How to make money on Snapchat: 12 steps (with pictures)

How to make money on Snapchat: 12 steps (with pictures)
How to make money on Snapchat: 12 steps (with pictures)

Millions of people are already using Snapchat to stay in touch with their friends, exchange photos and record their most memorable experiences, to show them to their entire social circle. What most people don't realize is that many social networks, like Snapchat, have also created a bunch of new opportunities, to make ends meet. You just need to know how to use the unique format of the application. To get started, you will need to gather loyal followers, so that your activity is followed. You can then let the app do the work for you, sharing content as a brand ambassador or drawing your followers' attention to your own activities.


Part 1 of 3: Develop your audience

Make Money on Snapchat Step 1

Step 1. Add your friends and personal contacts

Whether you've just downloaded Snapchat or have been using the app for a long time and looking to grow your audience, the first step will be to build up a large number of followers who will watch your stories. Subscribe on the accounts of your friends, relatives and all the people with whom you are connected on other social networks. These people will form the heart of your audience.

  • To find out who you know is on Snapchat, use the app's "add from contacts" option.
  • Ask your close friends to share your account with all of their followers.
Make Money on Snapchat Step 2

Step 2. Create as many connections as you can

After you've added your friends and family, you'll need to focus on convincing other users to subscribe to your account. Subscribe to friends of friends, local celebrities and whatever accounts you like. Hopefully, these people will subscribe to your account in return.

  • Publish your snapcode publicly. These are a unique series of symbols that other users can scan with their phones to subscribe to your account.
  • Promote your account on the forums. You and other members will be able to exchange your account information and subscribe to each other's accounts. This will allow you to increase your respective statistics and gain visibility.
Make Money on Snapchat Step 3

Step 3. Get a boost from users with large subscribers

In some cases, you might get influential users to share your username or make a verbal dedication to you in one of their snaps. This will deliver the message to a wide audience and the person's loyal followers will be encouraged to take a look at your account. Cross-promotion is a good way for both parties to grow their subscriber base.

  • To be mentioned by a brand or someone with a high social profile, you may have to pay.
  • To attract the attention of another user on your account, send them a private message or mention them in a snap.
Make Money on Snapchat Step 4

Step 4. Promote yourself on other social networks

Snapchat's setting for discovering new users is not well developed and so it might be difficult for you to market yourself on the platform. This is when Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram might come to your aid. Leverage your contact base on these sites by sharing your Snapchat information with them and giving them a taste of the exclusive content you post on the app.

  • To get your Facebook contacts to subscribe to your Snapchat account, use your snapcode as a temporary profile picture.
  • It would be best to share posts on Snapchat that your followers won't be able to access on any other of your social networks.

Part 2 of 3: Promote yourself

Make Money on Snapchat Step 5

Step 1. Be original

If your Snapchat Stories are similar to those of other users, they will not appeal to audiences. Instead of just sharing selfies or photos of your meals, highlight what makes you different or present yourself in a completely original way. It will help you stand out. If they can't find your content anywhere else, more people will be ready to subscribe to your account.

  • Choose a theme for your account. Your snaps could be centered around your exciting adventures, exploring the city's restaurants, or even be short skits.
  • Try to vary your posts. Otherwise, your snaps could become very repetitive. Always look for original and exciting moments to share.
  • Seek to become the only Snapchat user who offers some type of content.
Make Money on Snapchat Step 6

Step 2. Offer authentic content

This may well be the most important point of all. No one likes to feel like you're trying to sell them something. If you're not careful, your followers will realize that you are using your account for the purpose of working with brands. The snaps you share in a story should be personalized, authentic and truly reflect your interests.

  • Create your stories creatively and eye-catching to match your followers' preferences.
  • To engage with your followers, ask them questions, share polls, and have them share their responses to your Stories on their own accounts.
Make Money on Snapchat Step 7

Step 3. Share a link to your website

Advances in social networking now make it possible to embed URL links, thanks to applications like Emoticode. By downloading such a program, you can easily share your personal or branded website address to your subscribers. It will be much easier to attract audiences to your page if people don't have to open another browser to get to the site.

If you're selling a product or service, be sure to share your business site link, so subscribers interested in your offer know where to go

Make Money on Snapchat Step 8

Step 4. Sell directly on Snapchat

By pairing Emoticode with a payment management program, like Snapcash, you can turn your account into a place of entertainment that doubles as an online store. In your snaps, promote special products, services or offers, then manage your buyers' payments. With the right marketing, your personal brand could well turn into a juicy business.

  • By managing your sales through Snapcash, it will be easy for you to be up to date with order details without having to resort to another program.
  • Before sharing your banking information on Snapchat (or any other app), make sure that you have taken the necessary security measures regarding your identity and your payment options.
Make Money on Snapchat Step 9

Step 5. Buy your own Snapchat filter

Companies like Geofilter and Confetti now offer a one-stop service for users to design and upload their own personalized Snapchat filters. All you need to do is create a filter that represents your brand, company or image, then pay a (low) rate for the filter to be published. Once approved, other Snapchat users will be able to add the filter to their snaps, drawing more attention to your account.

  • Every time a user chooses your custom filter and shares the photo, it will be free advertising for you.
  • Use the filters to distribute information about your upcoming sales, events and appearances.

Part 3 of 3: Working with well-known brands

Make Money on Snapchat Step 10

Step 1. Promote a brand that you support

Many brands are constantly on the lookout for influential users who might be able to draw attention to their products or services. Once you've gathered a large enough audience, Sponsored Content and Partnered Content offers should start pouring in. If a brand offers to pay you in exchange for advertising to your audience, do not deprive yourself!

  • By working in partnership with a big brand, you could earn several thousand euros in a single story.
  • This type of arrangement will work best if you really enjoy and use the product you are promoting.
Make Money on Snapchat Step 11

Step 2. Take control of a brand's account stories

If you were able to make yourself known on Snapchat, a brand could offer you to take control of their account, on a temporary basis. You will then be responsible for creating original sponsored content, more "true" than traditional advertisements. This is also a great form of cross-promotion, which will allow you and the brand to grow your audience.

  • For example, if the theme of your Snapchat account is nature, you could go hiking for a few days with gear donated by The North Face. You will then share your impressions in a story, on the brand's account.
  • Before a brand can offer you this type of arrangement, you will usually need to gather a very large number of followers.
Make Money on Snapchat Step 12

Step 3. Share your snaps with other accounts

Reach out to other accounts with large audiences and share snaps from different activities in the form of short stories. By sharing your snaps in the Stories of a music festival or the official account of a big city, you can be sure that the subscribers of these accounts will see them. Traffic from these stories will be redirected to your account and earn you lots of new subscribers.

  • Other organizations might even pay you for the right to use your snaps in their Stories. However, even without getting paid, this is great publicity and will be a great way to get yourself noticed by a larger audience.
  • If Snapchat recently eliminated local stories from its options, you can still send your snaps to different accounts to make yourself known. Think about businesses in the region and local news channels.


  • Be patient). Building a lucrative Snapchat audience can take a lot of time and effort. There is no sure-fire way to make a fortune on social media.
  • Choose a cool and easy-to-remember username. Your name, your image and your story will be the components of your personal brand.
  • Update the application regularly so that you can take advantage of the latest and most lucrative options.
  • Use apps like Snapchat and Instagram to promote a brand or share great deals.
  • To grow your audience internationally, connect with other users in the cities and countries you visit.

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