6 Ways To Make Money Using Twitter

6 Ways To Make Money Using Twitter
6 Ways To Make Money Using Twitter

Twitter has been a social network with over 300 million users since its inception in 2006. Most of these users are businesses. These companies use Twitter to stay in touch with their customers and keep them informed about their promotions and brands. Individuals also use Twitter to promote their careers, services and partners. If you are talented, you can use the Twitter platform to make money. For this, you must know how to market yourself and how to market for others while staying up to date on trends and events.


Method 1 of 6: Improve your skills

Earn Money Using Twitter Step 1

Step 1. Become a Twitter follower

You won't be able to make money on Twitter using rudimentary methods. You need to be able to get followers for your various accounts and create eye-catching tweets.

Earn Money Using Twitter Step 2

Step 2. Get some marketing experience

To make money on Twitter, you need to understand concepts such as internet marketing plans, lead generation, and affiliate marketing. You should have a website or resume that shows your marketing and Twitter experiences for companies that want to outsource the management of their Twitter accounts.

Method 2 of 6: Use Twitter for your business

Earn Money Using Twitter Step 3

Step 1. Open a Twitter account for your business

Social media accounts are good tools for generating traffic on sites. Use a strategy to attract potential customers to your site or offer exclusive offers, free content or trials to users who will click on the Twitter link and create an account on your site. Contact these users by email to propose them your product offers corresponding to their interests.

Method 3 of 6: Do affiliate marketing

Earn Money Using Twitter Step 4

Step 1. Practice Affiliate Marketing

Use your blog and Twitter account to practice affiliate marketing. Find products that would interest your blog readers, then contact the company to get an affiliate link to put on your blog. For every 10 to 50 tweets, include the affiliate link in a tweet, along with a big recommendation.

Affiliate marketing earns a portion of the product's selling price, if you advertise the product on your site. Through affiliate marketing, the producer of the product receives good publicity, and if the marketing is done well, the marketer can expect a monthly check for a percentage of sales

Earn Money Using Twitter Step 5

Step 2. Promote products through Kwerdo.com

Kwerdo has a list of campaigns from various companies that try to promote their products online. Sign up for the campaigns you want that match the interests and locations of your Twitter followers. Share the affiliate link on your Twitter page, followed by a compelling product description. Every time you generate a valid pageview for Kwerdo, you earn money. Your earnings will be paid directly to your PayPal account at the click of a button.

Method 4 of 6: Post sponsored tweets

Earn Money Using Twitter Step 6

Step 1. Look for sponsored tweets

Look for sponsored tweets through internet search engines. Most businesses look for popular Twitter accounts to post occasional tweets about their products. Contact the company, make a monetary agreement and start your "pay per tweet" contract.

Make sure you sign a written agreement with the company and can provide proof of your tweets to the company. Also, don't post sponsored tweets all the time, to avoid annoying your followers. If you lose subscribers, you will lose potential buyers, and this can cause your contract with the company to end

Earn Money Using Twitter Step 7

Step 2. Sign up for sponsored tweet programs

Some sites offering sponsored tweeting programs include Ad.ly, Magpie, TwitPub, and Twittad. On these sites you will find the list of companies requiring sponsored ads on Twitter. Sign up on these sites, tweet sponsored tweets to your Twitter account at any frequency of your choice, and expect to receive your earnings through PayPal.

Earn Money Using Twitter Step 8

Step 3. Try other sites

There are also sites like SponsoredTweets that can put you in touch with businesses.

Method 5 of 6: Sell your own products

Earn Money Using Twitter Step 9

Step 1. Sell your own products

Many people use Twitter to promote their products on eBay and etsy.com. You can simply post a short link with a description of the product on your Twitter account, to get more bids.

Earn Money Using Twitter Step 10

Step 2. Sell your services on Twitter

Many professionals use Twitter as a way to stay in touch with others in the same field. This new type of networking allows you to develop relationships, partnerships and even sell your services.

If you are embarrassed by the idea of ​​promoting yourself on your business account, be aware that this is a common practice. A little self promotion can quickly get you to a job

Method 6 of 6: Use another method

Earn Money Using Twitter Step 11

Step 1. Write for Bukisa.com

This online publisher recruits people who can write interesting articles that will be monetized. You will be working on a tiered program based on the quality and clicks you get from your articles or videos. Post the articles to your Twitter account to get more readers.

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