3 ways to share music on Tumblr

3 ways to share music on Tumblr
3 ways to share music on Tumblr

How frustrating when a friend gives you a music recommendation, but you can't listen to it directly, can you? You are forced to search for the song when you have the time and in the end you mostly end up with an endless list of music to discover. But Tumblr has found the solution by allowing you to post audio posts so that your friends and followers can listen to songs directly from your blog.


Post Music on Tumblr Step 1

Step 1. Log into your Tumblr account

Post Music on Tumblr Step 2

Step 2. On your dashboard, click on the audio icon:

there are 3 ways to find the song you want to post on your blog.

Method 1 of 3: Find a song

Post Music on Tumblr Step 3

Step 1. Enter the name of your song in the search bar

Spotify and SoundCloud are Tumblr partners, so their music libraries are available free for your blog. Just write the name of the song or the artist in the search bar and then select the file you want to share.

There will be no copyright infringement problem since the artists have agreed to all the songs you can access on Spotify and they compensate the artists for the use of their titles. On SoundCloud, it is the artists who decide on the protection of the songs they upload

Method 2 of 3: Share via URL

Post Music on Tumblr Step 4

Step 1. Click on external web address

You may already have the Spotify or SoundCloud address of a particular song, in which case enter the address in the search bar.

Post Music on Tumblr Step 5

Step 2. Enter the address of the song

  • Tumblr will therefore find the chosen song. Note that Tumblr does not host this music, which means that if Spotify or Soundcloud no longer works, your song will not be able to be listened to.
  • Also check that the artists have placed their work under a Creative Commons license that allows at least non-commercial, credited use without modification.

Method 3 of 3: Upload a song

Post Music on Tumblr Step 6

Step 1. Download the.mp3 format of your song

You can buy songs in digital format all over the Internet.

Make sure that the song you downloaded is not blocked or protected, this happens when you buy from iTunes for example. As Tumblr only hosts.mp3 formats, you may need to convert your file to.mp3. (: LSearch? Search = convert + files + to + mp3 convert files to.mp3)

Post Music on Tumblr Step 7

Step 2. Click on choose a file located under the “send” tab

Post Music on Tumblr Step 8

Step 3. Select the.mp3 format from your computer

Since Tumblr will host this song, you must certify that you have the rights to broadcast the song and that you agree to their terms of use

Post Music on Tumblr Step 9

Step 4. Choose the album cover if it is not already associated with the song

You can choose yours. Go back to your dashboard then in your post-audio click on edit. Then click on the gray square with the text "add a cover" to put a.jpg" />

The cover may also be copyrighted, if so you can do without it or choose another image that reminds you of the song


  • Buying an.mp3 does not give you the rights to reproduce or broadcast it, so be careful, because you risk being at fault if the artist does not wish to see his work freely listening on the Internet. Contact the author directly if you have any doubts.
  • Please note: you may be guilty of serious copyright infringement. Carefully read the copyright information in this article.

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