How to become a "Tumblr girl" (with pictures)

How to become a "Tumblr girl" (with pictures)
How to become a "Tumblr girl" (with pictures)

Many teenage girls now find their fashion icons no longer on television or on the glossy pages of magazines, but on the social network Tumblr. These seemingly normal girls share their style, look and lifestyle through excellent quality photos. Some of them have thus acquired hundreds of thousands of subscribers. Tumblr girls always seem to have an eclectic style, beautiful hair, perfect skin, amazing eyes, a gorgeous smile, and successful makeup.


Part 1 of 2: look good

Step 1. Develop your style

Try to develop a style of your own, don't just copy what the girls are wearing on Tumblr. You will only get more followers if people think you have something special and new to offer with fashion inspiration. Just try to be yourself!

Become a Tumblr Girl Step 2

Step 2. Don't think about brands

You don't have to avoid the big names in fashion at all costs, but being a Tumblr girl is above all looking eclectic and accessible, not just going for the most expensive logos.

Become a Tumblr Girl Step 3

Step 3. Be eclectic

Tumblr girls are known for their way of combining different aesthetics, sometimes in a counterintuitive and intentionally disparate way. Don't be afraid to take inspiration from a variety of different styles, from hip-hop to hipster fashion, from retro to high fashion.

Step 4. Add some fun accessories to rock any classic look

Become a Tumblr Girl Step 4

Step 5. Shop around for thrift stores

Wear clothes and accessories that not all girls have in their wardrobes. Going to hunt can help you find unique and generally inexpensive pieces. For this reason, many girls on Tumblr bring a retro touch to their look. Small shops can also offer models that will make you stand out from the crowd.

Become a Tumblr Girl Step 5

Step 6. Catch the trends before everyone else or start your own

Tumblr girls are always at the forefront of fashion. Keep an eye on what fashion icons and girls are wearing on Tumblr, and try to incorporate new elements into your own outfits, without looking like they're stupidly copying. Every now and then, wear something different and daring. If you have enough followers, you could start a fad.

Become a Tumblr Girl Step 6

Step 7. Let your style go from casual to formal, beach style or mountain style

Don't just show off your little summer dresses, Tumblr girls have awesome looks for any occasion and any season. Learn to look stylish and different, even in après-ski and a big winter coat or in a simple bikini.

Step 8. Start with the great classics of the Tumblr girl

Tumblr girls, in theory, are all unique and fresh, but certain elements tend to be particularly popular. Start with these elements to make yourself known as a Tumblr girl, then move on to more unique variations. Here are a few things that come up often in the look of Tumblr girls:

  • high waisted shorts and pants

    Become a Tumblr Girl Step 7Bullet1
  • oversized tank tops

    Become a Tumblr Girl Step 7Bullet2
  • plaid shirts

    Become a Tumblr Girl Step 7Bullet3
  • sleeveless shirts
  • fringed t-shirts
  • crop tops

    Become a Tumblr Girl Step 7Bullet6
  • Toms and Converse shoes

    Become a Tumblr Girl Step 7Bullet7
  • thick-rimmed glasses
Become a Tumblr Girl Step 8

Step 9. Wear the right makeup

Every girl is different, but Tumblr girls often give the impression of wearing very little makeup and most importantly, natural lips. It gives the feeling that they are normal, laid back girls, just enjoying life, confident in themselves and in their appearance.

  • The exception is the eyes. Tumblr girls often have very heavy eye makeup: eyeliner and a lot of mascara, sometimes even false eyelashes (but they don't look fake).
  • Don't be afraid of change. Once you have developed a natural base style, you can make a different photo by wearing colorful lips.
Become a Tumblr Girl Step 9

Step 10. Find a fun and unique hair style

There isn't one hair style that's particularly popular with Tumblr girls. Some are blond, others brown or red. Their hair can be short or very long. The only rule is that the appearance is neat.

  • Change your hairstyle frequently. One of the secrets to keeping your look fresh and attracting a large following on Tumblr is to change your hairstyle very often. Do something different every few months, whether it's changing their color, growing them, cutting them, or changing your side parting. With a new haircut, your older outfits will look new.
  • If you have long hair, try out different hairstyles. The fuzzy bun is a Tumblr classic, as are the knots in the hair. Try curling your hair, wearing it side to side, making quilts. Also consider the Acacia Brinley wick, achievable with a side parting and straightener, which gives everyone a "Tumblr" look.
  • If you prefer to cultivate a single hair style without changing it, allow it to evolve and refine over time. Don't stay static.
Become a Tumblr Girl Step 10

Step 11. Cultivate your surroundings

Once you've chosen your look, the job isn't done. Tumblr girls always look like they're taking their photos in beautifully photogenic places. Make sure your bedroom and home are decorated in a quirky, eclectic style that matches your personality. Find photogenic places outdoors in your neighborhood or town to take photos. Natural lighting is very important for a successful Tumblr photo. Also make sure that the places where you take your photos are compatible with your style.

Part 2 of 2: Become Famous on Tumblr

Become a Tumblr Girl Step 11

Step 1. Get a good camera. Girls who are successful on Tumblr do a little more than selfies with their cell phones. Buy a decent digital camera and tripod and learn to use them properly.

Consider investing in professional photo lighting. If you're planning to take your photos indoors, having good lighting can make all the difference

Become a Tumblr Girl Step 12

Step 2. Take cool photos

This is the very essence of the Tumblr girl. Your photos should be nice and crisp, but at the same time give the impression that your life is almost normal and accessible.

  • Use natural light. Go outside or find a bright room to take your photos. Never use lighting that results in overexposed photos, unless you are very good with Photoshop.
  • Find unique environments. It's not just her outfits that make a Tumblr girl popular - Tumblr girls always seem like they're in interesting places. Seek out the most photogenic places in your city, from parks to old buildings, from tagged train cars to a friend's pool. Even a simple wooden fence or a brick wall can stand out from the crowd.
  • Try out different poses. Don't just stand there: try different smiles, faces, looks, dance moves, gang signs, and more.
  • Introduce other characters. If you have friends that you would like to include in your Tumblr, ask them to appear with you in your photos. Also spawn your pets. Nothing looks more Tumblr than a pretty girl in a cute dress with a cute dog.
Become a Tumblr Girl Step 13

Step 3. Edit your photos with Photoshop

No way to do without it: Photoshop software, or failing that another photo editing software, will improve the quality of your photos and allow you to retouch your skin and other features to achieve that perfect Tumblr girl appearance. Girls on Tumblr never appear with red eyes in their photos, do they? And this, thanks to Photoshop. But be careful: when the software is misused, the result is rough and it becomes obvious that your photos have been edited.

Try different filters to make your photos more picturesque. Filters have become very popular recently with the explosion of apps like Instagram. Experiment with different retro effects, especially for outdoor shots, but don't overdo it, filters can't catch up on a poor photo or style

Become a Tumblr Girl Step 14

Step 4. Create a Tumblr account

Now that you have some style and some awesome photos, it's time to show them off to the world! Log on to and create an account. Then work on making your page unique and expressing your personality on it.

  • Choose a name that is catchy and easy to remember. Or just use your name if it's easy to remember.
  • Pick a theme. Find one that goes well with your style if possible, or choose a minimalist theme that will make your posts stand out the best. Choose a theme that emphasizes photos more than text, like those with three columns of endless photos without having to click to switch pages.
  • Customize your theme. Add a logo and change the background colors.
  • Add music. Some people find it annoying, but music can help put visitors in the mood for your photos, especially if you choose a little-known song.
Become a Tumblr Girl Step 15

Step 5. Subscribe to and interact with other users

The best way to get followers on Tumblr is to be active and interact with other people. Find users whose styles and photos you like and subscribe, re-blog their photos, like their posts and ask them questions. You will be surprised at how many subscribers you get without even having to promote your blog.

Become a Tumblr Girl Step 16

Step 6. Promote your Tumblr on other social networks

Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram are good platforms for promoting your Tumblr. The more subscribers or friends you have on these networks, the more people will visit your blog.


  • To be a Tumblr girl, you need to be creative and work on your style, but you don't have to spend a fortune. Shop for discount magazines, specials and thrift stores to expand your wardrobe with little money.
  • Tumblr girls are known to know how to wear a lot of accessories. Don't be afraid to cover your fingers with vintage rings or other jewelry, especially if you only wear this look to take a photo and don't wear this outfit to school or hanging out with your friends.
  • Stay yourself. The three words most quickly associated with a Tumblr girl are cool, young, and natural. Laugh, have confidence in yourself. Don't be afraid to say this or that lest people think you are crazy, without going overboard. Admittedly, girls who are too "weird" who do things like kiss their rat are talked about, but they are immediately classified in the category "psychopath" or "crazy". Another very bad way to talk about yourself is to post photos that are too (if not completely) naked. The only audience you will attract will be old perverts or horny teens.

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