3 ways to log out of Twitter

3 ways to log out of Twitter
3 ways to log out of Twitter

When you are away from your computer for a while, it is best that you log out of your social media accounts. Signing out of Twitter is quick and easy. Once you figure out how to log out, all you need to do is remember to do it before you leave your computer. It is also advisable to disconnect from your mobile device if you know that you will not be using it for a while, for example, because you have to send it to the maintenance service.


Method 1 of 3: From the Twitter website

Twitter Logout; 1

Step 1. Click on your profile picture in the top right corner

A small menu will open.

Twitter Logout; 2

Step 2. Select Sign Out

This will log you out of Twitter and return you to the login screen.

Log Out of Twitter Step 3

Step 3. Delete all credentials stored on the device

Some browsers store your credentials in order to more easily connect to sites in the future, but that's a bad thing if you're using a public computer. If you click on the To log in and you see your credentials still appearing, you will need to remove them from this browser.

  • Chrome - Click the wrench button on the far right of Chrome's address bar when you're on the Twitter login page. Click on the "X" next to your account to delete the stored information.
  • Firefox - Click on the button Twitter, Inc.

    with the padlock located to the left of the Firefox address bar. Click on the ">" button to see more details, then click on More information. Select View saved passwords, then remove your account from the list.

  • Internet Explorer - Click the gear button on the Internet Explorer taskbar, then select Internet options. Click on the tab Contents, then on Settings in the section AutoComplete. Click on Manage passwords, then find your Twitter account in the list.

Method 2 of 3: Use the Twitter app (Android)

Log Out of Twitter Step 4

Step 1. Press the Menu button, then select Settings

The menu Settings the Twitter application will then open.

Log Out of Twitter Step 5

Step 2. Tap the account you want to sign out of

Since you can sign in to multiple accounts at the same time on the Twitter app, you will need to select the account you want to sign out of.

Log Out of Twitter Step 6

Step 3. Scroll down and tap Sign Out

You'll find this option at the bottom of the menu once you've selected an account. Confirm that you want to sign out. All your Twitter account data will be deleted from the Android device.

Log Out of Twitter Step 7

Step 4. Log out of any additional accounts

If you have more than one account associated with the app, you can log out of each of them by following the same process.

Method 3 of 3: Use the Twitter app (iPhone, iPad)

Log Out of Twitter Step 8

Step 1. Tap the Me tab at the bottom of the Twitter app

Your profile screen will open.

Log Out of Twitter Step 9

Step 2. Press the gear button that is located next to your profile picture

Your account settings will open.

Log Out of Twitter Step 10

Step 3. Tap Sign Out at the bottom of the menu

You will be asked to confirm that you want to log out. This will delete all of your Twitter account data from the iPhone.

Log Out of Twitter Step 11

Step 4. Repeat the process for any additional accounts

The Twitter app allows you to sign in to multiple accounts, so if you want to sign out of additional accounts, just follow the same process.


  • Removing your account from the list doesn't remove it, it just hides it from what's displayed.
  • To automatically log out when you quit the app, make sure the “Remember me” option is unchecked the next time you log in. When you close the page or exit the browser, you will be logged out.

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