How to chat on Gmail: 10 steps (with pictures)

How to chat on Gmail: 10 steps (with pictures)
How to chat on Gmail: 10 steps (with pictures)

On Gmail, you can chat with your contacts using instant messaging.


Chat in Gmail Step 1

Step 1. Open Gmail

Go to Gmail in a web browser. If you are logged in, your Gmail inbox will appear.

If you're not signed in to Gmail, enter your email address and password when prompted

Chat in Gmail Step 2

Step 2. Search for your name in the chat

Your name and email address are listed at the bottom left of the page. This part of the page corresponds to the chat section and this is where you can select the people you want to chat with.

Chat in Gmail Step 3

Step 3. Click +

This button is located to the right of your name in the chat section. A popup menu will open.

Chat in Gmail Step 4

Step 4. Choose a contact

Click on the name of a contact in the popup menu or enter the email address or phone number of a contact then click on the name of the person in the drop-down menu that will appear.

If the person's name does not appear, it probably means that person is not in your contacts. You will therefore need to add her to your contacts first before you can chat with her

Chat in Gmail Step 5

Step 5. Send an invitation

In the dialog box near the top of the chat window, type a message (for example: "Hi, I would like to chat with you") to invite your contact to chat with you.

Chat in Gmail Step 6

Step 6. Click Send Invitation

It's a blue button at the bottom of the chat window.

Chat in Gmail Step 7

Step 7. Wait for your contact to accept the invitation

After the person accepts your invitation, you can talk to them.

Chat in Gmail Step 8

Step 8. Chat with your friend

Once the person accepts your invitation, click then on his name to start a discussion. The chat window will appear on the far right of the page.

If you close the chat window, you can reopen it by clicking on the person's name in the chat section on the left side of the page

Chat in Gmail Step 9

Step 9. Start a group conversation

Click on the icon , enter the name of a contact, click on the person's name when it appears, then repeat the operation until you have added all the people you want to include and select


in the upper right corner of the popup menu. This will allow you to talk to more than one person at the same time.

Chat in Gmail Step 10

Step 10. Use Gmail to make a call

If you want to call a local number (for example, a number that is not international) without using your phone, you can use chat.

  • Click on the phone icon located under the chat section.
  • Enter the number you want to reach.
  • Choose Call [number] from the drop-down menu that appears.


  • Gmail instant messaging is similar to the Hangouts from Google.

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