How to be a celebrity on Twitter: 9 steps (with pictures)

How to be a celebrity on Twitter: 9 steps (with pictures)
How to be a celebrity on Twitter: 9 steps (with pictures)

Anyone would love to see their ideas take over the world. If you're popular on the social network Twitter, it can help promote any tweets you post there, but that doesn't mean you can't make your way to the top. Well-chosen interesting topics and aggressive marketing will take you really far


Be a Twitter Celebrity Step 1

Step 1. Tweet like you're a famous blogger

Twitter is a microblogging site, a tweet cannot exceed 140 characters. In general, the guidelines for being a good blogger are the same for being a good Tweeter. You can't hope to get a lot of subscribers with a blog that only gathers three articles on random topics, can you?

  • Pick a theme. If you want to be famous on Twitter, don't take user questions at face value. The question "what are you doing at the moment?" May instead mean "What are you doing right now that is in the best interests of a group of people?" The topic needs to be specific enough that people know what to expect, but not so restrictive that it will only be of interest to about 50 people. Start with at most two topics. Then you can add more as the number of your subscribers increases.
  • Tweet unusual stories. Literally devour the news feeds for the nugget that you can make into a great tweet. Guy Kawasaki, who has over 1,350,000 followers, even has employees he pays just to provide him with stories that could create a buzz. Alternate informational tweets and entertainment tweets.
  • Post interesting tweets, be sincere and provocative. Share information about your privacy. If you can come up with great stories, you will have a lot of readers who will become addicted to information about your everyday life.
  • Network. A good blogger links to other blogs and retweets other people's tweets. Search for keywords related to your topic. When you find one of interest, click To respond and add RT Where Retweet at first, then post it. Not only will you make connections with other Twitter users, but also serve great content to those who follow you on the platform.
Be a Twitter Celebrity Step 2

Step 2. Act like the spammers

Once your reputation for quality is established, focus on quantity. Do as spammers do, but to avoid sounding like a spammer, make sure that there is never a gap of more than 200 or 300 between those you follow and your followers. Many services can handle this situation automatically. Make those you subscribe to outnumber your own subscribers. This is what real celebrities do.

However, avoid subscribing to more than 400 people at a time. They could flag you as a spammer and your Twitter account could be closed. Instead, subscribe to 100 to 200 people at the same time and let them follow you back. Once you have a sufficient number of followers, stop following the ones you are following and start with another group of 100

Be a Twitter Celebrity Step 3

Step 3. Keep your subscribers going

There are tips to keep your subscriber count from dropping. Use a service that alerts you if you are ever unsuccessful. Analyze all of your latest tweets to find out what could have hijacked them. Keep the following tips in mind.

  • Do not use services that automatically generate private messages. These kinds of messages cost you subscribers. Some receive them on their cell phone and their consultation can be a source of discomfort, not to mention the cost of reception.
  • Don't drastically change the content on Twitter after reporting your presence. People like consistency and followed you for a good reason.
Be a Twitter Celebrity Step 4

Step 4. Ask questions

One of the best ways to converse with your Twitter followers is to ask questions. Keep in mind these few tips.

  • Confirm your answers. If you can't respond to your subscribers individually, send them group thanks.
  • Listen. Don't ask questions when you're about to log out. If people are responding to you, you need to be able to write to them as quickly as possible, while they're still online.
  • Repeat your question throughout the day so you can reach as many people as possible and various programs. Maximize at "rush hour" when the most people are online (usually mornings on work days).
  • Ask your followers to retweet your question.
Be a Twitter Celebrity Step 5

Step 5. Tweet often, but not too often

Every time you post an update, it brings up your profile as public, exposing you to people who don't know you yet. At the same time, if you tweet very frequently, it might tire your followers and they won't be able to reply to you on time. Pick a topic for discussion and between updates, give them time to respond to you.

Be a Twitter Celebrity Step 6

Step 6. Use a Twitter client

This allows the updates to be sorted by user, keyword, etc. For example, while you are subscribed to people in your country, you may decide to create a list just for the users in your city and only see their updates, so you can be aware of what is going on. around you. Below are some examples of Twitter clients.

  • TweetDeck
  • Echofon
  • Twhirl
Be a Twitter Celebrity Step 7

Step 7. Have a sense of humor

Twitter users are more likely to have a lot more followers if they send funny posts, jokes, and wise messages. Self-mockery is also very popular.

Be a Twitter Celebrity Step 8

Step 8. Get followers from other social networks

Use Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, etc. and ask your friends to follow you on Twitter.

Be a Twitter Celebrity Step 9

Step 9. Join the debate

See what's going on with those who follow you and converse with them. Use multiple hashtags and follow the trends.


  • Make statements that are really interesting and appeal to your followers.
  • If you follow 2,000 people, you won't be able to follow more until you have gained 2,000 followers. You can “clean up” your list using third-party services that will notify you of people you follow and who in return are not following you. Then stop following them.
  • Don't forget Fridays. In Twitter "culture", Friday is referral day. Thank your followers who have recommended you to others and recommend them back. They will appreciate it.
  • Show your face. Users will feel more comfortable if your own photo is on your profile. Thus, they will merge better with you.
  • If your reason for becoming famous on Twitter is such that you can draw people to your blog or website, you must learn how to collect and use Twitter metrics to determine the "effectiveness" of your celebrity.
  • Become famous on other media. You could just be a radio producer or even a TV presenter. These media are very effective in making you known to as many people as possible.
  • Use, it's a service that allows you to follow the process of building your fame to the letter.
  • Tweet reasonable and believable stories so your followers will continue to follow well-known stories or even simple stories.


  • Think more than once before sending a tweet. Be careful not to share anything that you might regret afterwards.
  • Prepare for any eventuality. No matter how popular you want to be, there will always be someone who wants to put you down. Don't take it the wrong way. Know how to manage your celebrity.
  • Don't use sites that generate automatic tweets. Questions, comments, or remarks could come in as answers while you are not online and ignoring them will disgust your followers.
  • If you want to be popular in China, Twitter is not the right choice. Many Hong Kongers and Chinese have migrated to the Sina microblogging site after the Chinese state banned the use of Twitter in its territory. The place may be different, but the advice is valid everywhere.

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