How to become famous on Tumblr: 13 steps (with pictures)

How to become famous on Tumblr: 13 steps (with pictures)
How to become famous on Tumblr: 13 steps (with pictures)

Tumblr is a good way to become popular on the internet, especially if you can manage to get and keep a lot of followers. But how do you achieve this coveted Tumblr glory?


Part 1 of 2: Understanding Tumblr Basics

Be Tumblr Famous Step 1

Step 1. Choose a catchy username

Pick a username that people can remember, then avoid number chains (like, because people won't be able to remember it and will not be interested.

If you can, pick a clever or weird username that will get people wondering or related to your Tumblr's theme (if it's a blog dedicated to the Teen Wold series, pick one name that will refer to your favorite character) or if you are interested in mythology, choose as your username the name of a mythical character (preferably a little-known character, as the well-known ones will probably already be used)

Be Tumblr Famous Step 2

Step 2. Choose a theme for your Tumblr

This is a multi-step task, as you will need to choose a specific theme for your Tumblr (eg, blog layout) as well as the topic it will cover.

  • You will be able to build your own custom Tumblr theme, if you want to be truly unique, but you will need to have some knowledge of HTML code. Try to create one that matches the overall content of your Tumblr. If your theme is successful enough, other users might want to use it too. You can allow that, if you want.
  • As for the topic of your blog, think back to your username. Do you want to start a fan blog, an art blog, a fashion blog, a social justice blog? You could also start a personal blog, but you won't get as many followers as with a blog focused on a specific topic.
Be Tumblr Famous Step 3

Step 3. Understand the difference between “blogging” and “reposting”

Reposting is generally considered theft, since you are then posting someone else's original content. Whereas, by combining, you indicate the original source of that content and link to the author or artist's blog.

  • Reposting is frowned upon. When posting content, make sure you've created it. Especially if your ambition is to become famous on Tumblr, as the original author will likely notice.
  • Do not repost posts from, as most of this content has been stolen from its original creators and this kind of behavior will not make you popular.
Be Tumblr Famous Step 4

Step 4. Learn how to tag correctly

Tagging your posts properly is a good way to get likes and reblogged and more people to know about your Tumblr. By tagging your posts, people who follow those particular tags will see your posts. If they are interested in them, they might "like" them or blog them, and if they are interested in the entire content of your blog, they might subscribe to it.

  • You can use different tags and these work as follows: If you post a lot of similar posts to your Tumblr, you can invent a specific tag and reuse it for each post (for example, if a lot of your posts are about Star Trek., you could create a specific tag that you will associate with your publications). Or if, for example, some party is coming up, say Halloween, associate the name of that party with your posts about it, as many other users will.
  • Remember to be careful when tagging. If you are interested in a particular ship (a relationship, usually a romantic, between two characters) and there is a rival ship (a ship that puts one of the characters in your ship in a relationship with another character), don't Don't write how much you hate ship before tagging your post with that ship. You won't make friends or get subscribers using this method.
Be Tumblr Famous Step 5

Step 5. Learn more about subscriptions

A subscription means that you are subscribed to a Tumblr page. Subscription can be reciprocal meaning that you are subscribed to a Tumblr page and the owner of that blog is subscribed to your Tumblr, or you can also be subscribed to a page without its owner subscribing to yours. or someone being subscribed to your Tumblr without you being subscribed within.

  • People with a lot of followers usually won't subscribe directly to your Tumblr as soon as you subscribe to theirs. Accept it. If you get to know them, interact with them and chat together, they will likely come to subscribe to your page.
  • Follow Tumblr pages that are similar in content to your blog or that match your topic. You will then enter this niche more easily and learn to recognize the big names.

Step 6. Take the statistics into account

See which posts have more views than others and make posts that look like them so you get more views.

Part 2 of 2: Become Famous on Tumblr

Be Tumblr Famous Step 6

Step 1. Find your niche

Although some personal Tumblr's do become famous, these are usually the pages of people who are already famous as an actor, author or comedian. Even some fanfiction writers can become popular for their writing and simultaneously maintain a very popular personal blog (although they tend to also blog about their fandom posts).

  • Think about your interests: you can blog posts related to dance, art, writing, social justice, various fandoms (books, movies, TV series). All of these topics correspond to very different audiences, so you will need to decide wisely on your topic if you hope to become famous on the site.
  • Here are some examples of Tumblr that have become incredibly popular:,,, You will notice that these blogs have specific themes and tend to generate their own content (so that others will blog).
Be Tumblr Famous Step 7

Step 2. Pay attention to users who become famous

Monitor the blogs in your niche and see which ones have a lot of followers and are constantly raffled. Take a look at what their themes look like and how they interact with their followers.

  • Take a look at their posts. Is it a lot of text (social justice slogans, poetry, fan fiction on a TV series)? Do they share personal things? Are they funny (humor can lead to popularity)? If they write text posts, are they long or very concise? The most popular type of posts will depend on your niche.
  • Do they publish or make a lot of.gif? Are they of good quality? Do they post any TV show scenes with popular quotes?
  • See how they present the pictures. Look at the quality of their images and how they match the aesthetic of the Tumblr. Do they post a lot of photos of themselves or not at all?
  • Pay attention to your own posts that have been highly rated by your subscribers. Find out which posts get the most "Likes" and which posts are most often disliked. You will then be able to produce more of the similar content and probably start to get more subscribers.
Be Tumblr Famous Step 8

Step 3. Talk with famous people on Tumblr

You will need to specifically approach famous people in your niche. Don't just ask them to promote you to their followers, ask them questions and communicate on a more personal level. A lot of times, the most famous Tumblr users will post little quizzes about their favorite fictional characters, their first kiss, their favorite food. This will be a good way for you to get to know them and allow them to get to know you.

  • First take a look at their FAQ (frequently asked questions) page to see what kinds of behaviors they accept. Maybe they don't like other users asking them to promote themselves (and never give the impression that that's the only reason you're contacting someone). You will also be able to get the answers to the questions they are asked over and over again.
  • Once you've developed a friendship, you can subtly ask if the user would be willing to take a look at some aspect of your blog and promote it to their subscribers. This will be especially effective if you have something specific to come up with (if you are writing fan fiction or poetry or if you are trying to start a new fad). If you are polite and specific about your request, the user in question will likely agree to answer you.
Be Tumblr Famous Step 9

Step 4. Make "promos"

These are difficult to do correctly, but they can help you get more followers and recognition. These kinds of behaviors also tend to annoy people, so you need to be careful. A promo consists of having your blog promoted by another user and you can in return promote theirs. What will benefit you the most is having a user in your niche with a lot of subscribers to promote you.

  • A "promo for promo (p4p)" means that someone will promote your Tumblr in exchange for promoting their own blog on your page. The advantage of this method is that your subscribers and the other user's subscribers are only promoted from one blog and do not have to go through a list of promotions. Of course, if the person you are trading with has few followers, you will have little success.
  • A “double promo” works like a classic promo, except that two users participate. If you subscribe to these two users, then you can be promoted by both of them and reach a much higher number of potential new subscribers.
  • A "solo promo" means that you will be the only one to be promoted. This could happen if you are friends with one of the most famous Tumblr users, whether they blog about you or recommend you to their followers.
Be Tumblr Famous Step 10

Step 5. Create original posts

One of the secrets to becoming famous on Tumblr is to have a quirky blog. It sounds cliché, but it is absolutely true. The posts that invade Tumblr are the ones that are original and make people want to connect them. You will need to create your own original posts and they can be anything to match your chosen topic.

  • You will be able to write original texts. If that fits your niche, for example, you could write fan fiction on a TV series or book, or critique bad literature. You will need to present your ideas and opinions to the public. It might sound scary, but even if people don't agree with you, they'll still start a conversation, which will attract other users. This doesn't mean you should make racist or sexist comments and say it's only your opinion - be polite!
  • Learn how to make your own.gif, especially if you're part of a fandom. Other users will then share your work. And they might even ask you to do more, if you're good enough.
  • Publish your own works, whatever they are: drawings, photos, creative writing (fanfiction matters!). Your art will be accessible to everyone and you can be sure that your Tumblr will be rich in original content.
Be Tumblr Famous Step 11

Step 6. Post regularly

Consistency is key to becoming famous on Tumblr. When popular users aren't able to post, they usually have a "queue", which means the blog continues to post, even when the blogger isn't doing it themselves.

Be sure to respond to users, because the more people you interact with on Tumblr, the more likely you are to become popular and get more followers

Be Tumblr Famous Step 12

Step 7. Be patient

There is no magic formula to becoming famous on Tumblr overnight, unless it is by accident (users have seen rather insignificant texts become the darling of Tumblr, but that is as unlikely as it is. being struck by lightning). Forge relationships with people and you will find that you will get more or more followers.

Be aware that many of the most popular Tumblr users have been blogging for several years and have taken the time to develop their audience and understand how the platform works


  • Try to stay active and queue posts. This way your Tumblr will be constantly up to date.
  • Post / Reblog to express yourself! Don't just post pleasing stuff!
  • When you're just starting out, take inspiration from other people's blogs, but never copy them. To become popular on Tumblr, stick with yourself!
  • Do not rush. Most of the more famous Tumblr users have been maintaining their blogs for years.
  • Don't expect to be famous in a day or even a month. For most people, getting popular on Tumblr will take time: you will need to devote a lot of time to your blog.
  • Find a blog with a theme similar to yours and subscribe to its subscriber pages. They might subscribe to your blog and "like" your posts.
  • You can even make friends on Tumblr. People are generally happy to receive messages from other users. They might even be happy to promote you. And that could be of great benefit to you, especially if they have a lot of followers.


  • Sometimes what you need to do to become famous will take a lot of your time and resources, and could go against your principles. Always ask yourself if the game is worth the candle.
  • As you become famous, you will surely receive trolls and hate messages in your inbox (even if you are nice and avoid any confrontation). The best way to deal with it is with humor. Post these comments publicly with a humorous.gif" />

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