3 ways to get noticed by your idol on Twitter

3 ways to get noticed by your idol on Twitter
3 ways to get noticed by your idol on Twitter

Twitter has become an extremely popular social networking site that many people use. The site makes it possible to exchange short messages, tweets, to share and to put people in contact with each other. Since users can talk to each other, you have the option of getting in touch with your favorite star. However, many people who are trying to get an answer find it difficult to do it on their own. Fortunately, there are many steps you can take to get noticed by your idol on Twitter.


Method 1 of 3: Get noticed

Be Noticed by Your Idol on Twitter Step 1

Step 1. Use the right tone in your tweets

To get a response from your idol, a lot of you are going to use your Twitter account and your tweets. Depending on the personality you like, she might not like a certain tone, language, or other elements in your tweets. Try to use appropriate language, adapting it to what you think she might like.

  • For example, a tweet filled with insults, whoever the star is, is probably not going to get you a response.
  • On the other hand, if you send a schoolboy joke to your favorite comedian, you might get noticed.
  • You should always re-evaluate your tone to suit your interests and the image of your idol.
Be Noticed by Your Idol on Twitter Step 2

Step 2. Show your appreciation

Letting her know how she has helped you in your life may be easier to provoke a response. You could try telling her about something she said or did that you found important or useful. Share with her the actions or words that have had an impact in your life to increase your chances of receiving a response.

  • For example, your idol might have inspired you to create an art form or music.
  • Maybe she said something that got you through a difficult time.
Be Noticed by Your Idol on Twitter Step 3

Step 3. Retweet his tweets

You can show her how much you appreciate her tweets and you can help her by supporting her by retweeting what she posts. If you find a tweet that she wrote that you like, you can try retweeting it. If you do this often enough, you might increase your chances of getting a reply to one of your tweets.

Try not to retweet everything, as your followers might not share your love for this personality

Be Noticed by Your Idol on Twitter Step 4

Step 4. Know what she likes

Your goal is to get the attention of your idol. One of the best ways to do this is to research your interests. Take the time to research things that she likes and try to build your tweets using those elements. By including content that she could read that will appeal to her, you improve your chances of getting noticed.

  • For example, if your idol enjoys video games, you might post something about that topic to get their attention.
  • Try to line up your tweets with an image your idol is presenting.
Be Noticed by Your Idol on Twitter Step 5

Step 5. Wait for the right time

Timing is an important thing in getting yourself noticed by someone on Twitter. If you tweet too long after your idol's tweets, they're unlikely to see you. You should reply to your idol's tweets as soon as she posts them. This will allow your tweets to go up in his thread and make you more visible.

  • Monitor your favorite personality's account to see if they're online.
  • Stay tuned for new tweets and respond to them as quickly as possible.
  • You can also use an app that sends you notifications every time it tweets something new. This allows you to answer them instantly without getting glued to your phone.

Method 2 of 3: Avoid common mistakes

Be Noticed by Your Idol on Twitter Step 6

Step 1. Avoid spam

If you send messages, tweets, or retweets too often, you may actually be undermining your efforts to get noticed on Twitter. If you are too active on the platform, you will probably appear to be spam and she will ignore you. Try to avoid tweeting or retweeting too often and make sure you are constantly posting interesting things.

  • Don't post the same tweets all the time.
  • Try not to tweet too often or it will become spam.
  • You can tweet frequently, but post interesting tweets with great content.
Be Noticed by Your Idol on Twitter Step 7

Step 2. Don't gamble on his guilt

When some people try to get their idols' attention on Twitter, they might appeal to their sense of guilt. Their messages are meant to make her feel guilty for not responding. However, these tweets are generally ignored. You should always avoid resorting to these kinds of strategies, as they will decrease your chances of getting noticed.

For example, avoid saying: "I guess my idol is not interested in me"

Be Noticed by Your Idol on Twitter Step 8

Step 3. Avoid attracting negative attention

Don't fall into the trap of thinking that negative attention is better than no attention at all. When trying to get noticed by your idol, you should always avoid getting a negative response. Even if you are going to get noticed, the interaction may not be pleasant and you will decrease your chances of getting noticed in the future.

  • Never try to provoke a response by insulting something she has done.
  • Avoid extreme remedies to elicit a response, such as saying that you are going to kill yourself.
Be Noticed by Your Idol on Twitter Step 9

Step 4. Make sure she is using Twitter

Research your idol and their Twitter account. Not all celebrities maintain or use their "official" Twitter accounts, many of them have employees they have hired. Others handle it themselves, but they might not respond to tweets or respond infrequently. Try to find out if your idol is active on the platform, if she manages her account herself, and if she often replies to her followers in order to increase your chances of getting noticed.

Method 3 of 3: Cultivate your image on Twitter

Be Noticed by Your Idol on Twitter Step 10

Step 1. Think about your name

The name you use on Twitter can impact your chances of getting noticed. By taking your name into account, you can choose one that will help your tweets get noticed by your idol.

  • Avoid generic names with a lot of numbers or names that are too close to those used by other fans. These names are very easy to ignore and don't stand out from the crowd. For example, you should avoid names like "belieber4758".
  • Depending on the tastes of your idol, you might try to avoid some names that are too vulgar or rude.
Be Noticed by Your Idol on Twitter Step 11

Step 2. Personalize your profile

When you create your profile on Twitter, your account will receive a standard layout and avatar. By filling it with personal information, a bio, links and images, you will be able to get your idol's attention to your tweets.

  • Generic profiles are often used by spammers and bots. Avoid sounding like a spammer by personalizing your profile.
  • A personalized avatar can also help your tweets stand out and get noticed.
Be Noticed by Your Idol on Twitter Step 12

Step 3. Post interesting things

There's a good chance your idol will take a look at your profile if you post interesting stuff. An interesting profile and a good tweeting history will help them decide whether or not to retweet your posts or follow you. Try to build up a history of interesting tweets in your profile to better catch your idol's attention.

  • Your favorite personality is probably not going to be interested in the daily morning photos of your breakfast.
  • Your history should also show your support and promotion of your idol's work.
Be Noticed by Your Idol on Twitter Step 13

Step 4. Use hashtags

Hashtags are a way Twitter uses to show tweets in search results and find out which are the most popular. By adding hashtags to your tweets, you allow other fans and maybe even your idol to find you. You need to make sure you use hashtags every time to find followers and to increase your chances of getting noticed.

  • Hashtags help others find your tweets.
  • For example, you could use the hashtag #JustinBieber if you tweet something about Justin Bieber.


  • Always show respect.
  • Post interesting tweets.
  • Tweet your idol about things they might like.
  • Avoid negative attention from this celebrity.
  • Not all celebrities use their Twitter accounts.
  • Focus on people who respond often and are active on Twitter.

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