3 ways to install WhatsApp

3 ways to install WhatsApp
3 ways to install WhatsApp

Whether you want to use it on Android, iPhone or your computer, it is very easy to download WhatsApp.


Method 1 of 3: Install on Android

Install WhatsApp Step 18

Step 1. Open the Play Store

It's the app with a white icon and a multicolored triangle in it. You will find it with the rest of the applications.

Install WhatsApp Step 19

Step 2. Tap on the magnifying glass

It is located at the top right of the screen.

Install WhatsApp Step 20

Step 3. Type whatsapp in the search bar

Then tap on Search. This will allow you to find WhatsApp in the Play Store, it should be the first app in the results.

Install WhatsApp Step 21

Step 4. Click on the application icon

This should take you back to the setup page.

Install WhatsApp Step 22

Step 5. Click Install

You should see it at the top right of the screen.

Install WhatsApp Step 23

Step 6. Click I Agree

You will see it at the bottom of the window that appeared. This should start downloading the app.

Install WhatsApp Step 24

Step 7. Wait for the download to complete

Then open the app. It is located on the right side of the screen. Now that you have it installed, you need to configure it.

Install WhatsApp Step 25

Step 8. Tap I agree

The button is located at the bottom of the screen.

Install WhatsApp Step 26

Step 9. Enter your phone number

You'll enter it in the text box in the middle of the page.

Install WhatsApp Step 27

Step 10. Tap OK when it appears

WhatsApp will send you a message with a verification code to the number you entered.

If you can't receive text messages on your phone, choose the phone call instead to listen to an automatic recording that will give you your code.

Install WhatsApp Step 28

Step 11. Open the text message inbox

You will see a new message there.

Install WhatsApp Step 29

Step 12. Tap on the message

There you should read: "Your WhatsApp code is (six digits)", but you can also just tap on the link in the message to verify your device.

Install WhatsApp Step 30

Step 13. Enter the six-digit code

As long as you are correct, you will verify that you are the owner of the phone and return to the account creation page.

Install WhatsApp Step 31

Step 14. Enter your name and put a photo

There's no need to add a photo, but it might help your contacts identify you (especially if you're using a different name).

  • If you have downloaded WhatsApp in the past, you will be able to find your old conversations.
  • You can also tap Use my Facebook information to use the name and profile picture that appear on your Facebook account.
Install WhatsApp Step 32

Step 15. Tap Next

The button is located at the top right. The application is now installed and configured, you can start using WhatsApp.

Method 2 of 3: Install on iPhone

Install WhatsApp Step 1

Step 1. Open the App Store

It's a light blue icon with an A on it. You will probably see it on the home screen.

Install WhatsApp Step 2

Step 2. Click Search

This button that looks like a magnifying glass is at the bottom of the screen.

Install WhatsApp Step 3

Step 3. Click on the search bar

You'll find it at the top of the screen.

Install WhatsApp Step 4

Step 4. Type whatsapp in the bar and click search

It's a button at the bottom right of the screen.

Install WhatsApp Step 5

Step 5. Click Get on the right of the app

The WhatsApp icon looks like a green bubble around a white phone handset.

If you had already downloaded the app, the icon will look like a gray cloud with an arrow pointing down. Click on it and you will open WhatsApp.

Install WhatsApp Step 6

Step 6. Click Install once it appears

This button is in the same place as the previous Get.

Install WhatsApp Step 7

Step 7. Train your Apple password

If you recently signed into the App Store with your ID, you will not be prompted for it.

You can also use Touch ID if your phone supports it

Install WhatsApp Step 8

Step 8. Wait for the download to finish

Tap on Open. The button is on the right. This allows you to open the app and start adjusting the settings.

Install WhatsApp Step 9

Step 9. Tap OK

Tap ens on Do not allow to block popups. These windows will ask you if you want to let WhatsApp have access to your contacts and send you notifications.

Install WhatsApp Step 10

Step 10. Tap I agree

It's at the bottom of the screen.

Install WhatsApp Step 11

Step 11. Enter your phone number

Then tap on Finish. Your phone number will appear in the text field in the middle of the screen and Ended top right.

Install WhatsApp Step 12

Step 12. Tap Yes

WhatsApp will send you a confirmation code in your messages.

If you do not have a number that allows you to receive texts, select the option to be called instead and you will receive a call recorded with your code number.

Install WhatsApp Step 13

Step 13. Open your messages

It is the application in green with a white bubble.

Install WhatsApp Step 14

Step 14. Open the message that comes from WhatsApp

It should display something like: "your Whatsapp code is (six digits)".

Install WhatsApp Step 15

Step 15. Enter the six-digit code in WhatsApp

As long as you enter it correctly, the app will let you finish adjusting your settings.

Install WhatsApp Step 16

Step 16. Enter your name

Type it in the text box where it says "Your name" in the middle of the screen.

  • You can also add a profile picture.
  • You might also see the “Restore” option at the top right of the screen which allows you to find your old conversations. This will only work if you have used WhatsApp on this phone before.
Install WhatsApp Step 17

Step 17. Tap Finish

The app is now installed and set up on your phone, which means you are ready to use WhatsApp!

Method 3 of 3: Install on the computer

Install WhatsApp Step 33

Step 1. Go to the WhatsApp site

It can be found at the following address: https://www.whatsapp.com/. You can download the desktop version of the application there.

You are going to need to have WhatsApp installed on your phone to be able to connect to the application on the computer.

Install WhatsApp Step 34

Step 2. Click Mac or Windows

The option is near the bottom of the page.

Install WhatsApp Step 35

Step 3. Click the green Download button

It is on the right of the page. Clicking on it will start the download, but you may need to choose a location for it first.

Depending on the computer you have, this button might read "Download for Windows 64-Bit" or "Download for Maximum OS X".

Install WhatsApp Step 36

Step 4. Wait for the download to complete

Double click on the file. It will probably be in the folder where downloads are saved by default.

Install WhatsApp Step 37

Step 5. Wait for the installation to complete

When finished, you should see the WhatsApp icon, a white phone on a green background, appear on the desktop.

During installation, a white window with a green illustration should appear

Install WhatsApp Step 38

Step 6. Double click the icon if WhatsApp is not open

This will launch the login page where you will see a QR code (a sort of checkerboard with messy black and white squares).

Install WhatsApp Step 39

Step 7. Open WhatsApp on the phone

If you haven't installed it, you need to do it now on your iPhone or Android phone before continuing.

Install WhatsApp Step 40

Step 8. Open the WhatsApp scanner

Depending on your phone, the path to open it will be as follows.

  • On iPhone: tap Settings in the lower right corner of the screen, then click WhatsApp for the web near the top of the screen.
  • On Android: tap , then on WhatsApp for the web at the top of the menu.
Install WhatsApp Step 41

Step 9. Point the camera at the QR code

After a short while, WhatsApp will scan the code and it will give your computer permission to log into your account. You can now use the application directly from your computer!

  • If the QR code has expired, you must refresh the page by clicking on the appropriate button.
  • If the scanner does not work, you need to make sure that the entire QR code appears on your phone, you may have to move your phone back a bit to scan the entire code.

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