How to find people on Twitter: 7 steps (with pictures)

How to find people on Twitter: 7 steps (with pictures)
How to find people on Twitter: 7 steps (with pictures)

Millions of people use the social network Twitter, among these people there are probably some of your friends, families, colleagues, etc. Finding people to “Follow” is pretty straightforward and should be your first step once your account is created.


Method 1 of 2: Find specific people

Find People on Twitter Step 1

Step 1. Go to and sign in to your account

If you don't have an account, you must create one.

Find People on Twitter Step 2

Step 2. Know the username or the person's name

Twitter offers two types of credentials for an account: usernames and real names. Usernames are marked with the “@” symbol.

If the person you are looking for has a common name, it will be more useful to know their username. Usernames are unique while real names are not

Find People on Twitter Step 3

Step 3. Use the search bar

Enter the username or real name of the person you want to search for through the search bar. This should be at the top right of the window to the left of your profile picture. Enter a name or username then click on the magnifying glass to search. You will have 6 different options for performing specific searches.

  • Top:

    this includes a combination of the most popular accounts, tweets, photos and videos that contain your search terms.

  • Direct:

    this section shows recent tweets with your search terms. For example, if you searched for "Bill Clinton" you will find recent tweets, photos or videos about Bill Clinton.

  • Accounts:

    in this tab, you will be presented with a list of all the accounts with your search terms. If you are looking for a celebrity like Hugh Jackman, the first account that appears should be the real one. However, if you are looking for a friend by the name of Pierre Dupont, you will need to search the accounts in order to find him. This is valid when you need to search for an @username.

  • Pictures:

    this tab shows a list of photos related to your search term.

  • Videos:

    this tab displays a list of videos related to your search terms.

  • Other options:

    this option allows you to refine your search according to the location or the people you follow.

Find People on Twitter Step 4

Step 4. Enter their usernames in the URL bar

If you know the person's username, this is the most efficient way to get to their Twitter page. Add "/ username" without quotes (after to be redirected directly to the person's feed. For example, if you want to go to Bill Clinton's page, add his username (@billclinton) to The URL should look like:

Find People on Twitter Step 5

Step 5. Find a celebrity

Not all celebrities use their real names on Twitter. Usually their real names have already been used. So, it is better to search for them by their usernames. To do this, search the internet to find the right username that matches the celebrity.

A verified account will have a blue marker

Method 2 of 2: Find friends

Find People on Twitter Step 6

Step 1. Search by email

After searching for someone, click on the “Find Friends” link on the right side of the page, below the suggestions of people to follow. You will be able to find your contacts who use Twitter in your address books. You will also receive links from their pages so you can follow them. Log into your email account (Gmail, Yahoo! Mail, Hotmail Outlook, AOL Mail), then select the contacts you want to follow.

You can log into an email account that is not the originator of the Twitter account. Logging in and importing contacts will make it easier for Twitter to suggest people to follow

Find People on Twitter Step 7

Step 2. Search Twitter for Suggestions

Depending on your search history, email contacts, Facebook friends, and other sources, Twitter can make very high quality suggestions. After performing a search, click on the "Show All" link next to "Suggestions" on the right side of the page. You can of course follow this link instead Click on a username to verify the profile or follow the person.


  • Most of the above steps are also applicable for finding professional or celebrity accounts.
  • It can be difficult to find the true account of a celebrity. If it is famous enough, Twitter will mark the account with a blue marker which will be located next to the profile name.

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