4 ways to delete a retweet

4 ways to delete a retweet
4 ways to delete a retweet

A retweet is a great way to get a quote from a user you think is worthwhile. Twitter has a "retweet" button that allows you to do this. Fortunately, if you retweet something that you decide to delete later, it's possible to go back and erase all traces of your tweet. There he is!


Method 1 of 4: Delete a retweet from the mobile app

Delete a Retweet Step 1

Step 1. Open Twitter on your phone

Find the icon with a bird and the name "Twitter" below and tap on it to open the app.

Delete a Retweet Step 2

Step 2. Go to your profile

At the bottom right of the screen, you should see your avatar drawn in gray with "my profile" written below. Tap on the button to open your profile.

Delete a Retweet Step 3

Step 3. Scroll down to find the retweets in question

Your profile contains a complete history of your tweets and retweets. Retweets will appear with two green arrows forming a square under the tweet. You will also see the image of the user who posted the original tweet on the left.

Delete a Retweet Step 4

Step 4. Tap on the retweet icon to delete it

This will remove it from your profile, so that you or other users can no longer see it on your news feed.

However, this does not erase the original tweet

Method 2 of 4: Clear personal retweets

Delete a Retweet Step 5

Step 1. Go to your profile

Click or tap on your avatar photo at the top right of the screen. A drop-down menu should appear. Click your username on Twitter (or on the mobile app, tap Profile). You are now on your profile which contains a history of all your tweets, replies and retweets that you have posted and received.

Delete a Retweet Step 6

Step 2. Find the retweets you want to delete

Scroll through your profile to see your tweet history. You will be able to recognize each of the tweets that you have retweeted by the icon below composed of two green arrows that form a square.

Step 3. Observe a change in the icon

If the retweet was done more than six months ago, you should see your username and icon in the list of people who retweeted it, but the two arrows will be gray instead of green.. To erase the original retweets, you need to retweet them so that the icon turns green again and erase them immediately after clicking on the icon with the two arrows. This will erase the original retweet you posted six months ago.

Delete a Retweet Step 7

Step 4. Type or click the retweet icon

This will remove the retweet from your profile so that you and other users can no longer see it in your News Feed.

This will not erase the original tweet from the account of the user who posted it

Method 3 of 4: Clear tweets that were copied to another user

Delete a Retweet Step 8

Step 1. Know the difference

It is possible that a tweet written by another user will end up on your profile if you have manually copied and pasted it into a new tweet that you posted yourself. It's not really a retweet and if you want to delete them you are going to have to pretend you want to delete a regular tweet, which is why the following explanation applies to all the tweets you want to delete.

Delete a Retweet Step 9

Step 2. Go to your profile

How you find your profile depends on the device you're using Twitter on.

  • If you are using the mobile app, you can get there by tapping on your avatar at the bottom right of the screen.
  • If you are on a web browser, click on your avatar image at the top right of the screen. Then click on your username which appears in the drop-down menu.
Delete a Retweet Step 10

Step 3. Find the tweet you want to delete on your profile

Scroll through your profile to see the history of all your tweets until you find the one you want to delete.

If you remember what you wrote, you can type keywords in the search bar at the top right of the screen to find a particular tweet (although this method will also bring up other tweets. users)

Delete a Retweet Step 11

Step 4. Click on the three gray dots at the bottom right of the tweet

A list of options should appear.

Delete a Retweet Step 12

Step 5. Select Clear Tweet

It will be deleted from your profile.

Method 4 of 4: Hide retweets from another user

Delete a Retweet Step 13

Step 1. Know how to recognize a tweet from a user you don't follow

Sometimes a user you don't follow might tweet a post which will then be retweeted by a user you follow. You can recognize them by the mention “[Twitter user] has retweeted” just above the tweet with the icon with the two green arrows.

Delete a Retweet Step 14

Step 2. Go to the user's profile

Click or tap on their name that appears above the retweet.

Delete a Retweet Step 15

Step 3. Find the gear wheel at the top right of the profile

The button is to the left of the blue button To follow. Select it to see the drop-down menu with options.

Delete a Retweet Step 16

Step 4. Tap or click Disable Retweets

This will prevent you from seeing any retweets that this user might make in the future. You cannot delete retweets from other users from your News Feed, so if they become a problem, you can manually disable retweets from specific users. There are also no methods to disable retweets from multiple users at once. You will have to take care of it one after the other. To reduce the mass of retweets on your home page, go to the profiles of the users you follow.

  • You will still see their original tweets.
  • Be aware that this method is not retroactive, you will still see retweets that have been posted before.


  • If your tweets are protected, other users cannot retweet them.
  • You cannot retweet your own tweets.

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