How to have a real conversation on Omegle

How to have a real conversation on Omegle
How to have a real conversation on Omegle

The website offers an innovative and interesting concept. Just click on the button Talk from the home page to connect with a stranger anywhere in the world. However, there are also downsides. Many of the participants are in fact "trolls", that is, people who tell anything and everything just to get people off their hinges. It is nevertheless possible to have real conversations with the other person.


Have an Actual Conversation on Omegle Step 1

Step 1. Add the correct points of interest

On Omegle, you can select your interests to connect with people who like the same things we do. Be careful, however, be aware that some topics pose more problems than others, so tackle them at your own risk. By choosing religion or any other topic that is easily controversial, you open yourself up to encountering trolls, extremists, or people you would rather not argue with.

If you find that with a particular focus you run into trolls or bots all the time, delete it and try again after a week

Have an Actual Conversation on Omegle Step 2

Step 2. Get the conversation started right

Saying "ASV" or "I'm excited" is never a good start. You can say for example “Hi” or “Hi, how are you? ".

Have an Actual Conversation on Omegle Step 3

Step 3. Make it clear that you don't want to talk to trolls

Right after introducing yourself you can write a line like "I don't mean to be rude, but if you don't speak my language, if you are here for sex, or if you don't want to have a real chat, please. log out”.

Have an Actual Conversation on Omegle Step 4

Step 4. Learn to spot trolls and robots

Certain clues will allow you to detect that your interlocutor is a troll. At the very start of a conversation, he may be saying something completely out of context or provoking you by insulting you or just saying "I'm excited." These are usually the people who type first and send a lot of messages. Bots send out automatic sentences or instant responses that have nothing to do with the topic.

Have an Actual Conversation on Omegle Step 5

Step 5. Please feel free to log out

If the person you're talking to seems strange to you, simply cut the discussion short. Likewise, if he starts the conversation with "ASV," it probably means he's looking for someone to have cybersex with.

Have an Actual Conversation on Omegle Step 6

Step 6. Have fun on Omegle without feeding the trolls

Sometimes people say a phrase a bit at random, you can get in the game. If it is something aggressive or insulting, log out, but it also happens from time to time that the conversations the most interesting start out in the strangest possible way.

Have an Actual Conversation on Omegle Step 7

Step 7. Don't get trapped by the trolls

One of them may write to you to tell you that Omegle has registered your IP address or that the site has listed him as a sex offender and usually ends up giving you false contact details. contact. Don't be fooled, none of this is true.

Have an Actual Conversation on Omegle Step 8

Step 8. You will meet all kinds of people on Omegle

There are people who seem honest, others who are outright liars. You meet trolls, people who are sexually aroused, people who want to laugh, some who say they are on the verge of suicide, a lot of people who are bored and then there are also normal people. Learn how to pick up each of these types of speakers so you can make almost any conversation fun.


  • You can have fun on Omegle without being a troll. It is perfectly fine to start a conversation with fun futility that will eventually lead to an exciting discussion.
  • If the person you're talking to disconnects, don't take it the wrong way. There are an average of 20 to 45,000 daily users on this site, so you're bound to come across someone more interesting.
  • Maintain a positive attitude throughout the conversation.
  • Don't be fooled by what you are told. Usually, trolls try to make people angry, so it's best not to get into their game.
  • It is easy to spot perverts: they usually ask to see a picture of you, most of the time naked or scantily clad.
  • Try to select your areas of interest so that you can bond with your interlocutors.
  • A fun way to start a conversation is to say “Hi, ASV or VC? ASV stands for age, gender, city and VC stands for real conversation. It's up to you to see what he chooses for.
  • To make things a little more interesting, you can use the "random question" option available on Omegle or fill in your interests to find someone who has the same ones.
  • Never ask "ASV?" "Because it's the most boring thing in the world. If you do, people will respond with an insult or log off.
  • Be aware that there may be dangerous people on Omegle, people who threaten to post compromising videos of you. Stay cautious!


  • Don’t send photos of yourself and don’t give out too much personal information.
  • Attention Parents: Omegle is a site where you can sometimes come across sexually explicit content or slurs. Children under the age of 13 should not go there under any circumstances.

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