How to decorate a room for Tumblr

How to decorate a room for Tumblr
How to decorate a room for Tumblr

If you spend some time looking at the pages on Tumblr, you will quickly notice something: everyone looks like they have the coolest and most creative bedroom decor! It's kind of an informal tradition on Tumblr, you have to have an amazing bedroom. These users take a lot of photos of themselves and they want a room that they can show off without feeling embarrassed. If not, instead of scrolling through the pages dreaming that it's yours too, take action! With a little bit of time and effort, it's easy to decorate a Tumblr-style bedroom without breaking the bank.


Part 1 of 3: Decorate your bedroom

Make a Tumblr Room Step 2

Step 1. Create a collage on the wall

One of the oddly recurring features that you'll see in hundreds of photos on Tumblr is the collage on the wall. This is exactly what you think it is: a series of images glued together following the pattern you desire. It could be personal photos, photos cut from a magazine, or even artwork that you created yourself. The edges of the wall are your only limit, let your creativity speak!

  • For the purposes of this article, we'll outline several examples. Say three young adults, David, Kim, and Luis are trying to turn their monotonous bedroom into one of those awesome bedrooms we see on Tumblr. By following the changes these people make to their rooms, you will be able to understand the changes you will need to make to transform your own.
  • Let's start with David. David has a habit of documenting all the things he and his friends go through together using his phone's camera. Since David will be leaving for college in a year, he might decide to have his extensive photo collection expanded at a photo center to create a collage dedicated to his teenage years with his friends. When he receives his photos, David has enough to cover the wall and create a kind of wall of memories.
Make a Tumblr Room Step 5

Step 2. Get some pretty sheets

Your bed is the centerpiece of your Tumblr bedroom, which is why you need to make sure it is presentable. There is no need to buy expensive sheets, no one on the internet will be able to estimate the price you put on them just by looking at your photos, but they should be clean, without any stains and should match other decorations. of the room. If you're not sure what colors would match the rest of your room, try pairing them with the colors of the walls, finishes, or furniture. If you are unsure, neutral colors like white are always a safe bet.

Now on to Kim. Kim's bed looks a little shabby: She's kept an old worn quilt that's losing its feathers, and one of the sheets is smeared with an annoying juice stain that she can't seem to get rid of. To freshen up her bed without breaking the bank, she could buy a new duvet with a checkerboard pattern to match her bedside table, as well as new blanket sheets

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Step 3. Hang decorations

You will also see on Tumblr that many users decorate their rooms with hanging or draped decorations. They often hang flags, sheets, beads, old clothes, bedspreads, etc. as improvised draperies, curtains or dividers in the room. This kind of hanging decorations give more style to your room, in addition to a certain degree of privacy.

Now let's meet Luis. Luis is an Erasmus student from Spain who is still very proud of his country of origin. Logically, Luis is going to hang an old Spanish flag in the hall and use it as a curtain. As long as that doesn't make her think it would be disrespectful use of the flag, it's a great way to show your nationalistic pride on Tumblr

Make a Tumblr Room Step 6

Step 4. Be creative with the lights

Rooms on Tumblr often use lights in a less traditional way to give a better effect. It's not uncommon to see rooms with Christmas decorations, LED string lights, or other decorative lights hanging down to give the room a unique light. You can even make your ordinary lamps more interesting by adding a shade or a screen to them. You can make them yourself or buy them from second-hand stores.

Kim's family has yet to remove the Christmas decorations, so she's going to borrow a garland and hang it over the head of her bed. Besides looking cool, she can use these lights at night to read in bed. She could also put her aunt's old magma lamp on the bedside table to give the bed a more retro feel

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Step 5. Buy retro or antique furniture

The furniture that appears in your photos on Tumblr shouldn't look like it came out of Ikea. In fact, the point is to create a unique impression and that is why you should choose quirky old furniture. You can use old furniture to give your bedroom a classier and more sophisticated air, a little retro charm or even a touch of irony (especially if you mix it with more contemporary furniture). Best of all? Old furniture is generally cheaper (although good quality antiques can be more expensive).

David doesn't have a big budget to buy furniture for his Tumblr bedroom, which is why he brings 20 dollars to the second-hand furniture store with him and buys a ridiculous old chair, one of those chairs from the 70s with orange fringes all around. He decides to set it up at his more modern desk and use it as a chair to work on the computer, not because it matches the desk, but because the contrast is so horrible it will leave an impression. memorable to its visitors

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Step 6. Arrange your decoration to create the best possible impact

It doesn't all depend on what you put in your room, but rather how you arrange them together. Try to position your furniture and decorations so that they are visible in the view of the camera and so that they make a striking impression. In addition, for your own good, you should make sure to arrange the furniture in a way that allows you to move around the room easily (there is no point in having a nice bedroom if you bump into the decorations all over the place).).

If you are unsure of how to do this, you could research some basic interior design theories. For example, feng shui is a Chinese system of interior design that involves a certain arrangement of furniture to induce a harmonious effect

Make a Tumblr Room Step 3

Step 7. Consider installing new wallpaper or repainting the walls

If you have the time, the money, and the inclination, you could completely transform the look of your room by changing the walls. However, it is an important job that will not only require the agreement of your parents or the owner, but also some know-how. If you hate your walls but can't do anything about them, don't worry, you can just cover them with decorations.

Luis wants to find a solution to bring a personal touch to his all white walls. After careful consideration, he decides to divide one of the walls into three by painting two red bands and a yellow band in the middle. When finished, its wall looks like a giant Spanish flag

Make a Tumblr Room Step 1

Step 8. Do some research to find cute rooms on Tumblr that will give you ideas

While there are fashions that many bedrooms on Tumblr follow, there is no one right way to create a Tumblr bedroom. Since every room is different, one of the best ways to get ideas is to simply go to Tumblr and look at some pictures! Don't be afraid to be inspired by other users, all great artists have their sources of inspiration too. Below are a few pages you could use as inspiration:


Part 2 of 3: Personalize your room

Make a Tumblr Room Step 7

Step 1. Add quotes with personal meaning to the walls

Quotes on the walls are one of the trends on Tumblr that are starting to catch on. These quotes are often sentimental or inspirational in nature, but it is also possible to find funny or bizarre quotes on the walls of the pages. To make your bedroom reflect your own personality, choose a quote that has deep meaning for you.

David really likes a quote from Vince Lombardi that his football coach once told him: Perfection is unattainable, but if we strive for perfection, we can achieve excellence. However, with his collage covering the wall, there is no more room for his quote. But David has a creative mind, he cuts out the letters of his quote on the collage to make them stand out in relief

Make a Tumblr Room Step 9

Step 2. Also add memories from your past

As people get older and older, they take part in adventures, they accumulate trinkets, keepsakes, and other small, yet meaningful items of things they've done. If you are taking a photo of your bedroom for Tumblr, highlight a few of these items to give your bedroom a unique and lively look. Plus, it's a cool and easy way to show everyone your coolest things!

  • Pay attention to information that could identify you personally. Do not display items that have your real name, address, phone number, or bank account information on unless you have no problem with strangers on Tumblr having access to them.
  • For example, Luis put on his desk an old leather-bound cookbook that his grandmother gave him to show his love of Spanish cuisine. However, he's probably going to hide the cover that says “For Luis Quispe. From your loving grandmother, Abuela Flores. Since he could expose his identity to strangers on the Internet by revealing his real name, Luis decides instead to open the book on a paella recipe before taking the photo.
Make a Tumblr Room Step 8

Step 3. Hang up posters to show off your passions

Posters proudly and directly show what you love to people who see your page. Posters in Tumblr photos are a great way to show off your passions without revealing who you are and without having to have personal keepsakes all around the room. Additionally, since posters are usually quite large, you can use them to cover empty spaces that might otherwise look too sad.

Kim is a fan of classical rock music, which is why there is no shortage of posters to hang on the walls. After a day of shopping on the Internet, she found some great deals on vintage posters and soon her walls will be decorated with images of the Allman Brothers, Led Zeppelin and Chuck Berry

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Step 4. Highlight your favorite readings, movies, and songs

If you include them in your photos, books, albums, movies and other types of media can show off your good taste. Try highlighting a few of your favorite vinyl albums on your bed or take a photo up close in front of your bookcase to show the world what you're reading!

Thanks to her love for rock and roll, Kim has dozens of albums in her bedroom, which is why they scatter them across her photos at random to show off her musical knowledge. She even goes beyond that by hanging collages from her favorite albums on the walls

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Step 5. Show off your sartorial taste by letting your clothes hang out

By leaving your clothes on display, you can give clues about who you are or just show off some cute clothes that you have recently purchased. People often use the way they dress to change the way other people look and to express how they are feeling, but sometimes this only serves to look well dressed. Just make sure the clothes you show are clean and ironed.

David is very proud of his taste for fashion, which is why he left in some of his photos a vintage disco t-shirt hanging on the door. He also leaves the closet door open whenever possible, as it's the best way to show everyone he's on top of fashion

Part 3 of 3: take photos in your bedroom

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Step 1. Set up your computer or webcam to get the best view of your room

If you take photos for Tumblr with your webcam or with a webcam built into your computer, you need to know how to position it. You don't have the freedom to move the way you want with this kind of camera, which is why you need to have all your furniture and interesting decorations in front of the lens. Webcams on laptops give a little more freedom, but you still have to take into account the angles you will be able to capture with your camera lens.

It could be rather difficult to capture your entire room with this kind of camera. It can still work to your advantage if you're willing to put in a little effort. You may be able to create interesting combinations by rotating the furniture you show in the photos

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Step 2. Open the shutters to get more light

If your bedroom has windows that receive sunlight, try opening them during the day to get natural light in your bedroom. Photos taken during the day can transform dark, drab rooms into bright, open spaces. However, sunlight can also bring out unflattering details that would otherwise be invisible in the dark, so make sure your room is neat and tidy before taking the photo.

Be careful when taking a picture directly facing the sun. If the sun is too bright, your camera might have a hard time capturing the rest of the details. In this case, it might be better to take the photo from the side or diagonally. Try to take pictures up close so that the object you are photographing is on a dark background, not in bright light

Make a Tumblr Room Step 10

Step 3. Use a lamp or light decorations in the evening

Make the most of your lamps and other light decorations in the evening. Try to light your room sufficiently so that the camera can capture a satisfactory amount of detail. You don't have to light your room so much that you lose the smoky, darkened quality of a dimly lit room, but you shouldn't leave your room in such darkness that it's hard to tell the difference between shadows and shadows. the lights. You will probably have to experiment several times before you find the right amount of light.

Do not use the flash if you are taking pictures of your bedroom at night. Often times, this can create intense, irregular light patterns and reflect bright light on bright objects. Unfortunately, without the flash, the shutter has to stay open longer to capture the image, which can cause blurry photos. If you can't get clear images without the flash, try lighting up the room a bit more or using a tripod so the camera doesn't move at all

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Step 4. Make the most of your space

Bedrooms can often be cramped rooms that cause claustrophobia. If this description sounds familiar to you, try using visual space-increasing tricks to make your bedroom look as big as possible. By choosing the right colors and the right locations, you can make a small bedroom look much bigger. Below is a list of ideas for you to try.

  • Use light colors such as whites, pastels and other neutral colors to give the impression of a wide and open space.
  • Avoid cluttering shelves and tables with many items, it gives the impression of clutter.
  • Add mirrors that reflect both light and colors to make your room look even bigger.
  • Space your furniture to create empty spaces.
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Step 5.Use a good quality camera to capture the details

To get the best photos possible, you should not be using your webcam or your cell phone camera, but you should use a very good quality camera. It's hard to beat the clarity and detail offered by a good camera, but remember that this level of quality will capture every detail, even crumbs, smudges and other nasty imperfections, which is why you have to clean your room properly.

When using a digital camera, you should generally keep the ISO below 800 when taking pictures indoors. Most of the time, it is possible to adjust this setting manually. See your camera's user guide for more information


  • Make sure your bedroom is original and reflects your personality. Most of the rooms on Tumblr are intriguing, because they all have an original element. Take pictures of quotes that are meaningful to you, pictures that make you smile, and post things that you really like, not just things that will look pretty. If you choose objects that you would like to see in your room, then it will become a better reflection of your personality.
  • Arrange items in your bedroom that reflect your interests and talents.
  • Use throw pillows with bright colors or throw pillows with words written on them.

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