkable you are, you can't duplicate that same look day in and day out, especially if you keep growing. Of course, being an innocent young girl or looking like the all-around young teenager is a good option to start, but if you've matured as an artist or now want to explore other aspects of your talent, then it is important to change the way you are.

  • Think Justin Timberlake, who started out as a sexy pop star with bleached blonde curls and is now on the way to a fantastic R&B career. If you are tired of singing the same songs over and over again, then you have to find another way to be yourself, start by kicking yourself in the butt.
  • Obviously, you still have to keep the part of sincerity that your fans like about you. If you take your career in a completely different direction, like switching from country music to rap, you could lose a lot of fans. Find a way to be yourself, while adding some dynamic changes to your routine.
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Step 4. Ignore the gossip newspapers

If you really want to be a star, you need to be prepared for all the negative remarks, gossip and rumors that are sure to run around. People will say the worst about you, as much wrong as possible just to make you doubt. You must therefore learn to avoid paying attention to celebrity newspapers, even if they say you are pregnant or in rehab when you are not. Some celebrities simply ignore this type of media, while others use their influence on social media to fight back. Whatever you choose, the most important thing is not to let a bunch of ignorant people make you lose your means or give up on your dreams.

All the celebrities, even the most beloved of them, have had their fair share of gossip and rumor. Take it as an initiation rite. Unfortunately, there isn't much you can do to prevent rumors from spreading about you. However, you can control your reaction to all of this outpouring of hate

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Step 5. Stay true to who you are

The hardest part about being a pop star is staying true to who you are. It can seem almost impossible to be honest with yourself when a million voices are ringing in your head telling you who you are and what to do. The most important thing is to never lose sight of your original dream and not end up acting and looking like a complete stranger. At the end of the day, what matters is that you are happy with the job done and that you affect your fans in a positive way. Make sure you never forget the person you were before you reached fame and you can be honest with yourself.

  • While making new friends and making new relationships is important to becoming a pop star, don't forget your old friends and family members. They are there to keep your feet on the ground, they will keep you from forgetting where you came from.
  • While it can be hard to find time for yourself when you're a star, it's important to take stock of yourself, write a journal, and make sure you're accomplishing goals. that you anticipated. If you are constantly surrounded and move from gig to gig, you won't be able to step back and remember why you wanted to be a pop star in the first place.

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