How to reply to one word text messages sent by a girl

How to reply to one word text messages sent by a girl
How to reply to one word text messages sent by a girl

Have you ever texted a girl you wanted to get to know better so that you only get one word in response? If this type of text message is, on occasion, not a big deal, it is never very good not to receive the answers you expect.


Method 1 of 2: Reply with romantic texts

Reply to One Word Texts from Girls Step 1

Step 1. Refer to their areas of interest

Do you only send him annoying and banal text messages? If you don't say anything interesting, it's no wonder she isn't responding to you. Try to bring your texts to life by tackling a topic that interests her and that she will love to talk about. That way, she'll want to answer you and have a text conversation.

Reply to One Word Texts from Girls Step 2

Step 2. Give her a compliment

A good way to get a girl to respond to you is to let her know what you think of her. Text her like “your outfit from yesterday was so pretty” or “you were amazing at the bowling the other day. This will make the girl pay attention to what you say, feel special and know you appreciate her.

Reply to One Word Texts from Girls Step 3

Step 3. Let her know that you are thinking of her

Talk about something that reminds you of her. Text her like "I saw a flower the same color as your eyes." I thought of you when I saw her! This will make her know you are thinking of herself even when you are not in the middle of a conversation with her, which will make her want to continue the discussion.

Be careful not to use inappropriate language. Your words should correspond to the relationship you have with this girl. If you've just met her, you won't be able to say the same things to her as if you had known her for a long time

Reply to One Word Texts from Girls Step 4

Step 4. Ask him a question

To get a longer answer from him, ask him an open-ended question. You might even turn the question romantically. Ask her something like "What would be the perfect romantic date for you?" This will put romantic ideas in his head and get him to answer you in more than one word. This type of question will also give you the opportunity to get to know her better.

Method 2 of 2: Reply with funny text messages

Reply to One Word Texts from Girls Step 5

Step 1. Tease her

Since this girl only responds to you with one word texts, try to laugh at the situation. Say something like "Did you give the cat your tongue?" Hope you are not allergic to it? His short answer will sound funny instead of awkward. She will also see that you have a good sense of humor.

  • You could also say something like, "You must be right in the middle of a very important mission." Say hello to James Bond for me. "
  • Make sure your teasing is never out of place. You wouldn't want to risk offending or making her uncomfortable. Try to figure out what her limits are and tease her accordingly.
Reply to One Word Texts from Girls Step 6

Step 2. Make up a funny story

If you want her to respond to your messages, you'll need to entice her with fun and funny stories. Start with something like, “Something weird happened to me today. When she asks you what happened, respond with a silly story like, "A zombie came into my room, but I got rid of it." Fortunately, I learned to survive the apocalypse."

  • The more ridiculous your story, the more likely you are to get an answer.
  • Be careful not to go too far. The goal will be to make her laugh, not to make her uncomfortable.
Reply to One Word Texts from Girls Step 7

Step 3. Exaggerate your answers

When she answers you, exaggerate your responses to her SMS in one word. For example, if you ask her how her day went and she responds with a simple “good”, return a “wow! Gently ! No need to be so enthusiastic! The emoticon will help her understand that you are only teasing her and that you are not pissed off by her response. This will make him want to answer you at greater length in the future.

Reply to One Word Texts from Girls Step 8

Step 4. Laugh at yourself

Since she's not responding to you, take responsibility for the flatness of the conversation. Enjoy your lack of conversational skills with a comment like, "I really don't have to be in good shape today." I'm not usually that boring. The emoticon will help the girl to understand that you are not angry and that you have a sense of self-deprecation.

Don't put yourself down. Your remarks should be funny, not make her uncomfortable or make you appear sad and depressed

Reply to One Word Texts from Girls Step 9

Step 5. Make up answers for him

If she still doesn't respond more, you might pique her interest by offering some funny answers. Say something like "what are you doing this weekend?" Let me guess, you are going to take your dog for a walk on the planet Mars. It's so kind of you. This funny remark will make this girl want to continue the conversation, if only to tell you that you are stupid.

Be careful not to say anything inappropriate. Your scenarios should remain appropriate


  • In your effort to get full answers, be careful not to harass this girl. It is not by filling the memory of his phone that you will achieve your ends.
  • Never reply to him with a one-word text. Since you don't like this habit, be careful not to behave like this with a girl.
  • If she doesn't answer you right away, it might just be because she's busy. She may have too much to do to answer you with more than one word.
  • If you apply these techniques and still get extremely short answers, she just might not be interested. Take your distance and try your luck again later. If you get the same results, chances are she doesn't like you at all.
  • Don't text her every day.

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