6 ways to chat with the girl or boy you're interested in on MSN

6 ways to chat with the girl or boy you're interested in on MSN
6 ways to chat with the girl or boy you're interested in on MSN

You know this person for whom you have a soft spot and well you see him always connected on MSN or on Skype, but you are afraid to start a discussion. You dread not saying the right things or having nothing more to say when you speak. Don't worry so much, flirting on MSN with that special someone should be fun, not stressful! Read on to find out how to do it. Note: MSN has ceased operations and merged with Skype, you can apply all of these tips to all online chats!


Method 1 of 6: Start a conversation with your crush

Chat With Your Crush on MSN Step 1

Step 1. When the girl or boy you are interested in logs into MSN, don't send them a message right away

Even if your heart cries out for you to speak to him or her as soon as he or she goes online, you don't have to rush to start a discussion. Better to play it cool and not make it feel like you're living waiting for the second he or she is going to hook up.

  • Unless your sweetheart is the type of person who only logs in for a minute, allow some time, at least 10 or 15 minutes, to pass before you talk to them. This way whoever interests you will think that even if you want to talk to him or her, you are also doing other things on MSN. You will look less desperate or clingy.
  • Don't wait too long or he or she will think that you are not at all interested.
Chat With Your Crush on MSN Step 2

Step 2. Start the conversation with a friendly, relaxed sentence

When you say hello to whoever you really care about, it's important to start the conversation on the right foot so that your crush wants to spend more time talking to you. The key to success is to play it cool, relaxed, without overdoing it.

  • You can say for example: “Hey hello! How are you ? Or "It's okay, what's up?" It will be perfectly fine. Don't try too hard to impress her early on in the conversation.
  • You can start the discussion by telling an interesting story that happened to you, by talking about a topic you have talked about before, or by explaining something funny that you just saw on TV. Again, be brief and don't overdo it.
Chat With Your Crush on MSN Step 3

Step 3. Avoid always being the first to greet the other

It's important to find a balance in your relationship. You surely don't want you to always send the first message. After all, your crush might not really want to talk to you.

It could also be that your crush is just shy and likes you to do the legwork. However, if so, it could be a sign that if your relationship is progressing, that person will still be waiting for you to do all the work. This situation can get boring very quickly

Method 2 of 6: Be a player

Chat With Your Crush on MSN Step 4

Step 1. Tease the person who's crushing you

Once you get to know each other a little better, teasing will be a great way to flirt with your crush. This will show that you appreciate your lover's little quirks and that you don't take life too seriously. Here are some ways to tease the person who capsizes your heart:

  • If that person is really obsessed with a particular hobby, band, or activity, you can laugh at them about it. If for example your lover is obsessed with his guitar, you can say to him: “So? How much time did you spend with your sweetheart today? "
  • If you are a fan of opposing teams in sports, you can tease him or her about how their favorite team is going to lose, but don't push too hard either.
  • Don't go overboard in the teasing. There is a difference between making a bit of humor about someone and insulting them. It is sometimes difficult to tell the difference on the internet.
  • Show him we can tease you too. He or she will be impressed that you have enough confidence in yourself to laugh at your own weaknesses as well.
Chat With Your Crush on MSN Step 5

Step 2. Show your wit

Your crush will be impressed by your quick wit and sense of humor. It can be hard to show off your brilliant sense of humor on the internet, but if you manage to squeeze it a bit into the conversation, you're going to wow your crush. Here are some ways to wow her with your wit:

  • Be quick. If your crush says something brilliant, come up with such a brilliant response as quickly as possible to show them that you can pass the buck.
  • Be smart. Make a joke on a topic he or she knows well to show that you are knowledgeable and understand what's going on in the world.
  • Be sarcastic. A little sarcasm can mean a lot. If you've had a hard time in biology class, you can claim to love frog dissection more than anything. If you use the right tone, you might just charm your crush.

Method 3 of 6: be fascinating

Chat With Your Crush on MSN Step 6

Step 1. Generate interesting discussion topics

To make the person you're interested in wanting to talk to you more, you need to find topics worth discussing. Make sure the topic isn't just interesting to you. Here are some ideas:

  • If something really exciting happens on the TV news, you can bring it up, especially if it just happened. You can say, “Have you heard of…? Make sure you don't get into too controversial a topic like gun control, for example. It would be embarrassing to advance arguments before knowing the person you like.
  • If something out of the ordinary has happened to you, you can tell the person you are interested in that same day. Whether you've passed a celebrity, seen something crazy happening on the street, or heard some big news, it might be worth talking to them about.
  • Nothing gets boring faster than hearing about everything you've done or seen during the day. Unless you're a secret agent or a superhero, chances are your day was pretty mundane. You certainly don't want to sound like a narcissist by talking about what you ate for breakfast like it's the most fascinating subject in the world.
Chat With Your Crush on MSN Step 7

Step 2. Find out what your common interests are

If you want a relationship that goes beyond the flirting stage, remember that for a strong relationship, having common interests can be just as important as chemistry. Your love will be more likely to last a long time if you share passions other than your passion for each other. Here are some interests you may have in common:

  • Music can be a great bond between two people, so try to steer a conversation around music. If the “what I'm listening to” option is enabled on your crush's MSN account, watch the song he or she is listening to right now and say something like “Wow, I love this band! If the band in question is playing a gig, you might just end up going together.
  • Your love of the outdoors. If you both enjoy hiking, biking or camping, a strong bond can be created through this. Not everyone is made for the outdoors and the one you covet will respect you if you share this love of nature and maybe even offer to accompany them on a hike full of adventure.
  • Your passion for literature. If you both like good books, they will be a rich topic of conversation. You can even impress him or her by recommending a great read or by reading a book that he or she mentioned in the past. If the conversation goes well, you can even say, “Hey, I loved that book you recommended to me. Could we discuss it for a moment over coffee? "
  • Your taste for good films. If both of you are movie fans, this will be a great talking point. You can just mention a new movie that you can't wait to see and wait for your crush to offer to accompany it.
Chat With Your Crush on MSN Step 8

Step 3. Show him that you have a life outside of MSN

Make him understand that you don't just live on your computer. Mention your friends, family and definitely your interests so that the person you like understands that your life chatting is only a tiny part of your fascinating personality. Here's how to show her that your world is not just MSN's chat windows:

  • Without being boring, tell them about your favorite hobby. If you like to ride a bike, tell him about it. Mention the fact that you have to interrupt the discussion to go and practice your activities.
  • Talk about your best friends and let them know when you need to leave for a restaurant, a concert, or somewhere else with them. You will look like a fun person. And who knows, maybe that special someone will want to join you.
  • If you are passionate about your studies or a particular subject, don't be afraid to say so. Without sounding like a bookworm, show him that there are subjects that really interest you, poetry or physics for example. Remember interesting people have interests while boring people miss everything.

Method 4 of 6: Show him that you care

Chat With Your Crush on MSN Step 9

Step 1. Subtly compliment whoever makes you fall for it

Find ways to tell your crush what you really like about them. This will prove that you care about what makes him or her special and that you are a thoughtful person. Here are a few ways to do it:

  • Be relaxed. Say something like, "I didn't know you were so smart" or "It's super interesting, I never would have thought of it that way!" It shows that you appreciate your crush's insight without actually being at his feet.
  • Find out what makes this person special. If he or she runs marathons, you can tell him or her, "It's so awesome that you can do that!" "
  • Compliment his accomplishments. You can say something simple like, "I can't believe you published a poem." It must have been a lot of work! "
Chat With Your Crush on MSN Step 10

Step 2. Follow his advice

Show your crush that you are listening to what he or she says. This will prove to her that you value her opinion and that you are thinking about her or him, even when you are not on the computer. Here's how to do it:

  • If he or she recommends an album, listen to it. In addition, it will give you an additional topic of conversation.
  • If he or she advises you to buy some type of phone, pair of shoes, or whatever, take his advice if you think he is wise. You can then thank him or her for his good advice.
  • However, don't rush into doing whatever he or she says. If your crush recommends a movie, don't watch it instantly so you can talk about it the next day. Wait a week or two before you say, "By the way, I watched that movie you told me about, it's awesome." "
Chat With Your Crush on MSN Step 11

Step 3. Show an interest in the life of the person who makes your heart beat

You don't just have to show him that you're an interesting person, but also that you care about him or her as a person. Try to find a balance in talking about yourself, your common interests, and him or her. Here are a few ways to do it:

  • Ask him how his week is going. You will be able to get some revelations about what is going on in his life.
  • If the person tells you that he or she went to a concert, a tennis match, or dined at a restaurant, ask him or her what it was like.
  • Ask him for his opinion on a particular topic. You will show him or her that you appreciate what he or she has to say.
  • Do not exagerate. You can casually ask about his interests, his friends or even his family, but don't ask him so many questions that it becomes too personal or gives the impression that you are conducting an interview.
Chat With Your Crush on MSN Step 12

Step 4. Invite your crush on a date

If all is going well and you feel the timing is right, don't be afraid to invite her to have a relationship beyond Skype. If you've gotten to know whoever you like, you can invite them very naturally without making it a matter of state. Here's how:

  • Ask him or her what he or she is planning to do this weekend. If he or she doesn't have much planned, offer to see you in a relaxed atmosphere. Say something like "Cool, me neither, could we have lunch together?" "
  • If their favorite band or comedian is putting on a show in your town, suggest they go together.
  • If you're going to a party or going out with a large group of friends, invite your crush. It will be a date that puts very little pressure on you and it will give you a first impression of each other before a real first date.

Method 5 of 6: Play it relaxed

Chat With Your Crush on MSN Step 13

Step 1. Don't be too impatient to talk to her

To play her cool, you have to show him that while you love talking to him, your life doesn't revolve around him or her. Here are a few ways to make the message clear:

  • Do not speak to him immediately after logging in. Wait for your second or third connection before talking to him. This will show that you are not online just to have a conversation with him or her.
  • Don't respond too quickly to everything he or she says. If you answer the second after her question, you'll seem obsessed with your conversation. If you don't respond right away, your crush will see that you are talking to other people or doing other things at the same time.
Chat With Your Crush on MSN Step 14

Step 2. Don't underestimate the pseudo-secret

Use a nickname that no one knows to see what your crush is doing when he or she thinks you're not online. This can help you get a better idea of ​​what he or she really thinks about you and help you relax in your conversations.

  • If you notice that your crush doesn't stay connected much when he thinks you're not online, this may suggest that he is going online for the same reason you are: to flirt!
  • If you realize that the chosen one of your heart is always connected, it may be that he or she is talking to everyone, at all times and that he or she has not of life outside of Chat.
  • Log in with a secret name after saying goodbye to the person you like. If she disconnects directly it may be that she is only connecting to talk to you.
Chat With Your Crush on MSN Step 15

Step 3. Don't be overly enthusiastic in your conversations

It's good to show him that you think he's a committed, attractive and likeable person, but if you abuse it you might look obsessed. Here's what to avoid:

  • Don't send too many "lol" or "hahaha". You sound like you're trying too hard to sound funny.
  • Don't use too many emoticons, as this tends to annoy some people and might make you look immature.
  • If the person isn't responding directly to your messages, don't attack them with a series of question marks or "Where are you?" ? ? It would make the whole world appear to depend on his answers.

Method 6 of 6: End in style

Chat With Your Crush on MSN Step 16

Step 1. Log off while things are still interesting

It's important to log off at the right time so that that special someone is hungry for more. It's not about leaving her too soon, but saying goodbye when the conversation is still interesting. Here's how to do it:

Wait until an interesting conversation starts, then end it by telling him that you have to leave. This way you can say a word or two on the subject and say goodbye to him. This will make your crush want to talk to you more and avoid that awkward long silence that can occur after chatting for an hour and running out of things to talk about

Chat With Your Crush on MSN Step 17

Step 2. Find a compelling reason to log out

If you want to play it cool, it doesn't have to be obvious that you're leaving just to make your crush think you're interesting and mysterious. Proceed as follows:

  • Say casually "I have to go now" so that the person you like will wonder where you are going and who you are going with. Let the ambiguity persist.It will also be the occasion that he or she thinks that you have a lot of friends and an active social life.
  • Even if you have no reason to log out, don't tell her. Don't say something like “Okay, I think it would be good if I stopped being in front of the computer a bit” or “I have to go water the plants”. It would give the impression that your life is really not that exciting.
Chat With Your Crush on MSN Step 18

Step 3. Show that you had a good time talking to him

You don't need to be completely obvious, however you can let your crush know that you enjoyed Chatting with them and are eager to talk to them again. Here is what you can say:

  • “It was cool talking to you” or “thanks for the advice about…”. Make her understand that this conversation was important to you, without overdoing it.
  • "I'll talk to you again soon." It will show him that you are impatient to talk to him again without spending hours hanging out on the internet to see his nickname light up.
  • Don't be heavy. Avoid saying things like, "It was the best conversation of my life" or "When are you going to go Skype again to chat again?" ? ? "


  • Talk to him in a relaxed manner. Do not respond instantly or it will be obvious that you are completely nuts about this person.
  • If the person isn't responding directly to your messages, don't get impatient and harass them by sending them 36 messages. Maybe she just isn't in front of her computer!
  • The most important: be yourself! Do not overdo it and above all, do not overdo it so as not to overdo it. After all, is it who you want this person to fall in love with, not someone who isn't really you?
  • Try not to ask him questions every 30 seconds. The person will think that you are totally obsessed.
  • Don't talk to her every day. You will end up not knowing what to say to yourself and it can give the impression that you have no life outside of the internet.


  • If you know the person you like outside of the internet these tips will work better. If this is someone you only know online but attracts you, make sure they are who they say they are before you reveal personal information like your phone number to them. and your address.
  • If you're about to meet someone you only know online, make sure you do so in a public place like a park or cafe. You will be able to make sure that it is not a dangerous person. Do not meet in his apartment or in a place where you could not get immediate help in case of a problem.
  • It could be that you fall in love on the internet and you are very disappointed at the time of the meeting. A person can be lovely online, but it turns out to be completely bad in real life, it happens all the time.

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