How to use birthday lenses on Snapchat

How to use birthday lenses on Snapchat
How to use birthday lenses on Snapchat

Snapchat now gives you the option to celebrate birthdays, whether it's your own or your friends' birthdays. By entering your date of birth on your Snapchat profile, you can use special birthday lenses on that day. You also have the option to send birthday snaps to your friends with an effect that only appears on that date, provided they have entered their date of birth in the app.


Part 1 of 2: Using Birthday Lenses on the Celebration Date

Use Birthday Lenses on Snapchat Step 1

Step 1. Update Snapchat

In order to access the birthday lens feature, you would need to have Snapchat version or later. This update was released in February 2016. You can check for program updates available in your device's app store.

Use Birthday Lenses on Snapchat Step 2

Step 2. Enter your date of birth in Snapchat settings

To use birthday lenses on this date, you should enter your birth information in the app settings.

  • Tap the ghost at the top of the screen.
  • Choose the gear icon in the upper right corner. This action will open Snapchat settings.
  • Select Birthday and enter your date of birth. This change can only be made a limited number of times. The date you enter will be the date the birthday lenses become available.
Use Birthday Lenses on Snapchat Step 3

Step 3. Check the Birthday Party box

In doing so, you will have access to lenses Happy birthday during that day and will see a birthday cake emoticon next to your name. So other users can also send you special birthday snaps. This function will not display your age.

Use Birthday Lenses on Snapchat Step 4

Step 4. Press and hold your finger on your face

Do this on the camera screen. After a few moments, a geometric outline of your face will appear and a series of lenses will be loaded.

  • Make sure your whole face is covered by the frame and you are in a well-lit environment.
  • If the lenses are not charging, your device may not be compatible with this feature. It is only enabled for recent devices that have the latest version of the system software installed. If you are using an older device, this feature may run slowly or will not be enabled at all.
Use Birthday Lenses on Snapchat Step 5

Step 5. Select the birthday lenses

If it's your birthday, these effects will be the first to show. If they don't appear, check your date of birth to see if you wrote it down correctly.

  • To send a snap to a friend on their birthday using the special lenses Happy birthday, you should double-tap their name in your friends list. Read the next section for more details.
Use Birthday Lenses on Snapchat Step 6

Step 6. Snap with the active birthday lenses

While they are selected, you will see the expression Happy birthday with letters written on balloons on the screen and confetti will fall. You have the option of pressing the circular button to take a photo or keeping your finger pressed if you want to record a video.

Part 2 of 2: Send a birthday snap to someone

Use Birthday Lenses on Snapchat Step 7

Step 1. Open the My Friends list on Snapchat

If it's a friend's birthday and that person has turned on the feature Birthday party on her Snapchat account, you can send her a snap with special birthday lenses.

  • Press the ghost button at the top of the screen and choose My friends.
Use Birthday Lenses on Snapchat Step 8

Step 2. Find a friend who has the birthday cake emoticon

This indicates that it is that person's birthday. The smiley will only appear if the user has entered their date of birth in the menu Settings and if the functionality Birthday party is activated.

Use Birthday Lenses on Snapchat Step 9

Step 3. Double-tap the friend to send them a birthday snap

By doing this, the birthday lenses will automatically be applied to the snap you are about to take.

Use Birthday Lenses on Snapchat Step 10

Step 4. Take the snap and send it

If you want to shoot, you can press the circular button once. On the other hand, to record a video, you have the option of holding down the capture button. In doing so, the effect of birthday lenses will appear. Once you've finished making changes, like adding emoticons or designs, you can submit your snap.

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